Wealthy Affiliate ( Honest way to succeed)

I have struggled for the longest time, trying to find (that) one company, or that one get rich product online. I have searched and searched for that freedom, that we all wish for, sometimes never get to. I have traveled around the country in my head, thinking of all the ways. I could make an honest living, while providing for my family.

Have you ever wondered what that would be like, cruising down the road, in a fast sports car. Taking an Airplane ride to France, Or taking a cruise over the ocean waves, taking in all the wonders of the vast ocean paradise. I have thought of all those things, and more. My friends, You can live your dreams. Becoming successful is a mindset.

I have for the longest time, in my life just settled for my life. Meaning I have just come to the conclusion, this is how it’s going to play out. I will draw a disability check for the rest of my life, live off of a very small income. Being poor was my life. You know how some people are destined for greatness, yet some are stuck in poverty. Well I was stuck in poverty mode, with no way out. I could never have built a website, or knew the first thing about writing blogs, or what a keyword was, or tags. I was internet lost. lol.

This unknown guy emailed me a referral to a website called Wealthy Affiliate. I know what you’re thinking, I get them every day, those people that’s trying to make that extra dollar referring you to a scam, or something they have no Idea what they are about. This is truly on my word not the case here.

I went with his link to this company site, With my mind set up for failure, I knew it was going to be a scam. I joined the free membership. Then I saw the training you get and the courses you take, they even have a Certificate program. That all was handed to me for free, just to join.   


I was overwhelmed with all the information up front, so I quit. Yes I quit and logged off. It wasn’t for 3 months after that, I’d come to realize, thinking one day what do I have to lose, just give it a shot. So I did. I logged back into my account, trying to take in all the information WA had to offer. I started reading the lessons, going step by step with the instructions. Kyle and Carson were sending me messages, asking me if anything they could do to help, just asked. These two guys are the owners of wealthy affiliate. I couldn’t believe, right from the start, they were right there with me.

So I begin my journey with Wealthy Affiliate. Without a clue on how to run a website, or anything Internet. I could join premium membership for $19 the first month, cancel anytime. Then $49 bucks after that, never to increase in price. There’re millions and millions worth of marketing and affiliate information, just in the free membership.

I know you may be thinking, I am trying to sell you a product. I promise in no way am I steering you wrong. You are all my friends, I enjoy you being here. I would never be dishonest with you. This is real. If you want the freedom of life, The long successful career in whatever website you want to run, this is the true way to get there. With the premium membership you get up to 25 websites, also all the help you need to get them all up and running. The tech department there is outstanding. Any problems arise, they will fix it.

This company is the reason this site is even a reality, I knew nothing about running websites, or the internet. It was all taught through their network. I love this site and you all here. I would never try to sell you something, I didn’t already have or going to buy. I will always be honest with you. I just wanted to let you all know, if you don’t like the way life is, like I was living.

You really want to learn about the internet world and websites. Then Wealthy Affiliate is the real company on the internet, that cares about your success. I will be producing a live video on Wealthy Affiliate next week on writing content, Running a website. I

promise you my friends. This company is real. Try is out for free, if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to ever pay a dime of your hard-earned money. If by chance you want to learn about online marketing and running a business, building your career online, then this is the place to go. I will be also running a blog about this company on my YouTube channel in the near future. Thanks again for being a part of something great.

If your interested in joining wealthy affiliate, click on the link below. This will take you to the new account profile, I believe. No obligation at all to ever buy anything, I promise on my word. Have a great day/night.


RENT-A-CENTER (beind the curtain on their deals)

Sometimes in life, you just want that perfect fix. You need the excitement, that fits just right in your home. You need that perfect TV. TVs are the backbone of entertainment. They are used, in almost every home in America, around the world. When you’re shopping for that perfect TV, you don’t always find it in a (brick and mortar) store. We search online, to find the shipping costs are too high for our wallet, unless you go to Amazon, with their free shipping. We go to these rent to own stores nationwide, to find that perfect TV. Rent to own store in my home-town, is nothing short of a disaster. Let me tell you why. Their black Friday sale was on, just yesterday. I’ve been searching for that perfect TV, (65 inch smart) HD Sony television.

