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RC COLA dangers

RC COLA. I know there are tons of you out there, that love the refreshing taste of RC COLA. This 2-liter only costs a $1.00 AS your local Dollar General store, and it tastes better than coke. I know some will say, well I challenge that note. The smooth taste of RC COLA has been around since 1905, was invented by a Pharmacist, from the great state of Georga. His name was: Claud A. Hatcher.

Have you ever been to the store, and thought (man I wished the cokes would go on sale), or ( I wonder if I could get something cheap enough, that will satisfy my thirst). My friends, RC COLA will do just that. The smooth flavor of this drink, imagine pouring yourself a glass of the best tasting drink in America. What a feeling of excitement.

Just to find out: This drink could be harming YOU. I know what your thinking. (Didn’t he just tell us how wonderful this drink was) then to just drop the ball on our heads about its dangers. Yup your right, I thought for years, this was the best tasting drink in the world. Just to find out from researching the chemicals in it, was harming me.

I KNOW from all the research I’ve done, from just this website, that almost everything has some kind of chemical in it. Even last week the FDA was talking about banning the flavored E-Cigarettes and Menthol flavor in regular. They are in the process, as I speak with you now. They don’t give a clear reason why.

I know some people that will go to the store, and buy their favorite drink, being that the cost is reasonable. I know all the drink companies, place discounts every so often to get you to buy their product. RC COLA has Always been a $1. SOMETIMES you might catch them on sale for .80 cents. When we BUY  drink products, we want what tastes good, right. The problem with most DRINKS, is the chemicals in them. Even the caramel coloring is bad for you in coke and Pepsi products. Whenever YOU not busy, go check out Caramel Coloring, I promise it’s terrible.

Back to RC COLA/ The great tasting taste of this drink comes as a cost for your health, like most sugar and non-sugared drinks in today markets. I have only found a few, that wasn’t to bad. RC COLA has a chemical called: ACACIA ACID in it. This acid is known for it’s Medicine properties for soothing sore throats and stomach upset. That’s not the worst part. This is used as a forming agent for all your facial masks out there. Yes, that’s correct. The ingredient in RC COLA is used in the sticky formation of the facial masks. Crazy huh

For what reason would the company that produces RC COLA need a gumming agent in its drinks. It boggles my mind to THINK, I was drinking a soda with something in it, that the main use is in medicine, or forming your face mask. The side effects for this Acid ARE: According to WEBMD, the side effects are not to bad. Just people with Asthma should use with caution. Not enough information is given for people who are pregnant, or older people and the very young.

RC Cola will be around for 100 more years, people will continue to drink this (Chemical laced) soda. Just like Coke, and Pepsi, They all have their chemicals and Unlisted ingredients, that will ALWAYS play a roll in your health. I always buy those flavored waters from Walmart. They have zero calories, and you can buy 1 liters for (around) .85 cents.

I was cooking, my thanksgiving day breakfast this morning, thinking to myself. I wonder if the rest of the world will ever see the truths about the dangers we face in the foods we consume. The answer to my own (trane of thought) Question. No, People will always, just drink and eat whatever they want. Ten years down the road,when they are on their deathbed. It will be too late to change their views

All we can do now, is voice our concerns and hope people across the world will listen. We as a society based off laws, and regulations has to (as some point) see, that the chemicals in our foods are causing us harm. Just like when the new drugs hit the market, to help you with back aches or depression. Just to find out 10 years down the road, they are getting sued for the harmful and fatal side effects. Then the recalls happen, pulling them from the shelves.

RC COLA complete ingredients:








That’s it for the ingredients, here’s the total contents totals in a 2liter bottle.

total caffeine content in 2liter bottle-258mg

total sugar content-252mg

total calorie content-960

total sodium content-240mg

total carbohydrates content-258

I promise you, from the research into the chemicals in RC COLA. The top chemical is the sneakiest among them all. It hides under the Great tasting in the drink, hiding in the shadow waiting on you to drink it, then out of know where ten years down the road, it hits. Phosphoric Acid is a silent danger. You can go to Amazon now, buy this acid to clean with. Yes, that’s right. These acids main purpose in life, is and industrial cleaning agent.

