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Kernal Seasons Bacon Cheddar Popcorn seasoning

Who doesn’t love the great taste of popcorn. The flavor can be overwhelming, sometimes. I haven’t ever been much of a popcorn kind of guy. Mom sure loved the taste, She loved just plain popcorn, without all the added flavor’s popcorn comes with today. When I was growing up, there was (maybe) 3 flavor’s. Extra butter, butter and just plain. Now you can get popcorn with chocolate to peppers in it.

The smell of popcorn popping throughout the room, is just a sense of belonging. With each pop, the room lit up with flavor, didn’t matter what you were doing. You stopped to take it all in. When you think of seasonings, do you think of maybe: Salt to Butter, or maybe even Cheeses. I’m sure my friends out there would never believe some of these seasonings have everything from- petroleum products to in the same family of ricin or embalming fluids in them. The Chemicals these companies adds to our food products, to make that extra buck is just crazy.

The Kernel Seasonings comes in a ton of different flavor’s. Most have the same types of chemicals, with some even blowing my mind as to how many are in them. This one in general I’m speaking with you on today, is a mild one compared to a couple I have seen in my research.

On the back of most of the bottles of these seasonings, it states: Shake well before use, Store in a cool/dry place. When I do my research on the chemicals in our products we consume, I look at the containers and together with my research I find Alarming things.

Have you ever thought, as to why it states to store in a cool dry place. The chemicals in this seasoning will react in a heated environment. I will list all the ingredients in this seasoning bottle, then Let you know why I think this is not good for us, as people trying to eat right and take care of ourselves.







BACON FLAVORING (doesn’t say what’s in this) hidden additives.








Below the ingredients, it states this product contains MILK.

Do you see any that stands out? Can you tell from the list, there are some chemicals in this product that was in others I have already listed. When  watching your favorite game on Saturdays, or Sundays. Your family is having a family game night, or watching your favorite movie. You would never suspect anything other than good old popcorn and the seasoning to be healthy, or at least nothing that goes against your health.

I have been pondering, to get a board like you see in the movies on CSI shows or law and order. Setting up one room in my home with all the ingredients and chemicals in our foods, on post it notes, to always go back and compare. I could research all these chemicals, just over my computer. The medical dictionaries and the references in book forms are the best, in researching the chemicals the FDA allows in our foods.

I have found myself having dreams of industrial buildings and potato chips falling from the skies, is that a bit weird. Maybe I have found myself in the never ending struggle, in figuring out why the government allows these things into our foods and drinks. You will hear tons of information over the internet about anything. Please if you ever have a Question about any kind of Chemical in our food, go to Web-MD, before going to anywhere else for the information. I have had people emailing me, that EDNA was natural and the Next chemical I am listing: is OK for their health.


This chemical is a compound found in sand, How many are thinking (wow I’m eating sand). It’s a little more complicated than just plain old sand. This chemical is found in almost everything we eat, mostly cereals, and cakes. A few spices. People argue the point of the safety standards of this chemical, because the FDA says it’s OK, so it has to be. Another name for this Chemical is Silica- This chemical is in the silicone family.



The main concern I have with this is, how much is too much. Take for example: If I eat a bag of popcorn with this chemical in it, How much is OK for me to eat. Can I eat tons of it and not get sick or die. Do I only have my shared portion of it. When companies make products with chemicals and ingredients in them, they never say how much is too much. Before you know it, we are in the doctor’s office with a form of disease the doctor’s have never heard of.

SILICONE DIOXIDE, is also found in electronics, in the production of glass. Yes there’s the sand link, because glass is made from sand compounds. This chemical is helpful for your bones and weaken muscles. Maybe Everything has good and bad properties in them, sometimes we have to weigh them both, in seeing if its worth your health.


This additive is a starch, that gets into your bloodstream quicker than sugar does. If any of you out there are diabetic please stay away from this additive. This can be added as a wheat or corn by-product. The FDA considers this additive as (generally) safe. I really find it hard to believe, when I company (generally) finds anything safe. I would like to see Safe, not sometimes or generally on anything I consume. I wasn’t going to add this into my research into this seasoning, I thought you might want to know, this is nothing more than upgraded sugar additive.


