Weight loss diet


I will let you in on my weight before my healthy lifestyle, I weighed in at 328lbs, yes I was huge and felt like crap all the time. I never had the energy to do anything and I lost the will to even do anything, but eat and watch tv and sleep. I started reading the additives in the foods I was eating and began my journey, so far almost a year in I have slowly lost down to 241. I know that isn’t a massive amount of weight loss, but I am starting to feel better and my life seems to have a purpose now, you see I was eating everything that wasn’t right for my body.

You have to get it in your mind that you want to change and there’s no miracle pill or even surgery that’s going to let you to keep eating all the bad things for you and lose the weight to become healthy. Losing 88lbs in about a year is slowly taking my life back and by the start of the next year I will be down to 199lb and then lower to my goal weight of 178lbs.


I think everyone that lives without looking at the foods you are consuming, will see what I’m talking about if they would just start slowly and introduce healthy options daily into their routine of non-healthy foods. If you quit cold-turkey from eating the bad foods that tastes great to the healthy foods that tastes bland, then you will more than likely keep the bad foods in your diet and never completely stop eating unhealthy.

I went from eating snack cakes to natural peanut butter. Also from eating canned chili to eating homemade chili with beans fresh from the garden and the meat, I used the leanest I could find. I will post my recipe for the healthiest chili I have ever ate on hear later this week. I feel a lot better and I know if I continue on the path that I’m on, I will get to my goals and then some.

I know you love the flavors of all the seasonings you put in your meals you prepare and I don’t blame you for wanting your meals to taste good. Let me know what meals your preparing and I can help you place natural flavorings in your meals that will substitute for the chemical induced seasonings you buy in the stores. The way we look at our lives will reflect back on our friends and our families for generations to come.

If you control what you put in your meals then later in life when your children or grandchildren prepare meals they will talk over the dinner table about how mom/dad/grandpa/grandma. Prepared this when I was younger. I think if we change our mindset as to how we live our lives and eat healthy we can place that forward in future generation to live healthy stable lives on their own.


I know your thinking why is he talking about weight gain. Well with weight loss comes weight gain. I think so many people, when they lose weight and at the first sign of weight gain they give up and stop their diets. I have seen so many fluctuations with my diet and weight gain and weight loss. I just keep pushing forward. If your car runs out of gas, you don’t junk it do you? Same with your body, if you see weight gain one week it’s ok just keep pushing forward with your goals.

People all over the world wants to be healthy and wants to eat right. Weight gain is so depressing and I know from my own experiences it can be degrading to your mind. I promise if you will keep pushing forward you will reach your goals. A lot of people will obsess to the point of nervous breakdowns if they gain a pound during a diet.

I know of some people around here that just won’t eat if they don’t lose a certain amount of weight each week, that’s bad on your body and also your mind. You need food for energy and your health. Weight gain to me is a fact of life. You can overcome it.


What is your path to weight loss, maybe there’s someone out there, that thinks there’s just no hope, you won’t ever be healthy. You may think, like I did for a long time that what’s the point of losing weight when I am around people that eat all the time and I can’t look weird and not eat what they eat. Maybe you have lost weight and now you have gained back all that weight, plus some. Maybe you are depressed and you feel like nothing you do will make a difference how people look at you. I promise from personal struggles I have had with all of the things I listed above, you can change your life, You have to look in the mirror and know you are worth something and you are going to lose the weight for you and know one else.


In my case their were no doctors showing me how to change, they would tell me how to eat and what to do, not showing me though. I woke up one morning and I was standing in front of the bathroom sink brushing my teeth and I said I am ashamed of myself and I am going to change. I will start researching all the chemicals and additives in my foods I am eating and the bad ones I just won’t eat any longer and I will start drinking lots of water and I will love myself even when know one else loves me.

It all started there and I knew I was in for a challenge because almost everything in my home was bad for me: from canned tomato soup to the processed chicken patties in my freezer. I was in for a wakeup call, I had nothing to lose. I am not married and I’m single and It’s just me and the dog. So here we go, I started by adding fresh lemon juice to my water and every morning I wake up I drink a small glass of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey. When I eat breakfast that controls how much I eat, by making me feel fuller and it help with digestion and the overall way I feel daily.