This acid is also used as a cement in dental implants, as well as in the textiles industries. The food and drink companies use this chemical in you drinks, to bring out the crisp flavor of the soda. Now you know where you crisp taste of cola comes from (A chemical).

Phosphoric Acid, is odorless and tasteless. Can you imagine going to your local hardware store, and buying a cleaning agent, just to pour you a tall glass of it. Just to drink with your meal, Sorry to tell you friends, that’s what your doing when you drink any soda with this chemical in it.

This chemical is an extremely corrosive agent, when cleaning with this chemical use protective clothing. Just to give you a hint about the cola, we have all consumed in the years back. If it’s dark, or has a yellow tint to it. more times than not, stay away from them. The drinks we consume are causing us harm, until we get a grip on what we are giving to our families.

We as a human race may never stop the diseases spreading like wildfire across our lands, unless we stop abusing our bodies with these chemicals in our drinks/foods. We will never know for sure, we could’ve stopped them before it was too late. Please if you have a question about an ingredient in your drinks, or in your foods don’t hesitate to look it up. That just might save you heartache down the road.

This end note is about a friend of mine, here in my hometown. She has had back pain for years. The doctors could never understand what it was, that was making her pain not go away. She joins this site, and started doing research of her own about all the chemicals. She figured it out. She was drinking diet coke for many years, and eating a regular routine of lays potato chips and ranch dip, among other things she ate regularly. She made a list of the dangers to stay away from.

It’s been 2 months without any pain in her back, she was able to go back to work. She found out the diet cokes have the sweetener in them, that was causing her back spasms. She started on her diet, from just drinking water, real juices and eating healthy (all natural) foods, and lost 19 pounds so far. I am so proud of her for changing her life.

The doctors will never tell you, it could be what you’re eating or drinking that’s causing you discomfort. You have to put effort in to change your lifestyle. She took that extra step, I couldn’t be more proud of her for that. This website will be the cornerstone for your health, and fitness. 


I’m stepping it up on here, with new and improved lists for things we can eat, that don’t have chemicals in them, also I’m going to include a section you can go to for your pets, to get the healthy foods they can eat and drinks for them. Starting in the new year right, I will be giving away a gift certificate for $125 as amazon to buy what you need to stay healthy, or for whatever you want ON JAN 1ST. I will make note for that as a later date. This site and you mean the world to me. We just hit over 100 subscribers on here without social media from my end, or anything else. Your help is greatly welcomed. I can’t do this without your support.


I made this website in memory of my mom, and best friend. It’s really hard on this holiday, when I see so many other people spending time with their families and friends. Me stuck as home with my PTSD and Panic disorder problems. I miss my mother so bad, yet I know she would be proud of all of you and this site. It was always her dream for me to help people and to have an education.

I’ve been in college now for 7 months. My average in class is a 3.61GPA. You never know where life will take you, sometimes. When that road comes to you, just go down it and carry that torch of your loved ones that have gone to a better place. Just know that as anytime in the year you’re feeling down or have a question in your mind about something, talk to them like they are there.

I do it all the time. My mother was my everything, my shelter in a storm, my rock when I was slipping on sand, My faith when I had no hope and My life when mine seemed dim. She was my angel when I couldn’t see the light and my Support when everything around me was falling down. My voice when I couldn’t speak, my life when mine seemed weak. My mother was the person, that no matter how far apart you were, she always knew you needed her.

She would give her shirt off her back for you and you wouldn’t even have to ask for it, because she would know you needed it. My mom will always be the only person in the world that believed I had a purpose and that I could make any dream possible, through hard work. She always believed in me, when I didn’t even believe in myself.

I wished you could’ve met my mom. She was such an awesome lady. This website is in memory of all the mothers and fathers and anyone else that has passed on to a higher place. Never let the loss of your loved one, be lost. Always think of them, and share the memories you had with them. Carry on that torch of light, so it will shine through generations to come, about your mom or dad or anyone else you have lost, to the pain of death.

I wanted to add this section of post in here, about my mom on this thanksgiving day, to spread the hope about carrying on their memories and the love they had for you and you for them. Never let that light die out. I am greatful for each and everyone of you on here.

PSS: Tomorrows post will be talking about Black Friday and why so many go insane about the adventure. You won’t want to miss what I have to say about that. lol

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