I couldn’t believe I had found one, you guessed it (rent a center). I called the lady, setting up the payment plan for the TV, they had a black Friday sale for $5 for first month. I agreed, The nice lady on the phone told me I was good to go. She said your 65 inch TV will arrive at Monday (great). I received a call this morning, with rent a center telling me, the could bring it out today for $20 and some change.

I ask the lady, how did the sale of $5, jump to $20. The nice lady explained to me, that was only for a down payment on the TV, that in my agreement, the $5 only counted for part of my payment. WOW. She told me, that payment would end the first. I agreed on the statement, telling her I would be in the first to pay the rest, being my disability check came in on that day. She stated to me she couldn’t do that, I would have to pay all today or I couldn’t receive the TV at all. I was floored in disbelief. This just happened to me, not 30 minutes ago.

I was so devastated, that rent a center couldn’t wait till the first for $15 extra bucks. What is this world coming to, that when you make an agreement over the phone, and the place of business agrees to it, then the next day its added to more money. Rent-a-center’s adds are fake. I will never again go to a place that doesn’t honor their end of the agreement. What would it have hurt for that lady honor the agreement and wait till the first for the rest of the money. So this site is where You- my friends here about my life and toxic foods in our lives.

We a nation of people, can’t run a business based off those values. If the agreement states $5 for first payment and the rest isn’t due till the first, then why can you not wait till the first. Bad business is everywhere we go, so before you decide to go to your local Rent-A-center, beware they don’t honor their own agreement.


I have shopped at AARONS before and they are great. They honor their agreements, Very fast in shipping it out to you. No I’m not affiliated with either of these stores. I know the facts through my own dealings with these stores. One has a great reputation, while the other one is on the end of shady. One tells you how it is and what the price is up front. The other tells you a price up front, then changes it, to suit their needs. If businesses hire managers that go with their own rules, then how is that business ever going to make that extra profit, they desire.

How will people ever know what their headed for in dealing with these companies, if not for this site, and others around the nation pointing out the defects in management and the personal relations they have with their customers. The last guy I talked to on the phone at Rent a center, before telling him that was fine. Was very rude and direct with me. He told me they needed the $20 up front or the TV wasn’t coming to my address.

All I can say to that is, that’s not great for business, sir. I had to post this on here. I could have posted a you-tube video on my blog, Yet this site has some awesome people on it, that will here the warnings about rent-a-center and the people running the show. The freedom of speech part in the constitution is great, I love this nation we live in and will always respect its values.

Maybe if the people running Rent a Center would read a little more into their own rules and how to speak to customers, also honoring their own agreements, they in turn would be making a little more money. When a company runs a black Friday sale, to draw you-the customer in, just to get more money from you. That business is going down hill fast.

There are a lot of people around the United States of America, that will fall victim to these charges. Please just beware when dealing with this company. I’m not saying all Rent-A Centers are like this. If one company has good and bad managers in them, it looks like through sites like this. The guy or gal at the top of Rent A Center could get wind of what’s going on in their stores, changing a few managers out to make the store a better place to shop.

I’m at the end of my blog about (RAC) Renter A Center. I know some will have great people in them, in no way am I condoning them. This is about my home town and the people running this store.


This is to them, if by chance they are reading this blog. Have respect for your customers, honor your agreements. If the deal is for $5 and the rest of the payment isn’t due till the 1st. Then don’t over charge me on the original deal. I will never shop at your store again, for this. I have the $20, wasn’t going to pay it, because it wasn’t due yet. I hope you all have a blessed day. I hope the people in your store, go over your own rules, because I know through talking with you over the phone you haven’t read them, thanks for your time.

In closing this post out, I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, and I hope the best for you in the holiday season. I, in no way will ever tell you something that didn’t or hasn’t happened to me. I will always be honest with you about the toxic chemicals in our foods. I will always respect you and your values. Never go above my means to get to the truth. Respect the laws of the land, and honor those who have fought to give us a better life, here in America. Honor the men and women in the US military and the militarys around the world that stands for those who can’t stand, stands for those who have less hope than us, and stands for the America I so love. Have a great day/night wherever you are in the world. Take care my friends.