I have been drinking the apple cider vinegar drink for way longer than I have been dieting though. My neighbors that lived next to me for couple years before they passed on. They were in their 90’s and every morning I would go over and see if they needed anything when I went to town or I would help them around the house and I noticed they would always mix that up in a glass and drink it every morning. I asked them one morning why they drank the mixture and they told me for their health, that they haven’t been sick with any cold or the flu in 25 years. I  thought no way that can’t be right, so I went into to town later that day and I bought apple sider vinegar and some honey.

I had never drank Apple cider vinegar before, so I thought it may taste like apples, it can’t be that bad. lol. I was in for a shock of my life. I brought it home poured me a tall glass and mixed a table spoon of honey in there, and bottoms up. I almost puked and I gaged and spit it out. I thought I must have had a bad bottle or it was out of date. I couldn’t believe how nasty it tasted. So I went next door and the nice neighbors were laughing at me and said you have to mix it 2 parts water and just about 8ozs not 12 like I fixed.

I said ok and drove back to my house and I forced myself to drink that and still today 5 years later am still drinking it. Guess what they were right, I haven’t been sick in over 5 years with any cold or flu or any real health issue. Apple cider vinegar is the real deal and it tastes like the worst thing you could ever put near your mouth. It’s healthy for you and will help you not get so sickly every year and if your sick or have a toothache or even indigestion, the drink mixture will do wonders for you.


In the journey of weight loss, you have to tell yourself that you can do it and stay positive, even when there are people around you that don’t care or want you to fail. Don’t lose weight for anyone but you and the happiness you can bring back to your family.

Just know that you are not alone and anything on hear I can ever help you with I will do my best to inform you how I am doing it. You can find your way back to the circle of life. The chemical foods doesn’t have to be the only way, there are tons of other options out there that will help you in your journey to find happiness within yourselves and the foods you consume.

Thank you to the people that have joined and read these posts and messages about changing our lives for the better. Thanks for joining this voice for change in the toxic foods that are in our grocery and supermarkets stores nationwide. One day soon that change will come and we can all say we had a hand in that change. Have a safe and happy weekend.

French onion dip

FRENCH ONION DIP (the good old days)

I know most of you love the idea of grabbing a bag of your favorite chips at the store, then grab the ranch or French onion dip and you have yourself a weekend of chip days. I know I have had so many times I couldn’t decide on my favorite, so I would grab 5 bags.

I had acquired the taste for French onion dip a long time ago, watching the Houston Oilers every Sunday. I think most of us would say if it tastes great then eat it. Well I did until I started looking up the toxic chemicals in our foods, then I stopped.

French onion dip has some really bad additives in it. I think if the many people in todays society would read what’s on the food items containers before they buy them, they would change their minds about the great tasting dinner item they were going to fix their family for supper/dinner.

FRENCH ONION DIP (the sad truth)

French onion dip has some of the worst additives in it, I know trisodium phosphate is terrible and EDNA should be banned in our drinks and foods. I think the food companies and FDA should be ashamed to put so many people around the world at risk with the additives in French onion dip. They hide so many hidden dangers in this dip and so many others. You see, the chemicals are mostly tasteless so you won’t ever know unless I post it or some other website posts it.

I realize a lot of people will never read this and even if they did won’t ever stop. I think sometimes we have the mentality (I won’t ever get sick or nothing will ever happen to me) that we forget that our lives are based off up to 70 plus years in a life cycle not just about today. If we live by the mentality we are used to then, we may very well die one day from the hidden chemicals in our foods without even knowing that was the cause.

FRENCH ONION DIP (complete list of additives)

  1. Cultured milk
  2. Cream and non-fat dry milk
  3. salt
  4. Seasonings (dehydrated onions, sugar, hydrolyzed corn protein, dehydrated parsley, monosodium glutamate)
  5. Sodium phosphate
  6. Guar gum
  7. Carrageenan
  8. Calcium sulfate
  9. Carob bean gum

So that’s the additives in French onion dip, I am looking over them now and something caught my eye. Look up at where it has seasonings, I know of onions and parsley.