This additive is the remaining ingredient after milk has been curled, and/or strained. You can find this product in every GNC store and most of the other health stores nationwide. This has some good Qualities and bad ones. The only side effects I’ve found is: Bloating, tiredness. Sometimes, this can cause Reduced hunger.

I was going to just add all the bad ingredients in our foods, and their purposes as to why they are in there. I want the future of this site to inform (my friends) the positive and negative side effects of the chemicals and ingredients in our foods. You may want to go to the local health food store, and get some WHEY for weight lose diet. Or you may not have known that this cause side effects in this product.

Whey in general is a form of protein, that promotes muscle growth, and healthy bones. This has some mild side effects, yet seems to be OK for your diet.


This ingredient truly gets my mind to wonder. How would I even complete research on an ingredient/Chemical, if I don’t know the ingredients. I see companies doing this all the time. They throw hidden flavorings into the foods we consume, without ever knowing what those are. To tell you the honest truth, this could be anything. Bacon flavoring as an added ingredient in this seasoning, could be anything.

Without A lab in determining exactly what this flavoring consists of. I’m sorry I can’t tell you what this is. Some products will say Natural flavoring, and/or Like this one with the Bacon Flavoring. It truly gets under my skin, to know the companies that are hiding what they place into our foods, without you and me ever really thinking about what those flavoring could be.

In closing The future of this site, is because of you. Thank you to all the new subscribers. The ones that have been here from the beginning. Only around 90 days old, this site is growing rapidly each day. I’m thankful for everyone here, and the future of the toxic foods in our lives depends on


Remember those who aren’t with us anymore. I am truly sorry for not being as active as I would like to be on the holidays. As most of you all know. My mom was my world, my everything. We would always get together every morning, the holidays were the best. When she passed last year, my world caved in around me. She was having a routine stent placed into her heart, died on the operating table. The news of her passing was numbing. For months and months afterwards, I would catch myself going to her house or waiting for her in the early morning on my deck with her coffee. My little piebald weenie dog died not long after my mom did, then my German Shepard died a month after that. So within 1 year, everything I loved has died. I went through the dark moments in my life, the thoughts of despair. After A long time of crying and thinking my world is gone.

I had a dream on march 23rd of this year, that changed it all. I dreamed I was laying in a field of wildflowers, dark as night outside. I saw the shadow of a figure walking towards me, laying down next to me. I never saw the person, just the voice. It was my mother. She told me, Son I have been watching you suffer, I know you have pain. Please for me, turn you life around. She said, I knew right before I passed on, your prayer that you prayed that night. I am so proud of you, son. I will always be with you. I woke up in a cold sweat, shaking. I rose up from my bed, going into the kitchen to start the coffee. The dream was so real.

My sweet mother towards the end of her life, was having a rough time with life. She had worked at the same place for almost 37 years. I knew she was tired, yet I loved her so much. The night of her passing I prayed to GOD, Please lord if you love me, and my mother. If you would just take her home with you, I will be OK. That night she died. I have never told anyone that I prayed that, until now. My mom and best friend in the world, I prayed for god to take her. Sometimes in life, no matter how much you love someone, you have to know what’s best for them and for your love for them. As I write this, I’m getting emotional because that was the hardest prayer I have ever had to make.

So many times after that prayer, I have wanted to take it back, yet knowing that mom was a great person in life, she was tired. I knew that. She always wanted to make sure I was OK. I wanted to add this extra section in this post, letting my friends know. I understand the pain and the sadness in the holidays without our friends and families. For those on here that haven’t lost anyone, cherish your family and friends in this life. You just never know when your last breath could come.

2019 will be a big year for this site. I will start giving away money and other prizes for being a part of something so great. I will produce more results with the toxic foods on our shelves. More in depth details of the chemicals and their effects. I will also add more pictures of the products and webinars of me detailing the effects of the dangers in these products.

Thank you for all your help in getting this site going. I am truly thankful.  I will always tell the truth about the dangers in our foods. This site is going to be my focus, from this point on. Thank you again for your support.


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