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CLover Valley Saltine Crackers (topped with sea salt) 4 packs in box




Has anyone ever just sat and snacked on just Saltine Crackers. I have and someone one time daring me to go on an all cracker diet, I had to just eat crackers and drink all the tea and water I wanted. Well I made it 4 days and That was it, I lost a total of 5 pounds and my energy level went way down I wasn’t  getting what I needed daily. I won’t ever do that again.

Crackers are so good with peanut butter and also with sliced cheese. Crackers are also great in soups and Chili. I think when people think of crackers, they don’t realize the chemicals that are in them and The salt packs a punch. I want to also explain a little about the difference between sea salt and regular salt, so you will know.

I remember when salted crackers were 2 boxes for $1 in the supermarket. Is there anyone here that remembers crackers being sold for less than that? I bet a lot of you eat crackers everyday.  (like I did for a long time) I Didn’t pay attention to the added chemicals that’s in them.  

Where did the name saltine come from? I’ll  let you know that also and when they were invented and by who. This post will be very detailed and researched to the soul of the Saltine cracker. I bet your thinking (this guy is crazy) breaking down the history of the cracker on this toxic foods website. You may be right, but I wanted to throw different things in here, along with the additives in the food products to make your time here a bit interesting and maybe when kicking back in your recliner or having your morning coffee.

You can read all the many things I talk about on here. The main purpose of this site will be the harmful chemicals in our foods/drinks. Some will be other Blog posts about a wide range of things, that I believe you might want to know about me or the things I think abo 

Back to the crackers: I love crackers and I almost can’t eat certain things without the tasty/salty food items. Have you ever tried eating Tomato soup without Crackers in it? You could  just pour it in a cup and drink it then, I have done that also on cold winter days.

I need help with determining If you want Videos on here about the product and then post on them, or just post about them. I think I would like to start posting videos on here about  products and show pictures of the food/drink item, then You could get a visual about what I’m talking about in post.



 list the ingredients for the Clover Valley Saltine Crackers Sold at Dollar General Stores Nationwide

Enriched wheat flour


Reduced Iron


Mono nitrate


Folic acid

Palm oil

Interesterified Soybean oil

Invert sugar



Yeast food


Diastatic malt

Ammonium Bicarbonate

Mono Calcium Phosphate

Lactic acid

Do you see any that stands out in your observance of the ingredients/chemicals? I promise I will tell you all about them. This will be the most detailed post about crackers ever. I Know from my research, these crackers pack a serious punch in the  health and the overall side effects of the chemicals in these crackers will leave you speachless. These chemicals are gonna Inform you to rethink the eating habits when it comes to saltine crackers.

 After I read the chemicals and compared with other food products I’ve looked up, these are up there in hazards for your health. I promise after you are wowed in the reactions from what’s in these Crackers. I’ll let you in on crackers I eat regularly everyday and eating  healthy without the added chemicals in the ingredients is a must. 

Do you think the FDA/Food companies care at all about our health or are they just so understaffed that they can’t deal with the influx of chemicals in the foods/drinks we consume? So they draw up some fake studies on the additives and they sign off on the deals with the food companies.

I have always been curious as to why there isn’t a Food administration and then a Drug administration. Why do they have to be both around the foods we consume. How can they make accurate examples when they are two in the same? I had to throw that in because I find it a bit odd, there isn’t a food and a drug administration separate. Then the focus could be more precise in their findings and maybe not let so much in our foods, that’s slowly killing us off.

I promise l’ll get back to the saltine crackers in a moment. I want to talk for a minute about this flag and what it stands for in my eyes. We all know that there’re chemicals in our foods and if your going to stop eating them, more then likely you will feel better and be in less pain and more energy to go to the park with your family and just to know that you are finally eating healthy.

The land of the free and home of the brave. That statement is so true. America stands for freedom and the men and women that have fought and died for our freedom and the men and women that still fight for the just cause so me and you can freely get on here and say what we feel without penalty from what we say against the people involved in the harmful chemicals in our foods, that is slowly putting us further and further away from the healthy lives we all want. My brother was in Desert storm war, when it was desert shield, then after and I’m truly proud of him for serving our country and standing strong in our values.

The reasoning behind this added message about our freedom to do and say what we want (as long as it’s within the law of the land). So if we live in  the most respected country in the world, then why can the food companies not come up with better ways to put healthy foods on our plates and why can’t the FDA control what goes into our foods better and offer better tests and be like Europe and control what the food companies place in our foods and fine them if they continue to violate our trust as the consumer of their products.

I think more and more people will stand up and write to their local governments to finally show we deserve to be heard about the health issues with the chemicals in our foods/drink. I’ll get back to the crackers now. I just wanted to stand up for the flag and say I am super proud to be an American and I wished America was a little prouder of its citizens.


Primary uses are cleaning agents and cosmetics, also is used in food. Comes from the palm fruits and isn’t edible at first until it goes through a process. South America, New Guinea, Ghana, Indonesia, and Malaysia are the countries it’s produced from.

One cup of pure Palm oil totals are through the roof: Fat 216.9g / Sat. Fat 155.7g / Calories 1917. I know your not going to drink a cup of pure oil, I was just showing you the (super) high fat,saturated fat, and calories that was in this oil. All together the side effect show there isn’t really any as long as you eat it within the food portion sizes.