Sugar and corn protein and glutamate? I think they must be confused because I always thought when I buy sugar it’s not in the seasoning section of the supermarket. I have no idea where you can buy any seasoning (hydrolyzed corn protein or monosodium glutamate. It’s crazy how they can hide sugar and the other weird additives in the seasoning section of the food product.

I am sure without reading the breakdown like this, I would never have caught it either. I know of so many other products with a section with seasonings, then behind it there are unknown additives I have never heard of being hidden in plain site.




Flavor enhancer for canned vegetables, processed meats and soups.

Headache, flushing, sweating, facial pressure, numbness, tingling, rapid fluttering heartbeats, chest pain nausea, weakness. 

Those are the possible side effects you can get from consuming this product and if you have any heart conditions, it states to consult your doctor before using. Research states it’s a neurotransmitter in the brain. It excites the nerve endings in your brain in order to relay a signal. The additive contains a lot of sodium, so be careful when consuming this additive.


Carrageenan is hydrocolloid extracted from some red seaweeds belonging to the iridaea species.

Inflammation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, glucose intolerance, colon cancer, food allergies. 

This Additive is found in: chocolate bars, chocolate milk, coffee beverages, coffee creamers and dairy products. I can’t believe that French onion dip has a additive in it, that one of the side effects of an additive in Colon cancer. Just unbelievable.



Colorless white powder called gypsum. It’s added to foods for a buffer and firming agent. The food additive is used in: building materials, dentistry field for the false teeth impression base, also in medicine.  The FDA states this additive is safe if you use it in moderation with good feeding habits. That statement by the FDA says it all right there. notice the words:(good feeding habits).  Also used in animal drugs and feed.

stomach pain, diarrhea, cramping.

Here’s more of the industrial products this is in: Cement additive, Plaster, making tile, wallboard. Can you believe French onion dip has a additive in it with association of these products that aren’t in foods. You see how the food companies can place anything they want in our foods and as long as the FDA puts some kind of warning out about the hazards of them, then that makes it ok for you and me to consume it.

I am so disgusted that they can do what they want without any issue with our health coming back on them when we are dying of cancer we have never heard of or having the children of the world dying from unknown cancers that shouldn’t exist. You know if it was to get out that all this time the FDA was allowing cancer causing chemicals in our foods that have killed thousands of not millions of people around the world.

The whole world would be in a panic. That’s why without your voice and my voice it will continue to go on and we will slowly die off from things doctors have never heard of. I am with you in this fight against harmful chemicals in our foods.

The more I research these chemical it gets me upset, because I know of so many people out there that have no idea like me and you do of the additives going into our foods that may well be killing us slowly. I wished this site was reaching the millions around the world and it’s has only been around 26 since I have had this site up. So in a years time this site will be where it needs to be; reaching millions around the world and us discussing about the things we can do to help in the fight and take back our lives and our families lives to make this world a better place. Where we can sit at the dinner table with our loved ones and never have to worry about what we are eating. Also  to become a lot healthier and happier with ourselves to know, we finally did it. We made it to Washington and we were finally heard and changes are being made.

In closing, I am truly thankful for the people and friends that have  joined this site and I am grateful for the people that are joining soon. Also I will always stand up with you on this journey and make this world a better place to have the knowledge and understanding about the toxic foods we are consuming daily, that unless we have the information on the chemicals in the foods we eat, we would never know how to stay away from them. The FDA will side with the food companies now because not enough people are standing up and demanding answers, that time is going to draw to a close. One day I will take our voices to Washington and speak with them on the concerns we (as a human race deserves to know) why they are allowing toxins in our foods and why has it gone on for so long.  

Thanks again for being apart of this journey to the truth, have a great night/day.


