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Sour Gummi Lemon Drops

BEEF PRODUCTS in Gummy candy. I was blown away from this finding. I have Hypoglycemia and my sugar was low yesterday. Pulling over at our local Dollar Store, I went in to get something sweet to eat for a quick fix. Sometimes my sugar just drops without reasoning. I grabbed this bag of Sweet Smiles brand (gummi lemon drops, popping a few in my mouth and raising my sugar level. After the (awesome) mouth watering flavor of sour goodness was over, I checked the back of the bag.

Then my heart almost stopped at my findings. Chemicals that react with most over the counter med, also interacting with Antacids. Animal parts (bones and skin of animals). So many adverse reactions to some nasty side effects. This candy packs more than a sour taste to your health.
















Wow made in China, I guess that explains a lot. I do, sometimes eat sugar candy, while eating healthy. My sugar is tricky sometimes. The lowest reading I’ve ever had was 44. At that level, I was beyond the sweats and fast heart-rate. I didn’t even know where I was. I had to stumble in my door, crawling to my kitchen. Drinking a coke to get it back up. When your hypoglycemic please never miss breakfast, also eat small snacks during the day. Peanut butter and crackers helps me a lot. Orange juice will raise it quickly as well.

I’ll break down all the worst ingredients in this candy, so you won’t make the mistake of eating them. If your vegan or your taking over the counter Antacids, like I do. If your vegan, and you’re eating this candy. You’re going against your beliefs without even knowing it.

Gelatin (beef), has animal parts such as: animal bones and skin in this candy. Beef Gelatin has a lot of healthy benefits such as, it helps your with your bones and muscles. I had to add this ingredient for the Vegans out there, that may be eating meat products found in your candies.

Tartaric Acid is ALERT. I’ve never had an issue as bad as this before. Look it up for yourself, it’s BAD. The more severe side effects of this is HEART ATTACK AND RENAL FAILURE. If you overdose. So how do we know if too much, is too much. We don’t. This can act as a TOXIN in your body, breaking down your muscles/organs. This is found Naturally in Bananas and Citric Fruits, also in grapes.

SODIUM CITRATE can interact with Antacids, causing your body to have serious problems with Aluminum toxicity.

On the website: www.rxlist.com/druginteractions/sodium-nitrate.citric

There are over 40 serious drugs interactions and 166 significant drug interactions, also 23 minor drug interaction. I could list them all here, it’s easier for you to look them up from the website. This website is a must, for anyone wondering what chemicals in our foods are interacting with our medications. Sodium Nitrate can do great harm to our bodies.

I noticed a Huge difference when I ate those two Gummy drops (afterwards). I had indigestion so bad, then taking two antacids made it 100 times worse. I make mistakes, when I trust something just to find out it’s making me worse. This website is for my growth also, in understanding what to stay away from and what I can eat to stay healthy. We are on this journey together, I’m very grateful for all of your support. This cause is growing larger by the day, I’m so proud to have you all here for the ride. It’s an up-hill battle, I have my mountain climbing shoes on, I’m ready to go.

The food companies should place on their packaging, the allowance we can have of the chemicals. Therefore, helping us to not overdose, then ending up in the ER, or worse the grave.

MODIFIED PEA STARCH is just a carbohydrate in foods. Pea starch comes from (you guessed it) peas.

SORBITOL is a Laxative. The mild side effects are: upset stomach, and diarrhea. Sever side effects are: Swelling on your hands, feet and throat. This can also raise your blood sugar and cause you to retain fluid in your legs.

This photo speaks to me. I know this road to the truth, is an up-hill battle. I thank each and every one of you that’s been here from the start. To the ones joining every day, you and this site means everything to me. I’m truly honored to have you all here. Thank you, for everyone sharing this on their social media sites, and to the people I see everyday telling me how much they love the site. I’m fixing to start posting on here every day, sometimes twice a day. I love sharing with you, the dangers we face in the struggle for the truth. So you can know what to stay away from and what you can eat/drink. We can all grow in our knowledge together about the Chemicals in our foods. Thanks again for all your support and thanks for being voices for toxic foods.

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