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Folgers Cappuccino ( French Vanilla) Coffee

I know a lot of you out there loves this coffee. I’ve drank this flavor every morning before I went to work., for years. There’s something about French Vanilla, that I seem to love more than the other flavors. Either the smooth flavor, or the fresh taste draws, that draws me in. I really didn’t want to post about this coffee, only because I miss it so much.

I can admit to you, my friends this. I  opened the container, just to get the sweet smell of the Vanilla. I didn’t drink it. So when we think of coffee, maybe we think of Coffee beans, maybe a little milk in the cream, maybe even some sugar. I really hope you weren’t like me, A person that couldn’t live without this. Just to find out, the Chemicals in this aren’t good for you.

I just can’t believe The Folgers Coffee Company. Let me down this much. Now it’s back to plain old ( john Wayne) Style coffee. A lot will know what that means. Just plain black coffee, I mean yeah coffee is great, without all the sweetness of creamers, I used to have the biggest sweet tooth in the world, this was my daily ritual.

The taste of coffee, for some is a must have. Coffee has been around since the 17th century. How far has the taste come since then. Before all the sweeteners and added flavors to coffee, Coffee was the cornerstone of every worker in the world, well mostly. Smelling the coffee brewing in the morning, the fresh smell of the beans brewing in your pot. What a life. Coffee will be around for hundreds, if not thousands more years, with more flavors added every year. More Chemicals added to satisfy your cravings.

This post will be my first post in 2019. This post was alarming, to say the least. I was in shock to my finding, about the chemicals in this brand of coffee. Folgers coffee company is the greatest company, in my view in the world. In the year 1850, in San Francisco, CA. The brand Folgers was born, being called at the time: Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice company. (J.A Folger & Co.).

To make a coffee with this many harmful Chemicals in it, is disturbing. Companies in to days society, base their profits off making you and me happy. Making the most amount of money for the least amount of cost. I get the whole making money to provide the world’s jobs. When a company makes products, like this brand coffee with the chemicals in them like this has. It makes me think, how can they really care about us, the consumer. How can they make a product with Chemicals produced in a Chemical factory, safe for us to drink.

My Questions to them, would be. Do you drink your own product, would you give this to your children to drink. The answer would be, of course not. I will get to the ingredients in this Coffee soon. I just can’t wait to show you what’s in this coffee. Most that already drinks this brand, may not change. I sure did, I changed to just plain black tasters choice coffee. Crushing my beans every night, preparing to wake in the morning to the fresh smell of coffee brewing.

This picture should say it all about this first Chemical. This should never be anywhere near our foods and drinks. Brace yourself for the truth.


Compounds that make up this Chemical are: Sodium – Aluminum – Silicone – Oxygen.

This Chemical is found in a lot of products, the main ones are: Salt, Powdered milk products, Latex paints, and other paint and/or paint products. Most of the mixes, such as: gravy and Soup mixes has this Chemical in them.

Your right, if you’re thinking the Aluminum in this Coffee is the (metal) Aluminum. You would be surprised to know, this metal is found in tons of food and drink mixes world-wide. every time you consume a product with this Chemical in it, you’re drinking or eating a Metal. Crazy to think this is legal for you to consume.

The word Silicone should tell you right away what this is made of: Carbon – Hydrogen – Sometimes other unknown Chemicals. Silicone is used in Make-up products, Sealants, Medicine, and Adhesives. There’s a lot more uses for this Chemical. This is a synthetic sourced Chemical: Meaning It’s produced in a factory by man, meaning man-made. Silicone is used for making Rubber products, and an additive in food products for their texture.

I promised in 2019, The site was going to be a lot more in-depth about the Chemicals and their uses, so you will know the breakdown of the food products and the dangers and warning of their consumption. I wanted to add this to the post, in letting you know how the change has effected my life, and the life of this site. My life has changed so much since the beginning of this journey to the truth. To date I’ve lost a total of 82lbs and Feeling so much better, when I started to finally take control of what was going into my body.

This site, for this year will become a know site for the world to get their information about the sometimes deadly Chemicals found in our food/drink products. In closing, I want to thank all of you for being here, and welcome you to the new way of thinking about the toxic foods in our lives. This year will be the beginning of something great here at toxic food.org.

Spoiler alert. Did you know that our meats from the market, and the fresh red vegetables from the produce section of the stores, are mostly all dyed to get the rich vibrant colors you see on the shelves. The bright red meats on the store shelves are colored, to let you and me know that they are fresh. Most of the time when meats are produced big supermarkets worldwide, they are brownish- to almost a green color. Who would ever buy a meat product that looks old or outdated, so the companies dye the meats to look their best. I had to add this into this post, I’m sure a lot of people around the world doesn’t know that.

I‘m getting back to my post now about Folgers Coffee French Vanilla. Sometimes in these posts, I stray off the subject to talk about what’s been on my mind for the day, or what I’m thinking about. If by chance you want me to talk more on point just let me know in the comments sections, and I will. I try to make this as real as I can, Like I’m talking to my friends and/or family. I can stay on point, if that’s what you would rather me do. Thanks.

DIPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE is a Chemical found in this brand of coffee. The main reason this Chemical is used, is for Fertilizer. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, Fertilizers are the main use for this Chemical. Wow, what is the world coming to, giving us drinks and foods, that are so dangerous for our bodies. Phosphorus and Potassium are the compounds in this Chemical. You will not believe this next part, I almost fell off in the floor, after reading the Definition for Phosphorous.

