Harmful food chemicals-

Kraft stove top (stuffing mix)

When We sit down to enjoy our meals on the holidays, do we ever think what could be in our foods we eat. This stuffing mix, is sold in every store nationwide, yet so many have no clue what’s really in it. I know for years and years, I’ve eaten this, yet never really taking into consideration of what I was eating. I was shopping my local Dollar Store yesterday, looking for some Coffee.

This website has me always looking for that one food product that stands out in the stores. I picked up this box of stove-top stuffing, almost dropping it on the floor. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. The Chemicals in this box of stuffing, was truly mind-blowing. I was going to wait until 2019 to post another toxic-foods item on my (never-ending) list of toxic chemicals. I just couldn’t see, not posting this as soon as I could.

In this post for you ( my friends), I’ll include these ingredients, the calories and servings sizes per box, and the size of box. I hope by the end of this post, you will consider, to not use this product. Since I’ve stopped using the products with toxic chemicals in them, I’ve been feeling so much better. Losing around 76lbs, from eating healthier and drinking spring water and using spring water for my tea and coffee.

People ask me all the time, why am I not eating like I used to. I tell them, it’s because of this website and you. I can’t share information on the toxic foods and go eat toxic foods, who would I be if I just posted the toxic chemicals and still ate them. I’ve been on a strict diet from the chemicals in our foods, and it has paid off big time. I feel fuller and better than ever.


Before I get to the Kraft Stove-top stuffing mix, I want to thank you for helping this website grow into what is has become. I hope to carry our voices into 2019 and beyond. People ask me all the time to weigh in on the political things in life, and our government on this site. This site is mainly about toxic foods in our lives, yet I sometimes do blog about things in life, that happens. The way I feel about the world and how everyone could all get along if they tried. Peace is only as strong as your voice. We as one people have a chance to make our mark in this world. We can do this together. I’ll always be honest in my findings. Toxic foods are a real part of our lives, yet so many in the world are unaware. I hope as this site grows, we can carry our voices to the world about the toxic chemicals in our foods. I hope your sitting down this is going to be one of the worst foods items I’ve ever listed, great way to end out 2018. Thanks again for being here.


Enriched wheat floor


Reduced Iron




Folic Acid

High Fructose Corn Syrup



Hydrolyzed Soy Protein


Partially Hydrogenated Soybean And/or Cottonseed Oil

Cooked Chicken


Monosodium Glutamate




Potassium Chloride


Chicken Broth

Turmeric (color)

Silicone Dioxide

Disodium Guanylate

Disodium Inosinate

Natural flavor (doesn’t say what flavors)- here’s hidden ingredients)



Rosemary Extracts

There are 29 different Chemicals and Ingredients in this box of stuffing mix. Some I’ve never heard of, some I can’t believe are anywhere near our foods. This post has to reach millions, to let everyone that eats this to be aware of the dangers this stuffing mix. I’ll start with one that I’ve never researched until now. (BHA)

BHA-Where do I begin, there is so much information to tell you about this Chemical. This is found in rubber products, and Petroleum products, even in your make-up products. This is also used as a (longer shelf life) additive in foods. Really high doses of this Chemical, causes cancer in lab rats. By there not being a range in how much we can eat. This send alarm bells, because how much is too much.

Scary thought to think I could have prevented some form of cancer, from eating the right foods early on in my life. The only side effects I could find, where stinging and redness. Upset stomach. Hot flashes. The one main purpose of this Chemical is, it’s used in Embalming fluids. I can’t Imagine why, the food companies have to use this in our food products, other than it being cheaper.

BHT and BHA are around the same Chemicals, the only difference is: Solubility. Other than these two chemicals being banned in every other country, but the United States says a lot about what our own country thinks of its citizens. Someone told me today, that our country is controlling the population from allowing the food companies to let these harmful chemicals in our foods. I thought about it for a while, yet it is a bit far-fetched. I see the point.

Think for a moment why else would the food companies be allowed to have all these harmful chemicals in our foods, that very well may be killing us off slowly. The food companies will run these (awesome ads) to get us to buy into their food products. Then place labels in the foods, such as Natural flavors, yet doesn’t say what natural flavors. It may a conspiracy, to think that way. How else would we explain the reasoning to hide in plain sight on the labels the hidden ingredients/Chemicals.

It’s truly all about the money. I know some, who work for the food companies, or very well-paid actors will say I’m paranoid. This website is reaching the world. The great people that are joining every day, are joining in on the voice for our freedoms, to live our lives toxic free. Business as usual, is all it’s about in Washington and beyond. We can voice our concern about the dangers in our foods and drinks, taking back our voice to save mankind from the brink of Chemical-induced products that’s being allowed in our foods. Money makes the world keep pushing forward. People will only know the truth, if we can spread our word about the dangers we face, the world will change with our voice.

Next Chemical on my list in this box of stuffing-mix, is Potassium Chloride. This Chemical is found in everything we eat, it seems like. I talk about this a lot with other food items on thi webstie.

POTASSIUM CHLORIDE- These Chemicals primary use is for treating low blood levels in your body. Because we don’t no how much we are allowed in our foods products, this can be (Extremely) harmful if you get too much. This is a mixture of Potassium and Chloride. Other uses for this Chemical are Fertilizers, and Medicine.

I checked in the Medical Dictionary for medications, in my research for the side effects. Heart palpitations and Diarrhea were among the worst I found for this Chemical. Vomiting and Rash were also included. This goes along with what we were talking about earlier. How much is too much. If I was to eat half a box of stuffing mix, then going to eating other products with this in it. Would I retain a side effect or two.

