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When we think about seasoning and the ingredients in the small container of great tasting spices. We sure don’t think about, just maybe its not all it is cut out to be. If your like me I never thought about it, even up until about a month ago when I was looking up and researching another food product to post on here. I just happened to glance at an article about the hidden dangers in seasoning and the effects could make you very sick or even kill you.

I had to take a step back I couldn’t believe my eyes, when you think of Lemon Pepper seasoning. I am sure you think, well just lemon and pepper (right). The bottle I am holding in my hand has some known ingredients and some I had no clue were in seasoning bottles. The known ones are: salt, black pepper, citric acid, onion, sugar, celery seed, garlic, lemon oil, yellow#5 lake. I left out two for a moment to let you overcheck the ones I listed.

For me I would have never  thought sugar would be in lemon pepper seasoning, I mean if I was diabetic that would be terrible because I used a lot of the seasoning in the past. Don’t they sell garlic seasoning, if I wanted something with garlic in it I would jus buy it. When I buy lemon pepper seasoning and I still get garlic, well to be honest I couldn’t taste it. Still I don’t like the taste of garlic and I try to avoid anything with the seasoning in it.

I know your wanting the two I left out, well I will give you one now. SILICON DIOXIDE. That even sounds weird to me. I will give the layout of side effect and other main products its found in. Hold your breath the number one use for the ingredient is the making of GLASS, AND OTHER CERAMIC FIXTURES. It states also if your pregnant or breastfeeding don’t use or eat anything with this additive in it. Big producer of kidney stones in men and women. kidney damage with large doses. The chemical is used also to promote bone health and help with hair loss.

I haven’t even got to the worst ingredient yet. Lets do a check. Lemon pepper seasoning has way more than I ever imagined in it. People just don’t know what they are eating in todays society. I mean when is the world going to ask question about all these side effects and weird ingredients in simple things like lemon pepper seasoning and other seasonings I haven’t gotten to yet.

You may be shaking your head right now or going to your pantry and throwing out the seasonings. I know I have. It is beginning to look like the food industries just put whatever they want in our foods and if it taste great we don’t ask questions. I am going to add this last ingredient, then you can decide if your going to change the seasonings you consume everyday. I just hope this site sheds light on this terrible ingredients in our foods.

Last one is TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE: the main uses  to this additive is: baby powder, toothpaste, fertilizer, pottery, milk glass, polishing compounds, stabilizes plastic, antacids. WOW, that’s crazy, huh.

The side effect are: convulsions, increased thirst, nausea, vomiting,  sometimes vomiting of blood.  I know I am just talking about a simple little bottle of lemon pepper seasoning. This is exactly what I am talking about you just never know what you will eat next with nasty side effect additives in them. I hope this post help you think a little more, I know after all my research I have done. Additives in our foods are slowly killing us off and unless we get the word out and band together and spread the word about the dangers lurking in our pantries. That seam harmless until you investigate further just to find out you are consuming glass making and polishing compound ingredients in your foods. Take care toxic food watchers out there everywhere. Please share this site if you think everyone needs to be talking about the hidden dangers in our foods.

Share your comments and any food or drink item you want researched and posted let me know I will do it. Have a safe night and I will talk to you soon.



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