French toast (my way)

                                                                         Four slices of natural wheat bread, three eggs/ without the yolks. two teaspoons of cinnamon/sugar. one teaspoon vanilla extract. one table spoon of powered sugar. Mix the eggs and the other ingredients in a bowl: Not the powdered sugar just yet. Then apply one streak of low fat butter on your bread on both side. Then dip the bread on both sides in the egg mix. Then place the bread on the griddle or stove whatever one you have. Keep watch on the bread until golden brown on each side, then sprinkle powdered sugar on the toast. I promise you it will be like the best French toast you have ever ate.

This is not for diabetics or anyone with allergies with bread or egg products. For diabetics: my mom used to eat natural bread and egg whites with  stevia. This sweetener grows in plant form. I have grew it here before. I hope you enjoy this great tasting French toast, as I have for years.


 I will see you in the morning when I post about the French onion dip. Be safe everyone and have a great night/day.



Lets talk about food

Tonight I was  going to write about the ingredients that are in peanut butter, then I thought why do that when I could just talk for a minute about food in general. What do you like to eat, do you like certain meals every week?

I like to eat something on the BBQ every Friday and Saturday. I usually bake chicken, then throw it on the grill to get the skin just right. I like to think of it as the best of both world. You have the healthy way, by baking it and then the not so healthy way grilling it.

You may be thinking this person is crazy I have never heard of that. My mom when she was alive, used to cook chicken and even hamburgers that way for years. Food in general is the life support we need to get through to the next day.

Food gives use energy and does justice to the cravings we get. I know the other night I was craving ice cream so bad, I don’t know why: I haven’t had ice cream in years. You know when your sitting there and just out of the blue you have to have that kind of food or else. lol.

Sometimes when I am watching a good tv show and a commercial comes on about pizza or some stacked cheeseburger, the cravings start and sometimes I give in and sometimes turn the tv off and force myself to go to bed. I guess Your wondering maybe where do I plan on taking this website or will I ever make great content for reading. like in book form: I will and I enjoy writing about anything really. My passion is toxic chemicals in our foods.

Before I started this website, I researched a lot of other sites and YOU-TUBE videos about what my website contrasts to. I knew I was in for a challenge in getting my word out when there are so many other websites out there that have great content. This is a personal journey for me and I hope you all feel the same way. I welcome comments and suggestions in what you want me to write about and what kinds of foods you eat to stay healthy.

I learned and am still learning in college, that the conversation that people share online is the beginning of something big and could grow to something massive. I believe in todays society we tend to have so many other things to do that we don’t have time for conversation.

I will let you know something, I researched a lot about peanut butter and in the processing part in peanut butter the simple ingredients are corn syrup, salt, sugar and of course peanuts. That’s it: peanut butter has a lot of fat in it  and a lot of good fat also. the bad fat comes from the corn syrup.

You can buy all natural. keep checking it though because the oil will settle at the top and it looks gross, that’s because they make it without the corn syrup  and the oil separates. So if your not allergic to peanuts and other tree nuts, then that’s a great snack, if you are working out and just need something to get you through the night, until the next day.

Lets talk about coffee for a minute. I know most of you out there has to have your coffee to get you through the day. I know as soon as I wake up, coffee is a must. One time I went to work without coffee in my system and I almost didn’t make it through the day. Something about coffee brewing in the morning that lets you know it’s going to be a great day.

What kinds of coffee do you drink in the mornings? Do you drink all through the day or just in the morning before work? I think for me, it just depends on the day of the week. Mondays for sure all day, something about Monday everyone dreads. lol.

After I post this post  I will post a great recipe I made up for French toast, I just made some this morning and they were great. You don’t even need syrup with them. They almost taste like it has syrup on them. I have so many different ways to prepare food that tastes great without the added chemicals in the foods.

I will share my recipes on here to help you love life again and maybe share them with other people wanting to live a better life without chemicals in their foods.

I am going to close this so I can post the recipe for French toast, I know you will love it. also I have some crazy additives I have researched from FRENCH ONION DIP. Wait till you see these side effects and the harmful things the FDA allows in your foods. I have tons more information to share with you and I cant wait to share with you.