If the food companies don’t label per serving on the Chemicals in our foods, how will we know if we are eating too much of that chemical. I believe through all my findings, I’ve the answer. Liability is the reason. Food companies would then be liable for a mislabeled food product. I can’t seem to understand why they aren’t liable now.

For Example: If I eat a package of this stuffing, then my heart starts to beat out of rhythm causing me to become hospitalized. How would I ever prove their product caused this damage to my heart. I wouldn’t because there is no proof, other than my word against the food company and the doctors. Medically no proof, it wasn’t from some other natural source. (as they say).

Long term side effects from consuming this additive, are Renal failure and Hypersensitivity. Before pregnant women eats anything with this additive in it, please read the side effects from long term use/and/or consult your doctor about the pros-cons of this additive.

DISODIUM GUANYLATE: This Chemical is used in a lot of food products as a flavor enhancer. In the same family as MSG additive. The major side effects are: Chest pain, Numbness, and Coughing a lot. This additive is not safe for Children or older people (In high Amounts). Without ever knowing how much is too much, by eating this daily increases your chances of health problems in the future. This additive is in everything from Hamburgers to Tacos, also being found in Cereals and cakes, cookies.

It seems like, everything we eat is filled with harmful chemicals. There is a choice to eat chemical free foods, feeling great along the way to a new you. I promise. It does take work. I used to think ( Why cook a meal at home) when I can just order pizza, or go out to eat. Back in those days, when I had no goals in eating healthy. I let myself just go. As I built a list of foods to stay away from, adding foods to eat daily. I changed my life for the better.

I started slow, because if you (cold turkey) quick eating unhealthy. Your brain is in junk food shock. Start slowly getting off junk foods and learning ways to eat healthier, I promise in 4 months all the foods you consume will be toxic-free. You will in turn feel so much better, full of life.

My thoughts are this, why don’t the food companies just place where they come from. Placing the factories of all their food products that have Chemicals in them. LOL. No one would buy into their products then. I think if we would live off the land, eating veggies and drinking clean water and tea. Think where our health would be if we all ate foods without Chemicals.

For the past 4 days now, I’ve been eating just veggies and drinking spring water from a natural source down the road. Yes, I’ve been a bit hungry, yet I feel so much better. I’ve even lost 3 pounds so far. I’ve to run tests on myself, before getting on here and letting you (my friends) know about my success. It’s not about how much you eat, or what tastes great sometimes. It’s about our health, as we age. Our bodies can only take so many of the harmful chemicals, before they start to break down.

I went from 317 pounds, from last year when my mom died. Now I weigh 238 pounds. Not from working out, or from a lot of work. I started off slow, cutting out all the Chemical induced foods/drinks. Then I printed out a daily plan for life. That’s the key to your success. Not the meals or the calories. You have to know, you mean something. You have to love yourself. I learned to love myself, when know one else did. It’s a learning process, to love yourself again. The Chemicals in our foods/drinks are bad, yet we have to take control of our lives.

It doesn’t matter how rich/poor you are. Unless we take charge of our lives, loving ourselves. We can’t ever think we will lose weigh, or keep it off. Life is so short, some people never get the chance, to live a full life. Our health is the cornerstone to our lives. If we take it serious, yet having fun along the way. We can change. I’ve been at the bottom, raising slowly to the top. Not without you, I’ll help you in any way I can on your journey.


This picture represents my life, in general. I was going down one way, never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Overweight, feeling bad, body aching all the time from being heavy. Turning the corner, heading back the way, where my life now means something. Loosing weight, feeling better about myself. I’ve changed so many things with my life, it will only get better in time. You to can make that change, you to can feel alive again. You have to know you are human, you make mistakes. Now pick yourself off the floor, make a plan for your life, your health.

In 2019, this site will grow. I’ll start graphing out all the compared meals you can eat, verse the Chemical (induced) foods I’ll list. I also will communicate more about the ways we can change our eating habits. I’ll be giving away health gifts, to lucky winners. I’ll also be sharing tips of how I am continuing to lose weight, so maybe you can use them for your own success. This website is only here for you. I’ll never go above and beyond my ethics with this. I’ll always show you respect and give the information about Chemicals in our food.


This mixture of Chemicals included in the stuffing mix, to me outweighs the good in it. I’ll place Cheap version of this for you on this post of stuffing mix you can buy without the added Chemicals in them. With all the Sodium this box has in it. The Chemicals with other main uses other than being in our foods. You can find something better than this to consume. This box is 6 ounces. I’ll break down the ingredients for you here.












VITAMINE A-12% (fake)

VITAMINE C 12% (fake)

CALCIUM-12% (fake)

IRON-48% (fake)


The reasoning behind the (fake) after the Vitamins, is because they are from Chemicals added. Meaning they were produced in a factory from Synthetics. A lot of food products will have the Vitamins listed at/near the bottom of the packages, letting you know they are there. They don’t tell you, the Vitamins where made from (fake) Synthetic materials/Chemicals. Without ever knowing the truth, how would we ever know, that most Vitamins in our foods are made from (fake) Chemicals. Unless the food product has the words ALL NATURAL, then most of the time, they were made in a factory, from Synthetics. Just a quick note to you, if the products doesn’t say made from 100% natural Vitamins, the more times than not, they a fake.

Thank you for joining this cause, for our health. This Website is growing every day, because of you. I’ll always be honest with you on my findings. I’ll never sell out for money, or anything else. The world needs to no what we are up against, our lives depends on it. Health and happiness is everything in life. I hope the best for all of you in this fight for our health. I hope by next year we have millions joining here, taking our voice to the world about the dangers in our foods/drinks. Be safe during this holiday season, and new year.

This is for a case of 12 packs of stuffing. All Organic based. great tasting.

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