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Lets look for a minute at the self absorbed ideas we have about bad foods and great foods. what do you think would be considered bad foods? Maybe candy bars or sugar cold drinks, maybe even hamburgers and hot dogs. Great foods would maybe be, chef salads and granola bars and maybe turkey sandwiches. Would you ever think hamburger helper or cheerios would have chemicals in them or potato chips or crackers having kidney disease causing chemicals in them. I believe the whole concept of what may be good for us and what is bad for us, is way off. 

I think for the dangerous chemicals in our foods we consume daily, we should question why does the FDA allow such harmful additives in the foods we feed our families. Could it be they haven’t looked at them, maybe they just agree because it helps the government control the population with death and illnesses. I know your gonna say here we go conspiracy theory. No not me, I post what should be posted on my site to inform the public of the dangers in our foods. You make the ultimate choice to feed, the toxic foods to your families.


all about the money


Yes that’s right its all about the money, This is coming from a critic towards the people deciding what goes in our foods. I have to say through tons of research I have found almost everything we eat or drink is laced with some kind of chemical. Even the dyes in our food and drinks are dangerous. The next time you go out to the store or look in your pantry check our the additives in your cold drink or fruit juices. RED DYE 40 is only one of many food additives found in your foods this one is really nasty. RED DYE 40 causes learning issues and can make you angry or restless, it also causes headaches, vomiting and a lot more side effects. We will get into later on in this post.

I have wondered over the years, why the chemicals were put into ours foods over the years. I think its to make the cost of the food cheaper to produce, for more profits. That gets back to the idea.( ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY)

It doesn’t matter what we think or what we do, the way our foods are processed will only get worse over time. I believe the food industries will push it to the max and one day when its to late, a massive amount of the public will get sick from the amounts of chemicals going into our foods. When for years and years the FDA has been approving chemicals found in paint thinners, makeup products, latex and petroleum products in our foods we consume daily. We are at a crossroads with the knowledge we have about what is happening and the facts layed out on the table.






WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO TO STOP THE CHEMICALS FROM RUINING OUR LIVES. WE ARE AT A CROSSROADS WITH THE INFORMATION. Can I ask you a question, what do you think is going on with so many people getting sick and so many people dying so early in their lives of cancer and heart attacks? Is the new living age gonna be the ripe age of 50.

Lets say for instance, your car has run on a mixture of gas and oil for couple years now, and it smokes and puffs its way down the road. Then one day out of the blue, it dies and the car is only 5 years old. You get it towed and the mechanic says: the outside looks great, like a new car. Oh man but the inside looks like a 80 yr old car. How can this be. gas and oil in a car doesn’t go good together (right), normally you wouldn’t mix them. That would be a(no brainer) that your car will not last to long running on gas and oil mixture. The same goes for the millions of chemicals the FDA  allows in your foods that you consume daily.

How long do you think you have on this earth, running your body on trisodium phosphate and red dye 40. The more you consume, the less time you have left on earth. That’s the scary part of this post, to get you to think about the example, about the car compared to your body. I know I have eaten my fair share of these foods, until I started gathering research and decided (no more).


Your thinking oh no he has lost it, right. I promise I haven’t yet, I will include some additives to look up, for the worst of the worst in the chemicals in your foods. just google them and look at the medical book online about them and you will see I am honest in my assessment.

  1. Trisodium phosphate
  2. red dye 40
  3. phosphoric acid
  4. monosodium glutamate
  5. sodium chloride


I think the next time you pick up your favorite cereal to fix for breakfast and drink your favorite drink. You may think, is it going to kill me in the long run or am I just not reading the additives (chemicals) correctly.  I will always think, The food industries don’t care about our health and they don’t care that the additives,  are in other words called (chemicals in an industrial setting). Food additives that are purposely used for paint thinner products and petroleum products, should not be anywhere near our foods. 

Would you agree or disagree?

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