On a personal note I see more and more people are joining this site and I am truly thankful. All are welcome to comment on anything and I will respond. Thank you to the new people that just joined today and I am thankful for the ones that have been here a while. I hope this site reaches millions around the world. This site is just over a month old and will be here a very long time. I will never close this site down and I will always be active in the voice for change in the harmful ingredients in our foods. We as a human race worry about so much: war, illnesses, disease, famine, poverty and so many more issues. We shouldn’t ever have to worry about what we eat on a daily basis. I am here to let you know and to always help in any way I can in sharing the information about toxic foods. Also throw in some awesome recipes and other daily things I eat and drink that gives me natural energy and a healthy start to my day.

Top way to make $100 (Thank you)

This website is truly the best thing that has happened for me in a long time and I want to give you, the viewer and friend of fighting for toxic chemicals in our foods a chance at something small, but rewarding. In the future as the site and its members grow I will increase the rewards for loyalty and the passion you have for making this site reach the world. I will give $100 US dollars to the one person, who can invite the most members to this site and the reward will increase, the more we get. It will be either money gram or Money order to your desired location. I am going to step it up at this site. I am by far not rich and one day if I am you all will have the knowledge of how I did it and you to can go from (like me poor as dirt) to rich as gates, well maybe not that rich but you see what I mean. The people joining this site need to email me the person that referred them and I will keep note. This is not a get rich quick Idea and it is really because I need your help in getting the word out there about this site. So here are the rules very simple.

Invite people to this website and they must include your Gmail name in the message or some way to identify you, so I know who to mark as the winner December 10th at 8:00am.

If we get more than a 1000 people joined then the reward goes up to $150 and if we have over 5000 members then I will send either a money gram or money order for $325 us dollars to the winner. I will honor my word, I am truly honored to have you here and I will continue this path with lots of random rewards and as I progress in the website, so will you. Please help us get to the goals or beyond. I really truly care about this site and I am willing to share the wealth as it gets larger.

My promise to you is when we become a huge site and the drive in our hearts gets to the millions of people around the world that needs to be apart of this movement, I will not leave you behind. So many marketers promise so many hopeless dreams and in the end years down the road you are still poor and they are richer. I am just a fellow voice for change in the chemicals in our foods,  I will never be like that, I am just a average everyday person starting from nothing and hoping one day soon to make it in the internet life and my passion for toxicfoods.org will run so deep that it reaches the world around.  Here is the final scoop on the reward.

  • 1000 people or more =$100
  • 1001-4999=$150
  • 5000=$325

I know a lot will say that’s not worth it and its ok that they say that. I know there are other like me that struggle to make ends meet and would do anything for their cause and to help the world. I know people will move on down the road and think, that’s just a scam. I promise you whoever gets the most amount of people joined here will get what I am promising them. I know people may not even consider it, This is all I can afford at the moment. As promised though I will increase the rewards as we get larger and larger. My word is my bond, without your word you are nothing. That has always been my motto to go bye and even when people lie to me and betray me, its ok because at least you know you did your part and kept your word. So finally please help me get the word out there to the people in the world that needs to know about the chemicals in our foods and maybe we can help them see the light that the foods we are consuming daily just may be killing us off slowly.


Thanks again for being apart of this awesome adventure with me. I will from time to time either give away free health product gift certificates or cash, when this site is huge and generating more then I will give more, even one day large items such as cars and homes. My mother instilled in me honesty and respect and if I make it big then we all make it big, this site will by no means be like any site you have ever been in, because the flow of wealth will be spread out among you=my friends. I will always be honest with you and share the toxic chemicals in our foods and help you make it in this new age world called the internet.


Never let money change the person you are, when we do that we have given in to the old saying (money is the root of all evil) and then our light burns out and we are left out into the cold. Always keep that light burning bright.

Mountain Dew (behind the can/bottle)


Who doesn’t love sugar drinks, I mean they are so good to drink when your hot or when your watching your favorite sports team on Sunday. I used to drink them everyday, sometimes to much. They come in these drinkable one liter bottles, plus other sizes.