Thanksgiving (My view on the holiday)

As I sit here in my old house, listening to the wild howl outside. I think back to the memories of Thanksgivings in the past. I think of all the times, my family has struggled to even find food to feed ourselves, or living in a home without heat in the winter months of Thanksgiving. I can honestly say, My family has come a long way. My mom used fix us all huge helpings of her homemade stuffing. The turkey she fixed seemed (at the time) to be as big as a dog. I just loved the good old times.

Sitting at the dinner table, with my sister and brother: while mom was cooking at the stove. Dad was never there and my aunts and uncles all had their own families to care for. Thanksgiving was/is the time for being thankful. Not for what we want, but what we have. Me and my old dog is all I have now and that’s OK. I have so much to be thankful for. I have my life and So many memories of the times I got to spend with my whole family, being together. Me and my brother and sister rarely speak to each other anymore. We were never close, my sister was married at a young age and my brother, joined the army when he was 17.

I know deep deep down they love me and I love them. Before my (best friend) mom passed last august, she talked to me two days before she died. She said son, if something happens to me, your brother and sister have your back. I told her nothing was going to happen to you, your a strong lady and very kind. God doesn’t need you right now, we do. Two days later, God needed her (i guess) more than I did.

She died on the operating table and that has been the most unrealistic pain I have ever felt in my life. I guess you can say Mom was sent home to be with Jesus and I was left here alone with the world caving in around me. No help from churches here and no family members came to my aid. No prayers were said for me and no one was here anymore to help me fight my panic disorder and PTSD. I was ALONE.

I am thankful for this site and everyone here. This site was made in memory of my mother and this is how I got past her death. I want you to know that what i feel about you all being here is as real as it gets. Thanksgiving doesn’t always have to be about eating a big meal, it can also be things like this site and you all that are here, (my friends). I wanted to blog on here about what thanksgiving means to me and how you and this site has got me to stand again on my own to feet and feel alive again.

I’m getting emotional now thinking about where I was and where we are going with this toxic foods issue with our health. I felt so alone after my mom died and I went to a dark place. I thought all the thoughts someone would after losing their best friend and having know one there to comfort you. I have finally risen from those ashes. Yes I still mourn the loss of my mother every day and I feel her with me everywhere. I am in college now online at Post University and I wrote 5 books about my life on amazon kindle.

Thanksgiving is the better part of ourselves. That when we come together and share a meal and find the time to be with one another we can have that peace that everyone wants and sometimes never finds. The love we share at Thanksgiving can carry on into the new year as the light that shines on other people struggling with fear of the unknown. I have found a peace in my writing and the study on the toxic chemicals going into our bodies. I have found people that want to know more about the struggle we all face in this life. This thanksgiving, I will be at my home with my dog and I will be thankful to god, you and this site.

I am thankful for my life and mom’s memory, that I can carry on throughout my life. After I’m gone from this earth, I hope this site is carried on through the generations to come, to always get our voices out there to the danger of the foods and drinks we consume that’s killing us off slowly as we progress through life. This is a short post. I just wanted to let everyone know, to have a happy thanksgiving, I hope you all get full of food and have blessed memories with your family and friends.



E- Cigarettes (behind the smoke)

First off, I’d like to say thank you to all the men and women, who have fought and died to make my home in America safe. Also, to all the men and women that serve now. I don’t know the struggles you go through, being away from your families or the pain and heartache of losing someone to war. My brother was in Desert shield/storm war in the 90s. I know each night I would be worried sick about his safety. I was only 14 then.

I’m very proud of him for his service. He is one of those forgotten heroes. You know the service men and women that get back and can’t ever seem to find solid       ground over here, from facing the Horrors they faced overseas. He is doing well for himself now. If took a lot of time and effort, he is a fighter. I honor him today as we salute the heroes that made America Who we are. The land of the free, the home of the brave.

We stand united against any enemy that threads our shores and we stand up for the countries that want the freedoms we so cherish over here in America. In closing this section of post out. I want to just say thank you to all who serve, have served and will serve. Because without you, we are not America. You all are in my prayers, each and every night before I sleep and after I awake.