When doing my research the first couple times I tried to look up the uses for this additive, it came up with ( contact your local doctor for uses) What in the world. Contact my doctor. wow. Also, on the side effects it states contact your local doctor or call the posion control center. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere for a while on this additive in our foods. With everything I tried to research about this Chemical, it kept telling me to contact my doctor or call the FDA phone number with the effects or questions about this drug. It doesn’t say additive, it states drug or medication. The shocking results of my findings are, there’s a huge push to get it out of the production, guess why? Because they say it’s bad for the environment” I promise It states nothing about your health or mine, just it’s bad for the environment.

That’s a sad day when America cares more about the environment rather than caring about your health as a human being. My research just says repeated exposure to this chemical, you will develop shortness of breath and wheezing. Maybe you can find more, if you can let me know by committing on the link below the post.



Sea salt is actually from the evaporation of sea water and table salt is mined in salt mines. Sea salt has a tad bit less sodium in it than table salt. I think if you like bigger crystals in your food then go for sea salt and if you like to cook with course salt then go for table salt. I would prefer sea salt in my meals, because i think the texture is better and has more of a flavor than regular table salt. I know that was a bit short and I think the trending salt in todays world is sea salt, like people think it’s a healthier salt. When the reality is: It’s not reallt better for you than table salt. In the end salt is salt, right.

Back to these great saltine crackers at Dollar General. Oh I didn’t tell you how much they cost did I, sorry about that. They are $1.25 a box of (40 packs in each box. Serving size on the box is 28 servings, breaking that down to Serving size of (5) crackers in one serving. 70 calories per serving and 1.5g fat, 0.5g sat. Fat and 135mg of sodium per serving. 12g or carbs per serving, 1g fiber, and last but not least 2g of protein per serving. I almost forgot 1mg of iron per serving size. So you see not much there as far as really anything healthy. Look up on you tube or somewhere else on the show How It’s Made with saltine crackers. It’s pretty interesting.


The company was named Premium before Nabisco took over the trademark name of Saltine. In the 1920s Crackers started being produced to the masses across the world. That was just a short fact about the invention of the cracker for production to the world. I’ll start sharing with you other uses. I bet you didn’t know there is many things could make with saltine crackers. Here are a few.

Take a sleeve of crackers and mix three roman noodle soups (cooked) up with them and place in the oven and cook on high until golden brown on top and you have yourself homemade pizza crust. I know it sounds crazy, but it really tastes like pizza crust (well after you put the pizza toppings on it). Also, take a sleeve of crackers and crush them up and add half cup of water and make into a fine paste. Then flatten it out to about a quarter of an inch and bake until golden brown and you have your very own flat bread to top with whatever you like.

I have found also if we take saltine crackers and place them in a zip lock bag and add your favorite topping like Cheddar cheese or bacon seasoning, just any seasoning you like. Then you can  have your own seasoned crackers. I think the skies the limit on making stuff with crackers. Note this was before I started eating healthier and stopped eating so much sodium. This is just for the people out there that have never heard of the different ways you can make things to eat with the saltine crackers.

Saltine crackers are sold without any salt on them. I think those are the best in soups and salads. I know this post is pretty much all over the board with information about the saltine cracker and maybe I need to focus more on just the content and chemicals in the crackers. I just like to inform my friends on here all the different ways to eat and prepare and also for you the consumer of the crackers to beware of the harmful chemicals in them.

If we as the one voice for change in the toxic chemicals in foods, would become aware (if) what the FDA and food companies are hiding from us. Then we can be more prepared in knowing how to eat our favorite foods and know that when we plan a family outing or plan our favorite meal for ourselves. We will know we have done our part and pieced together all the harmful chemicals in the foods/drinks we consume. Just like these saltine crackers and other products from coffee creamer to mountain dew. Nothing is simplified anymore and everything has chemicals in them. It’s not that it’s for certain things like: for mold protection or baking ingredients. It’s for their cheaper cost and more profit range to go into their wallets. I promise if there are foods you can buy without these harmful chemicals in them, then why are they even in there. Doesn’t seem right and the only thing I can come up with is profit profit profit. With you and me and our families health paying the price for their greed. There are so many chemicals, that when the farmers spray their crops, then ship them out and the pesticides are still attached to the crops and then processed in our foods.

Through the chemical breakdown of phosphates and oils that goes into our foods is just careless and useless disregard for our health and safety. When people work  their whole lives and the worries that are associated with our families well-being. We don’ have the time to worry about what we are eating and shouldn’t have to. If you can buy it on the shelf in the supermarket, then why do we get sicker and sicker every year, with more and more heart issues and cancers that ends our lives early. We are supposed to live for a long time and why are so many people dying earlier from natural causes.

I think because what they call natural causes is the foundation of chemical build up in our bodies and if the truth was to ever come out about how many deaths every year are really because the chemicals in our foods, the food companies and the people allowing then chemicals in our foods would be bankrupt. Hopefully one day the people that have allow this for so long will have a whistle blower to come forward and tell the public the truth about why they allow the chemicals in our foods. The fake studies they do every year about products like Trisodium Phosphate being safe, when it’s been banned in Europe because of the deadly side effects in the additive. SO for all those out there that eat saltine crackers, just beware of the side effects and additives in these salty snacks. Have a great day/night and always look for those chemicals and keep your family safe. 

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