A lot of people don’t realize is, the one liters have tons of sugar and caffeine in them. A serving size in the one liters are 3 servings per bottle and 510 total calories and 180 mg of salt. Plus 138mg of carbs and 138mg of sugar.     Yes 138mg of sugar (WOW).

It is very surprising I am not a diabetic, from how many I used to drink. Then a the bottom in little tiny letters, the caffeine is 162mg. 


Carbonated water, High fructose corn syrup, concentrated orange juice, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate, caffeine, sodium citrate, Erythorbic acid, gum Arabic, calcium disodium edta, brominated vegetable oil, yellow 5.

Does any of these look off to you? I can let you know right now from my research, I have found that anything that starts with(sodium) may not be good for you or may have some crazy side effects or ingredients in it. I need to let you know, that even my spell correct on my computer has a red line under two of the additives names because it state they aren’t words, that’s how bad they are.

I will make a list of my top 3 in this drink, all of America enjoys. I hope by showing you the chemicals found, even in our drinks that you may reconsider drinking them and drinking a more natural drink for your health. Here are my top three:

(First off before I tell you these, I in know way am saying any of this will happen to you, I am just stating the side effects that have happened to people in case studies over time and just warning you about the dangers in our drinks/foods.)


  • CALCIUM DISODIUM EDTA: This is safe when using as a medication, such as eye drops or by IV. To much of this chemical can cause kidney damage, kidney failure, dangerously low levels of calcium levels or even death. Common side effects are: Anemia, chills, blood clot, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, insulin shock, irregular heart beat, thirst, aching joints. This chemical interacts with water pills. Consult your doctor before eating or taking this chemical if you have: Asthma, diabetes, heart problems, kidney disease, liver disease, seizure disorder. 

I don’t know where to start with comments to that one, I was in shock to find out that the FDA said this chemical was safe to use in foods, yet it can cause so many side effects that harms you. Can you believe what I just typed, all those side effects and interactions with illnesses and know one knows about this found in mountain dew.

This chemical is also found in most salad dressings and mayo, sweeteners and other drinks and food items. Please be on the lookout for this chemical in your food/drinks. 

  • ERYTHORBIC ACID: This chemical is wide known for its compound to be in baby products, bath, eye makeup, fragrance, hair care, person hygiene, skin care, sun screen products. Also The short term side effects are: headaches, dizziness, fatigue, body flushing, hemolysis. The long term side effects are: kidney stones and it triggers gout symptoms. This chemical compound is also in other foods such as: Creams, cheeses, seasonings, cereals, wines, beer. and cured meats. 

That one isn’t as bad as the first one, still has some side effects and is found in a lot of other person care products. It is really weird to me, that a lot of chemicals that I have found in foods and drinks are also in things we put on our bodies or use for other reasons that we would never even think they would be anywhere near our foods or drinks we consume.

I have been read in the past about how bad people would talk about people overreacting about the dangers in our foods. I promise to you I am saying now they are wrong for making fun of people that care about what the FDA is doing behind close doors to make the food and drug companies more money and harming our lives.

I know I am just a regular everyday human, that will one day have this website reach millions of people and with the support of my friends that have already connected to with this site. We will stand up to the harmful chemicals and dangers in the products we consume.

Don’t we all want to live the best way we can on earth and have healthy happy families that one day when we are dead and gone will make that difference that changes the way we eat our foods?


  • GUM ARABIC: The main side effects are not real bad: bloating and mild diarrhea. The chemical works as a hardener and thickener in foods and other products such as: Glue, paint, watercolors, printing, and also found in incense. 

This additive wasn’t to bad, still once again found in other products other than drinks or foods. Mountain Dew is a great drink and is consumed by billions every year and I promise most of the people consuming this drink has no idea what is inside: Until now.


I believe if we live on this earth and aren’t careful with our bodies and when just agree with what the FDA says is ok to eat or drink. Then we will continue to die earlier and earlier every year and get cancers and illnesses from things we have never heard of and never have the  understanding of what is going into our foods/drinks.