Now let’s get right down to the dangers of E-Cigarettes. Oh wow, you will be in for a shock, to know that even though these don’t have the 7000 chemicals in them. They do pose a more serious threat to your health than leading on. Yes they have nicotine in them, but they have a more dangerous Chemical than that.

They E-Cigarette companies have made it seem like, they are safe and go have a puff. They are so wrong. I have found that this chemical, which I have never heard of until I done my research on these. I have found that they cause cancer in the lungs at a higher rate than regular cigarette and more than double the dangers in other areas of your body.

I will get right to the dramatics of the dangers and what threat to you they cause. How you can very easily get too much nicotine from these E-Cigarettes.


Today we are talking about VIBE E-Cigarettes. You can buy these here for around $20.00, and they come with 2 free refills. On the side of the package when you buy them. It reads:( WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CAN EXPOSE YOU TO CHEMICALS, INCLUDING GLYCIDOL. KNOWN TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO CAUSE CANCER. NICOTINE WHICH IS KNOWN TO CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS OR REPRODUCTIVE HARM. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO. WWW. P65WARNINGS.CA.GOV.)

It’s in so small writing, I had to use a magnifying mirror to see it. I huge letters on the front it reads. ( THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NICOTINE. NICOTINE IS AN ADDICTIVE CHEMICAL).

You know why they place this on the front and the small tiny dangers on the side. Because most people won’t read the side. This stands out on the front of the package and you may think (oh it’s OK, it’s safe.) That’s why they place large letters about nicotine on front and dangers in tiny letters on side.

They sell you a product, based off the image of you just smoking in nicotine and really never know the truths behind the pack, until now. I love blowing the lid off these companies, that claim one thing, yet it’s so different on the inside. So now let us look at the inside of this VIBE E-CIGARETTE.

Through the colorful smoke and the sweet smells of these tubes of delight in the E-Cigarette. I have found that the main chemical above Nicotine, is Glycidol- I found that if you breathe this chemical in, it can cause labored breathing, chest pains and coughing

My research even states you my need the use of a breathing tube, to stay breathing. This chemical is no joke. Every puff you make on those E-Cigarettes. You are breathing this in.

That’s not all I found. My research states when this reaches open air, it can be unstable and there have been no reports by anyone states this is safe. The state of California has proven it was cancer causing. This Chemical has an Epoxy in it and is unstable at room temp. I have a quick question.

If the chemical is unstable at room temp. Then when you smoke it, and it heats up. How can that be (even) remotely safe for you to consume.

E-Cigarette companies are not telling us about the dangers of these fake Cigarettes. They are making it sound like they are safe to consume. They are no better than regular Cigarettes.

When the Electronic Cigarettes, first came out. The companies made it sound like; No more dangers from smoking, this new age of getting Nicotine without the harmful chemicals in regular cigarettes. The world was at your finger-tips. Your freedom to choose a different path, without inhaling 7000 chemicals in regular Cigarettes. You life would be altered for the better.

All of those hopes and dreams of a better way with these fake Cigarettes are over. The chemicals in them are just as bad or worse than the regular Cigarettes. Don’t let the companies of these fool you. Yes I know you can buy the tubes without Nicotine, but I warn you, they still have Glycidol in them.

You still getting cancer causing chemicals in your bloodstream and origins. Please before you buy these. Read up on them a bit and do some research on the dangers they pose. I will list the active ingredients in this type of E-Cigarette and you can see for yourself I am telling the truth. Please beware.




The batteries in these electronic Cigarettes, have been known to catch fire. Let me run this by you for a moment and see what you think. I’m the type of person that goes above and beyond the dangers and health risks with items I either put in my body or use on my skin.

Think for a minute. If E-Cigarettes have batteries in them. How could you not, be getting the coating or heat from the batteries in your lungs when you inhale these. What if the batteries leak and you breath it in,  getting battery acid inhaled into your bloodstream. I just think these are too dangerous to ever try. 

The risks for using these verses chewing some nicorete gum or just quitting all together would be better for your health In the coming months there will be lawsuits and claims against these companies that make these cigarettes for public consumption. I hope through the information on this site, you will choose to be E-Cigarette free.