Harmful food additives

Bull’s Eye Everyday (Honey) BBQ Sauce 1.5oz









Can I guess what you’re thinking, why show these Hamburgers on the grill. It about makes me want to grill out and its nighttime here. Some Items aren’t as bad as most I will post on here and This BBQ sauce Isn’t real bad as far as toxic chemicals and other additives in it. You can buy it at the local Dollar General Stores, if you have them in the area. I believe you can order the BBQ sauce online from www.Dollarstore.com. The bottle is only a $1 here, so its a great price.

I will lay out the ingredients for you in a bit. I just wanted to add on here while I’m thinking about it: I am going to start posting 1 or 2 items a day and try to get all the information you need in order to be safe with the foods you consume in the daily lives.

Can I guess its been kinda slow on here, because of exams with the online college classes I’m taking. I am finally going steady with that, so I can focus most of the spare time with this site and any questions or concerns you may have with any food/drink items you come across. This is the life, this website is the only site I have and will have. I believe when people try to have, like 10 to 20 or more sites its just for either one of two things: Money or Social recognition. I am fully committed to this site and you (the friends) on here. So when toxic food.org grows bigger and bigger with each passing day, you will know (You were the reason) it became so massive and has reached the millions it will reach around the world.

I believe all of us have a purpose in this world, rather it is a family oriented person that loves their family and helps their family grow into greatness for future generations to come or that person that doesn’t have any children, but see’s their selves as a person with dreams of becoming the president or world leader we all need in these desperate times in our lives. Maybe the type of person that doesn’t see anything but love and respect for their fellow human being and wants to live that life of their dreams.

Can I guess from the past life until now, the dreams are being answered the each new person that joins here and I am humbled to know each of you through this website. Before the mom died last year, we did everything together and when someone is taken at an instant, you just feel numb and can’t seem to think you can go on and I needed something besides college to make the life complete and this is it. I have had so many people around me here in the hometown tell me I wasn’t a writer or people won’t ever join the site and I was living hopeless dreams.

I am so glad I kept climbing the mountain and didn’t do what they wanted me to do. I am going to finish with this little add on in this post, I wanted to share with you what I feel daily. So you will always know you and this website is what makes me whole as a person and I will always honor you and its content.





High Fructose Corn Syrup

Tomato paste

Modified Corn Starch




Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor

Mustard Flour


Dried Garlic

Dried Onions

Caramel Color


Potassium Sorbate

That’s it, do you see any that may cause harm? Most look to be ingredients-not-Chemicals.

From the research I’ve done on this product, its mostly OK to use and to be honest it tastes better than name brand BBQ sauces I’ve used in the past. I like the honey and the Hickory Smoked Flavor in the sauce, its smooth and very good on hamburger or steaks.


That one additive you see on the end is: Potassium Sorbate and its used to prevent fungus and mold in the sauce. Here’s the downside to the perfect tasting BBQ sauce, this chemical is found in cosmetics and personal products. This chemical also is used as glossing or coating in the industrial field to prevent leakage from parts. The side effects to this chemical are: diarrhea, and sometimes nausea. People that use cosmetics with this chemical in them can have  too much Potassium in their blood stream and will cause you to break out in a rash.

One more additive I wanted to point out on here is: Mustard Flour: This is crushed up mustard seed and I found out it has some great benefits other than ingredient in food, well mustard in general/ Here they are: Decongestant, gets rid of unwanted smells and can be used as a Burn relief aid in case you ever burn yourself, it does wonders on the skin.






That brings up something that happened to me one time. I was camping out and it was late that night and I had forgotten and left a cast iron skillet on the campfire and before I called it a night I was putting the hot coals out in the fire pit and I reached in without thinking about it and grabbed the skillet and held on to it for about all of 10 seconds and when I realized what I had done, It was too late. When I let go a layer of the skin came off with it and Then the pain started. If you have ever been burned, that is the worst lingering pain you can feel. I rushed over to the cooler and grabbed the ketchup, That burned it worse and then I grabbed the mustard and a cooling sensation came over the hand, so I dumped the whole jar on the hand and rushed to the ER. I ended up having 3rd degree burns over the whole face of the hand.

In closing This BBQ sauce is( OK to eat). Unlike a lot of other additives in our foods, this seems to be OK to consume. So the next time the out at the campsite or having a cookout with some of the friends or family members, try this sauce, I promise you will like it.

(Just don’t grab a hot skillet thats been sitting on a hot fire all night).

Thanks to all the new subscribers and I hope everyone has a great night/day.




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