Harmful food additives

Rice Krispies Treats (original) single bar serving


I know everyone loves these tasty treats, All the world knows what they are and I’m pretty sure, has had them in their pantries before. Rice Krispie Treats are known for their melt in your mouth sweetness, But aren’t known for their High value of chemicals and toxic additives. I think the food companies that mostly advertise to the younger generations, should be ashamed of themselves for placing so many chemicals: That are tasteless and odorless in the treats.

Rice Krispie Treat have been around for ages, it seems like and know one that I have heard of has said anything about what’s in them and how bad they are for your health. I have seen other people talking about how good they are and how much they love them. I have to admit, I used to eat them by the box, well maybe not at one time. I did love them.

When I am researching chemicals in foods and when I see how some of our foods could really make our health go down quick, it saddens me to know so many don’t know what they are eating. I know this is gonna be one of the worst I have seen on the site and pretty dangerous (as far as the toxins in them). The worst chemical I have ever posted about is in here, along with one on my top 10 list. My friends out there, this is going to be an eye-opener for Pantries all across the world. Everything I am about to inform you about, you can look up to confirm it for yourselves. I will start this off by listing all the ingredients, then posting about the good and the bad and the worst. Hope you all are sitting down, brace yourself for the RICE KRISPIE TREAT BREAKDOWN.


Toasted rice cereal




Malt flavor


Reduced iron

Vitamin b2

Folic acid

Corn syrup


Vegetable oil

Soybean oil

Palm oil

TBHQ (bad one)

Corn syrup solids

Vegetable glycerin



Natural and Artificial flavors (doesn’t say what kinds)

Contains Milk

DATEM (another really bad one)

Acetylated monoglycerides

Soy Lecithin


Where do I start. There’s so many bad chemicals and additives in these treats, that it’s hard to pick a few to overrule the other ones. So here’s what I am going to do. I will list all the Bad ingredients and the ( bad Additives in them). That way you will know everything there is to know about these treats, found in every supermarket in America and every market around the world. Tons of them handed out on Halloween every year in America. Also, on Holidays every year.

This image above is the best I could come up with, to prepare you for the information your about to receive.

TBHQ: This chemical is bad. This chemical is found in a lot of other food products, also it’s found in paint thinners. Makeup products and paints, varnishes. Centers for science in the public studies have indicated:studies in rats found that these chemicals caused tumors and liver enlargement, neurotic effects, convulsions, and paralysis in animals. Also, those with disorders such as: add and other behavioral disorders should keep their distance from this chemical. Check this out, this chemical is made from petroleum and butane. Yes, that’s correct. The side effects are: nausea, vomiting, ringing of the ears, collapse.

Also, from research I found that from long term use of this additive, it can cause cancer in your cells. Crazy huh. I bet your thinking, he has only listed one additive and this is bad enough to throw them in the garbage. I am far from over it get’s deeper than this chemical. In children this additive can cause restlessness. Aggressive behavior, attention disorders. I can honestly say, there are so many other foods with this chemical in them and I am just brought to my knee, to think so many people in the world just don’t have a clue about what’s in our foods.

BHT: This chemical is out there, meaning just brace yourself again. This is a lab made chemical only for use in foods, the FDA banned it being used as a supplement, but allowing it in our foods. As a medicine it’s used to treat genital herpes, and AIDS. I promise I am not making this up. We have a chemical in Rice Krispie Treats, that’s used to treat AIDS. Unbelievable (right). This is the scary part of this chemical. There are know known studies to produce any side effects or interactions with other medicines. Think about that for a moment. Now case studies have been performed on this, yet it’s in our foods. Now information anywhere to the side effects this cause us.

It’s really sad that people get away with allowing all these chemicals in our foods and yet more and more disorders and deaths every year from so called natural causes at the ages of 40 plus years old. Just the other day I was reading the paper and a 44-year-old woman died from natural causes. There is know way to die from natural causes at the age of 44, we are made to live long lives on this earth and I promise (without any way of ever fully knowing) the food or something they don’t want out to the public caused her death. I am a big believer now, that all these foods we eat daily is what’s killing us off.

Think about this for a minute. If there are healthier options out there for foods without these awful chemicals in them, then why is the food companies using dangerous chemicals instead. I know why: MONEY. It’s all about making people rich off mine and your suffering. Then the doctors make more money. It’s a deadly cycle that has the world in a spin about the chemicals in our foods and the truths behind the why and the how of the food companies.

Gelatin: What comes to mind when I say Gelatin, let me guess: jello, pudding or maybe gummy worms. I am honestly sorry to tell you, that isn’t right. I thought the same thing when I first researched the additive. Oh, was a so wrong. This is obtained from various animal parts, yes you saw that right. ANIMAL PARTS. This is found in cosmetics, photographs, pills, medicine, and food products. The chemical is odorless and tasteless. Collagen from extracted bones, skin and tissues from domesticated animals, such as pigs, cattle, goats, chickens. Side effects aren’t to bad: gas. Bloating and stomach cramps. So if your OK with eating a product that comes from animal parts, Then I guess this chemical isn’t That bad.

So to recap this article: the two main additives I found to be over the top was TBHQ and BHT. I am still wondering how do the food companies justify placing a chemical in our foods, that’s used to treat Genital Herpes and AIDS. The more I get into the study of what goes into our foods, the skinnier I am getting. Now to be honest, The healthier I am getting. I know all of you out there that’s joined this site and all of you that will come across this article, will Now know the truth behind Rice Krispies Treats and the hidden dangers in them. I am truly honored to have everyone here and honored to be able to share with you, what I have found out about our foods we eat on a daily basis. Take care and have a great night/day wherever you are in the world.


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