Without the knowledge on this website and the people standing with me to bring one voice of change to a world of chaos. I am truly thankful for the people that are here and I hope to have millions more soon. I will always know you were the first to take this journey with me. I hope all is well in your lives and I will keep changing the worlds view on the chemicals/additives found in the foods we consume on a daily basis. Thanks again and have a great night/day. 





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Whipped Cream Topping (a look on the inside)

When we think of whipped cream, what comes to mind? The fluffy white creamy topping on a big bowl of ice cream or a pie of Apple pie. We never just sit back and have a look on the inside at what might be lurking around.

I think in todays world we are so busy with our jobs or the daily routine, that we don’t stop to think are the foods we eat healthy or good for us, then 20 years down the road we feel tired all the time and in and out of the doctors, for just random thing all the time. 

Whipped cream topping is pretty tasty and I love the fact it just melts in your mouth. I will get right to the point: Here is the first additive.


The additive is a protein in milk and can be also found in sports drinks and nutritional food bars. If you have a lactose allergy, then stay away from this product at all cost. The hidden products this is found in: Some meat products, pastas, and soups. Think about that for a minute, if you are getting sick or feeling bad when you eat certain meats and soups or drinking your favorite sports drink, it just may have this additive in it. To much of this product for long term use increases your risk for high cholesterol and heart disease.

Before we get to the next additive, can we look for a minute at the way we live our lives and think back at the time we really cared about what our foods had in them. When you read in the papers or watch the news on the tv, that people are dying at a earlier age every year and how you never hear of anyone saying or questioning anyone about it.

I just get so upset to think I should have started this years ago and maybe by now I could have gotten my voice all the way to Washington and had millions of people backing me and my voice for change. 

I am here now and I will be here until the world has changed or I have listed every food with bad chemicals in them and  the way they destroy our lives with the chemicals in them. I will not stop until there are millions following this cause to end the FDA forwarding all the nasty chemicals in our foods. 


I couldn’t find any info on regular side effects, I think you will want to know this info: special side effects are, if you smoke tobacco DO NOT EAT ANYTHING WITH THIS IS IT. The increase for colon, prostate and lung cancers go up big time. If you have had past issues with Asbestosis, then you will develop cancer at a extremely higher rate than normal. Medications for lower cholesterol interact with this additive.

If you don’t smoke and your ok with your cholesterol and Asbestosis, then you should be ok with eating this additive in your foods. Speaking on smoking for a moment, I smoked for years and years. One day out of the blue I quit and never smoked again.

I found it pretty easy if you keep yourself busy and every time you need a cigarette just get up and wash your face with cold water and go for a walk or swim. It really does help. Back to the chemicals in our foods, I just wanted to connect with anyone trying to quit, giving you a way out without the stress and worry behind it.


This is the big one in all the ones in Whipped topping, I thought WOW people just don’t know what is in our foods. The side effects in this are: Abdominal pain and discomfort, nausea, vomiting, headaches.

I have to tell you what this Additive is used in I just have to, get ready to fall in the floor. WASHING POWDERS, RUBBER PRODUCTS, INKS FOR PRINTING, MEDICINE, DIESEL ENGINES.

Can you believe it, in Whipped topping there is a product that is in washing powders and ink. Do you not think the food companies could think of some other additives to put in our foods than one with the connection to so many other non-food products oh I am not finished lol.

You thought I was done oh no. here are more. Also found in: BEAUTY PRODUCTS, HAIR CARE PRODUCTS, CREAMS FOR SKIN, AND SOAPS. 

There are more Additives than that in Whipped cream topping, I picked the top ones to me that causes the most to you and me. I think If we as a human race on this great planet would just slow down and start caring about our bodies.

We would live longer and feel 100 percent better mentally and be prepared to face the future and know we have done everything in our power to be healthy for our families.