Here’s the Definition: A poisonous, combustible nonmetal, that exists in two parts. A yellow waxy solid that ignites spontaneously in air and glows in the dark. Can you believe what your just heard. In Folgers Coffee, there’s a Chemical in there, that is reactive to the air and glows in the dark. I’m floored in thinking, this is legal to be anywhere near our foods and drinks.

While researching the Chemicals in our foods in all the older post, I never added the compounds to which they were formed. The new year, I feel the need to add were the Chemicals are from. That in turn lets us know were they originate. When the Chemicals are added to our foods and drinks, they never tell us, were they come from. From this point on, in all my post I will let you know were they come from. Also, letting you know the compound makeup of the Chemical.

I believe the world should know the dangers and compound make-up of the chemicals as well. The whole purpose of this site, is to raise awareness to the dangers we truly face with the foods and drinks we consume. If not but a simple goal in life, to help you (my friends) face these Challenges together. So we can lead a healthy life, to better ourselves and live a little longer, have a healthy life for us, and our families future. I will continue now to the side effects of this Chemical in Folgers Coffee.

The side effects of Dipotassium Phosphate are: You can have pretty bad Diarrhea, Shortness of breath, and long term signs of kidney problems, swelling in your hands and/or feet. You can also have Convulsions ( seizures). Extreme tiredness. Bone pain, muscle pain, numbness over the body, headache, and vomiting.

How can someone, that has these issues with the chemical ever know, this is what’s causing your discomfort. Ask your doctor for the levels of Chemicals in your bodies. Blood test should tell you. Again like I’ve asked before, how much is too much. If these are safe for us in the foods we consume, then how much is to consume. The food and drinks packages never tell you that. It really concerns me, that so many people around the world, doesn’t know this about what they are consuming.

It’s great that so many have joined here, in the fight for the truth about the Chemicals in our foods. I’m so proud to have all of you here. Our journey to the truth has only begun. I’m so thankful for each one of you here. So many every day are joining. Some have been here from the start of this cause. I will stand by you for the truth, and will never sell out my voice. Sometimes in life, we have to make a choice.

Do we stand and fight, or let those who oppose our voices shadow us out. The answer should always be, we have a voice for change, It can come in the form of a song, or a speech. The change can come in the form of the smallest voice on the world, or from the tallest mountain on earth. I promise to always stand in the voices against toxic foods in our lives. Thank you for sharing this website and talking about it on your social media accounts. Thanks for your help in spreading the word about the dangers we continue to face in the chemicals in our food and drinks.

Chemical smokestacks are everywhere. Sometimes the effects of those factories have on the Environment, are extreme. The Chemicals from the additives, that we all consume are slowly killing us off. The time for Change is now. People ask me all the time, Why don’t I just talk about the good things, foods do for us. I explain to them, this site is for the toxic Chemicals found in (everyday) foods, sending us to the doctors offices more and more.

The Chemicals are sending us to the grave earlier and earlier every year as well. Many people could educate themselves about these Chemicals, from sites all over the internet. Everyone should get advice from their doctors before pursuing any diet, yet knowing how the Chemicals may affect your life, could save you a lot of health problems later on in life.

This next additive is generally safe in small portions, the portion size isn’t explained in any detail.

SODIUM STEAROYL LACTYLATE: The compound make-up of this is, Lactic Acid and Stearic Acid, with combining sodium hydroxide, to make SSL. The side effects from this Chemical are: Hives, migraines, and Nausea. Sometimes this Chemical can affect pregnant won with more adverse side effects. Eating to many foods with this Chemical in it, can lead to sodium Imbalances. This is considered one of the safer food additives, yet always use caution when consuming anything with side effects. Just because it’s safe for some, it may not be safe for others.





















At the bottom of the can, it says: Produced with Genetic Engineering. This means, Altering the original ingredient with another form of ingredient. Example is: Say I take an Apple, altering the DNA structure of the Apple with An Watermelon giving the Apple a Sweeter taste, yet still looking like an Apple. Also, can be Synthetic ingredients, made from a Chemical factory (man-made).

Going through the ingredients list, I find it alarming, that there’s so many Artificial flavors, or coloring. Not one time, does it say what the flavoring or coloring is. If someone has an allergy to a certain flavor or color, how would you ever know to stay away from that, if they are neglecting to tell you what is going into this Coffee.

There’s so many other ingredients in this coffee that’s harmful. I hope in sharing with you all of the ingredients, you can do your own research as well. We can live better lives, in knowing what we are placing into our bodies.

In closing this post out, I hope everyone has had an awesome new year, and has a bright future ahead this year. Helping people in knowing the true dangers we face daily, can help the struggle later in life, when what we are eating may be slowly killing us off slowly. The dangers are real. This website I found on the internet, has some Amazing breakdowns on the Chemicals and their effects. I will post the address at the end.

If your ever looking for the side effects of your medications, or looking for the effects of certain Chemicals in your foods this site is the best to get all the professional information at your fingertips. I have tons of books and research papers over the years from my past studies on Chemicals, yet sometimes I get stumped on some I’ve never heard of. This site is were I went for the research on Dipotassium Phosphate. (https//:healthguidenet.com). Thanks to all who have joined and the new people showing up every day.



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