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Stand for freedom


Stand for freedom. So many people around the world hate Americans and so many people here on both sides of the political agenda, seem to hate each other. I watch the news every day and to me it’s just getting ugly here in America. You have NFL football players kneeling at games, when has that ever happened in the history of America. Football used to be my life. I lived to watch those Sunday and sometimes Monday night football games. I think Those guys that kneel at the flag aren’t doing it to hate what we stand for or Hating on all the men and women who has given the price for them to be able to do that.

I think they are doing because they can. They seem to forget if we were like other countries overseas, they would be in prison or worse for disrespecting our values. In my eyes and others eyes around the United States, what they are doing is crippling the NFL and the loyal fans from around the world that have watched their favorite teams each and every week. It’s just rightfully disrespectful to get paid millions of dollars to play one of the best sports in the world and still disrespect the true values of America.

The money that each football player is earned comes from the revenue of sales from tickets and other concessions from the games. In other words from the hard-working Americans that go to the games and buy that bag of popcorn at the game. So in truth when they kneel at the flag in games they are stepping on all our flags, because in part the money in their pockets came from us. This is why we are the land of the free and home of the brave. We as Americans have the right to protest and kneel at the flag, because that’s our freedom, I don’t agree with it.

I believe if they kneel at the flag, then they should give the money back and retire from football and get a 9-5 job, like most of us have. Football will always be that one sport in America that has millions of loyal fans and the ethical stance of some should never reflect what most do in the NFL. I truly stand for freedom because without the blood shed for this flag, we would be living in communists times and freedom would never be an option in our lives.

Why is so hard for everyone in the world, in every nation to get along. Why does everyone have to be top dog, or the most powerful nation. We all live in a world of chaos. I will never know the struggles of what people go through in other countries and I feel for them. I know for the most part the world could live in peace and we all could stand for freedom. Freedom doesn’t have to be just in America, it can be worldwide.

Do you think the world will end one day from all the powerhouses trying to overshadow the other? Would it take some invasion from outer space to get us to come together? World peace and freedom are sung in a lot of songs every year and yet we are in total chaos with every nation fighting or wanting to fight each other and for what? I am guessing you know where I stand on wars and fighting. Just to fight.


Political stances in America has gotten to the point of war within ourselves. I think it will get to the point of all out chaos before it’s over. With a well-known person calling for the military to take our president out or for other congressmen and women calling for impeachment and the ford issue with the supreme court pick. My stance on all this is neutral.

I used to be a Republican before all the fighting back and forth has gotten out of hand. The core values of America is being thrown out the window, when the people in America that have power either from being in (the movies to singing to working in government) to control the voice of every day Americans is crazy, but it has always been that way with America.

When the view of a political party gets so degradable or unethical, then I think they should re-examine who they are as a person first, then their political stance. The good old days of just disagreeing without punishment is over. This is the new America, where depending on what Hat you have on or the words that are spoken, you will be condemned to a life of shame, according to both sides of the political agenda.

The way we view ourselves should change and we should go to the table on our issues with each other and stop stepping over everyone’s word in this country. America is supposed to stand for freedom from this type of behavior.

Freedom: Because of the men and women of this great nation that paid that price. I never much thought about joining the military until the twin towers fell and then it was a bit late for me because of my age, I wanted to fight for the people that lost their lives in battle and in the buildings that fell and the people on the planes. I had a fire in me that burned with pride for America. I get super emotional just thinking about 9/11 and that was 17 years ago. I will never know the true pain of losing someone in this terrible attack on our freedom and democracy or losing a loved one in the military, that fought and died to make my home a better place to live.

My big brother was in desert shield/storm war and the effects that has had on his life is overwhelming. I will always honor him as my hero and best friend. He was a tank commander in the army and in special operations for a little while, until becoming a drill sergeant, then retiring. (He is an honorable man and brother). When we stand for freedom, we stand for everyone throughout the hundreds of years that have paved the way for us to be able to live the lives we want and love today.

So many people want to become an American and that’s great. I wish everyone in the world the freedom and Democracy we have, here in America. There are so many around the world that live in poverty-stricken countries that will never have that voice and freedom to do even what I’m doing on this website. Voicing my concern and frustration about the toxic chemicals in our foods.

I am heartbroken because of that and I know some that join here or have already joined here knows what I’m talking about. Standing for freedom means so much, yet over here in America it’s taken for granted. I wish for peace and happiness in everyone’s life, yet so many will never feel that pride I feel in my heart for America.


Just hitting the open road on a Harley or taking a cruise down the interstate in your car/truck taking in all the wonders of the United States. It’s just the most peaceful feeling in the world to be able to just get out and do what we like without being condemned by others. Standing for freedom is the cornerstone of the foundation values we have as Americans. That being said, why are so many in America rejecting that value? We all have to stand strong together, when that happens growth can ac cure in the most extreme ways.

The homeless will be able to get off the streets, people that are addicted to drugs can get better organized help they deserve and the hungry can eat. Just think if everyone in America stood together and helped one another (how strong would we be). America without hunger and poverty and drug addiction is an America worth fighting for.


no one knows this until now, I have been paying it forward in small yet awesome ways. every time I go through the drive-thru somewhere in town to get bags on Ice, (yes almost any burger place sells ice through the drive-thru). I will pay for the persons meals behind me and drive off. I have also payed electric bills and loan payments for others without them ever knowing it. Everyone in America can do their own random act of kindness. I ask you to go do something big or small for the fellow Americans and if your overseas you can do something nice there to. Post your comment on this post and let me know that others are like me out there.

If I was rich, I would never live over my means and I would love to give to the needy. It makes your heart melt away to think of all the people in America that lives their daily lives on the streets and goes to bed hungry at night. Honestly just today I was sitting in my truck wondering where I was going to get my meal today and I finally broke down and sold my X box to get some food.

After I was done buying what I needed for the rest of the month, I gave the rest to a homeless man that walks the streets every day here. My mom has always taught me to give and never stop giving. Doesn’t matter if your like me (poor) or you have tons of money everyone can give something to someone.

Be that ripple in the world that makes a difference. Be that one person that cares for others as you care for yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t love your fellow human. If we as a human race would stand strong in the pride we have for our Country and stand strong in the men and women who have died to make it that way, then we can help when someone needs our help and be proud to be an American.

If your in other countries and your on this site, then show the world you are your own voice and live for that freedom that exists in everyone s soul. Be the rock that someone needs in the world, be the one person everyone can count on to listen to what they have to say and just be a friend to the friendless. Be a shoulder to cry on and that heart that loves and always stand for the freedom. Never let those people in the world make you feel any less human because you care for others. Never let the emotions of some that won’t stand for the flag denote your pride in the united states of America.

Never let the government workers shut your voice down and belittle you because their human kindness is gone. Never let anyone tell you that the world is a chaotic thunderstorm forming around your soul, that will carry you to the grave. We are that voice and we will always stand with the helpless, the hopeless and the needy, because without hope and love for our fellow man what are we as a human being really fighting for.