Dangers of (everyday) foods we consume

CAN you imagine, if we read all the ingredients of the foods we consumed daily. I believe, if that was to happen we would go back to good old days. We would eat just what came from the garden. Do you ever wonder why the older generation lives to be near 100 years old. Because the food the older generations consumed, were based off what they grew in their gardens and fresh produce grown from trees. Now days, you have pesticides and growth hormones and 15 different kinds of salts added to our food menus. 

The basis of this website, will be to inform the world (WAKE UP). We are killing ourselves with the foods we consume. In todays society, if it tastes great, then it has ingredients that will kill you in the long run. The FDA is government run, so therefor the government will approve anything that goes in our foods.. The FDA and the Government are one in the same. Please just do this, the next time you grab a can of: say tomato soup, read the full ingredients in it. Get ready for your mind to be distraught. I hope the world goes to this site and really looks at the ingredients in their foods, to learn about what may 25yrs down the road kill you. Thanks for allowing me to at least, get you to think about what we are putting in our bodies.