I know the posts to this website aren’t very long and I don’t place information on here for you to read a book. I place the information on here to get the word out about the harmful chemicals in our foods and the way the government is allowing them in our foods. I have written some books on amazon kindle if you want to check them out. All are true about my life and situations I have been in and still am in. I have PTSD AND PANIC DISORDER. This website allows me to give to you the reader how I truly feel about the foods we eat and I truly do care about our planet and the people in it. My mom and best friend died last year and she is the only rock I had left on this earth that truly cared about me and now I am pushing ahead by myself. This website is my soul and I will always tell you the truths about the chemicals in our foods and be honest with you. I hope one day this site has millions of subscribers and other voices about the struggles with chemicals found in our foods. I will do my very best to help the world wake up to a new message: one about change and reasoning to live the life we all want to live a chemical free and tasteful food product, that will not harm us but taste great and allow us to live the full length of our lives for our own growth and our families. Have a great night/day and thanks for everyone reading these posts and all my subscribers.




When we think about seasoning and the ingredients in the small container of great tasting spices. We sure don’t think about, just maybe its not all it is cut out to be. If your like me I never thought about it, even up until about a month ago when I was looking up and researching another food product to post on here. I just happened to glance at an article about the hidden dangers in seasoning and the effects could make you very sick or even kill you.

I had to take a step back I couldn’t believe my eyes, when you think of Lemon Pepper seasoning. I am sure you think, well just lemon and pepper (right). The bottle I am holding in my hand has some known ingredients and some I had no clue were in seasoning bottles. The known ones are: salt, black pepper, citric acid, onion, sugar, celery seed, garlic, lemon oil, yellow#5 lake. I left out two for a moment to let you overcheck the ones I listed.

For me I would have never  thought sugar would be in lemon pepper seasoning, I mean if I was diabetic that would be terrible because I used a lot of the seasoning in the past. Don’t they sell garlic seasoning, if I wanted something with garlic in it I would jus buy it. When I buy lemon pepper seasoning and I still get garlic, well to be honest I couldn’t taste it. Still I don’t like the taste of garlic and I try to avoid anything with the seasoning in it.

I know your wanting the two I left out, well I will give you one now. SILICON DIOXIDE. That even sounds weird to me. I will give the layout of side effect and other main products its found in. Hold your breath the number one use for the ingredient is the making of GLASS, AND OTHER CERAMIC FIXTURES. It states also if your pregnant or breastfeeding don’t use or eat anything with this additive in it. Big producer of kidney stones in men and women. kidney damage with large doses. The chemical is used also to promote bone health and help with hair loss.

I haven’t even got to the worst ingredient yet. Lets do a check. Lemon pepper seasoning has way more than I ever imagined in it. People just don’t know what they are eating in todays society. I mean when is the world going to ask question about all these side effects and weird ingredients in simple things like lemon pepper seasoning and other seasonings I haven’t gotten to yet.

You may be shaking your head right now or going to your pantry and throwing out the seasonings. I know I have. It is beginning to look like the food industries just put whatever they want in our foods and if it taste great we don’t ask questions. I am going to add this last ingredient, then you can decide if your going to change the seasonings you consume everyday. I just hope this site sheds light on this terrible ingredients in our foods.

Last one is TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE: the main uses  to this additive is: baby powder, toothpaste, fertilizer, pottery, milk glass, polishing compounds, stabilizes plastic, antacids. WOW, that’s crazy, huh.

The side effect are: convulsions, increased thirst, nausea, vomiting,  sometimes vomiting of blood.  I know I am just talking about a simple little bottle of lemon pepper seasoning. This is exactly what I am talking about you just never know what you will eat next with nasty side effect additives in them. I hope this post help you think a little more, I know after all my research I have done. Additives in our foods are slowly killing us off and unless we get the word out and band together and spread the word about the dangers lurking in our pantries. That seam harmless until you investigate further just to find out you are consuming glass making and polishing compound ingredients in your foods. Take care toxic food watchers out there everywhere. Please share this site if you think everyone needs to be talking about the hidden dangers in our foods.

Share your comments and any food or drink item you want researched and posted let me know I will do it. Have a safe night and I will talk to you soon.