Meow Mix Hairball control Additives (danger)

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I think this toxic food website needs to include our fur babies into the mix, about the dangers in our/their foods. I know everyone, well almost everyone in the world has owned or does own a pet of some kind. I think we should include them also. Don’t we care about the safety and health of our fur babies. I know I do, I only have one baby at the moment and he is a retriever type of dog and very smart.

Today we are going to talk about cats. The food your feeding your babies in the cat world may get better if you stop feeding them harmful foods that makes them sick. Better yet, their hair could improve or teeth well everything about our fur babies are at risk with the wrong kinds of foods.

Don’t worry I have fed my boy the wrong food before just to find out he couldn’t have grains in his diet. That was the other fur baby I used to have, he passed away couple months ago. He was a full blooded German Shepard.

Now to the meow mix (hairball control)

I will lay out the top (5) additives I have found to be the most insane in the cat food bag. One of them I had to read twice to see what I was looking at. Yes that bad, No wonder why our pets get so sick and die early, just like humans do with the foods they consume on a daily basis.

Their owners completely unaware about the dangers going into their systems. We, as owners think, if its on the shelf for sale then its safe. I am very sorry to inform you, we aren’t right. Just because the people in charge say its ok to sell to the American or world population, doesn’t mean they are correct.

I am guessing you want me to get to the additives. You want them here they are, first let me tell you our of the 39 plus additives I have picked to me the top 5 worse ones.

Brace yourselves, hope you are sitting down for this. 


Ok that’s the list and here are the side effects and warnings in the additives found in meow mix hairball control

FERROUS SULFATE can cause constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps, upset stomach. May cause the cats stools to turn black. The chemical compound is used to treat anemia. To much iron in your cats body can do serious and sometimes fatal side effects such as: The intestines and stomach lining of your cat. It can also lead to liver disease in your cat. 

SODIUM PANTOTHENATE: the primary use for this chemical is in hair care products and cosmetics. Most common side effects in your cat are, chest pain and increased thirst, dry mouth. I know some of you may think this isn’t as bad as some, I think having a additive in cat food that’s primary goal of even being made is for hair care products is insane.

PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE main side effects of this chemical are, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sensitivity to the sunlight. Having to much of this chemical can cause nerve damage in cats. The compound is also used to treat seizures in humans. 

ANIMAL DIGEST. I know what your thinking? What in the world is that, I know me to, I thought the same thing, well I did research on the substance and I was in shock and still am a little. This is quoted from the AMERICAN FEEDING CONTROL OFFICALS: digest is produced by the chemical hydrolysis of animal tissue right before decomposition. I didn’t even bother putting down any more info than that, can you believe it. Right before the animal rots they use the chemical part of the dead animal to put in your meow mix.

I am beside myself to think cat food has dead animal parts that right before they rot is made into a chemical compound to put in your cat food. I am moving on to the next one I am speechless

SODIUM SELENITE is toxic to the blood, liver, kidneys, and central nervous system in your cat or dog and shouldn’t even be in the pet food supplies. people have campaigned all across America to protest the additives, because it has been killing animals since the 70″s. In stark reality your pets organs can shut down. 

I think if pet owners all across the world would stand up for the animals and the foods we are having to feed them, then they would have a voice. It will take us, the (fur babies) moms and dads and uncle and sisters and brothers to finally say enough is enough.




My little piebald black and white weenie dog was my best little bud and she was originally my moms dog until mom died and she was then mine to care for. I was her bubba and I loved her more than most humans. She helped me through panic disorder and PTSD disorder and I was there for her when she took her last breath on this earth, she died in my arms with her bubba holding her till the end. I am  honoring her memory and her life, in this post because she was the light that made me see there was things of this earth worth fighting for. I want to let you (the world) know I care and I am with you in the struggle to find common ground with all the toxic chemicals in our pet foods.

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