Harmful food chemicals-

Whipped Cream Topping (a look on the inside)

When we think of whipped cream, what comes to mind? The fluffy white creamy topping on a big bowl of ice cream or a pie of Apple pie. We never just sit back and have a look on the inside at what might be lurking around.

I think in todays world we are so busy with our jobs or the daily routine, that we don’t stop to think are the foods we eat healthy or good for us, then 20 years down the road we feel tired all the time and in and out of the doctors, for just random thing all the time. 

Whipped cream topping is pretty tasty and I love the fact it just melts in your mouth. I will get right to the point: Here is the first additive.


The additive is a protein in milk and can be also found in sports drinks and nutritional food bars. If you have a lactose allergy, then stay away from this product at all cost. The hidden products this is found in: Some meat products, pastas, and soups. Think about that for a minute, if you are getting sick or feeling bad when you eat certain meats and soups or drinking your favorite sports drink, it just may have this additive in it. To much of this product for long term use increases your risk for high cholesterol and heart disease.

Before we get to the next additive, can we look for a minute at the way we live our lives and think back at the time we really cared about what our foods had in them. When you read in the papers or watch the news on the tv, that people are dying at a earlier age every year and how you never hear of anyone saying or questioning anyone about it.

I just get so upset to think I should have started this years ago and maybe by now I could have gotten my voice all the way to Washington and had millions of people backing me and my voice for change. 

I am here now and I will be here until the world has changed or I have listed every food with bad chemicals in them and  the way they destroy our lives with the chemicals in them. I will not stop until there are millions following this cause to end the FDA forwarding all the nasty chemicals in our foods. 


I couldn’t find any info on regular side effects, I think you will want to know this info: special side effects are, if you smoke tobacco DO NOT EAT ANYTHING WITH THIS IS IT. The increase for colon, prostate and lung cancers go up big time. If you have had past issues with Asbestosis, then you will develop cancer at a extremely higher rate than normal. Medications for lower cholesterol interact with this additive.

If you don’t smoke and your ok with your cholesterol and Asbestosis, then you should be ok with eating this additive in your foods. Speaking on smoking for a moment, I smoked for years and years. One day out of the blue I quit and never smoked again.

I found it pretty easy if you keep yourself busy and every time you need a cigarette just get up and wash your face with cold water and go for a walk or swim. It really does help. Back to the chemicals in our foods, I just wanted to connect with anyone trying to quit, giving you a way out without the stress and worry behind it.


This is the big one in all the ones in Whipped topping, I thought WOW people just don’t know what is in our foods. The side effects in this are: Abdominal pain and discomfort, nausea, vomiting, headaches.

I have to tell you what this Additive is used in I just have to, get ready to fall in the floor. WASHING POWDERS, RUBBER PRODUCTS, INKS FOR PRINTING, MEDICINE, DIESEL ENGINES.

Can you believe it, in Whipped topping there is a product that is in washing powders and ink. Do you not think the food companies could think of some other additives to put in our foods than one with the connection to so many other non-food products oh I am not finished lol.

You thought I was done oh no. here are more. Also found in: BEAUTY PRODUCTS, HAIR CARE PRODUCTS, CREAMS FOR SKIN, AND SOAPS. 

There are more Additives than that in Whipped cream topping, I picked the top ones to me that causes the most to you and me. I think If we as a human race on this great planet would just slow down and start caring about our bodies.

We would live longer and feel 100 percent better mentally and be prepared to face the future and know we have done everything in our power to be healthy for our families.



I know the posts to this website aren’t very long and I don’t place information on here for you to read a book. I place the information on here to get the word out about the harmful chemicals in our foods and the way the government is allowing them in our foods. I have written some books on amazon kindle if you want to check them out. All are true about my life and situations I have been in and still am in. I have PTSD AND PANIC DISORDER. This website allows me to give to you the reader how I truly feel about the foods we eat and I truly do care about our planet and the people in it. My mom and best friend died last year and she is the only rock I had left on this earth that truly cared about me and now I am pushing ahead by myself. This website is my soul and I will always tell you the truths about the chemicals in our foods and be honest with you. I hope one day this site has millions of subscribers and other voices about the struggles with chemicals found in our foods. I will do my very best to help the world wake up to a new message: one about change and reasoning to live the life we all want to live a chemical free and tasteful food product, that will not harm us but taste great and allow us to live the full length of our lives for our own growth and our families. Have a great night/day and thanks for everyone reading these posts and all my subscribers.


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