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What comes to mind, when we look at this Bacon Cheeseburger? If your sitting there hungry, then maybe this is not helping your hunger pains. The TV commercials are the worst for me. If it’s lunchtime, and I haven’t eaten yet. I see a steak and shake commercial or a Red Lobster commercial, I’m done for. Right then I have to fix something to eat. I think It makes your stomach hurt worse, if you see food on TV.

This meat product I’m listing now, is bottom line the worst I’ve ever eaten. I saw this package of Hamburger meat for $3.99 for a 6 pack. My local Supermarket was having a sale on them, so I bought 4 packs. Oh big mistake for me. I grilled these bad boys up. Draining all the grease from them. Topping the cheeseburger with Tomato, Lettuce and Fat free Mayo. From the Package they are light brown, not red. The only way you can tell if they are done, is checking the internal temp. If it’s 165 degrees, then it’s cooked good enough to eat, so the package says

. About an hour later I was on the toilet, were I stayed for couple hours on and off. That night, about 6 hours later. I had the worst upset stomach, in years. A little known fact about me are, I haven’t thrown up in about 15 years. So throwing up wasn’t an option for me. lol. I found out over the years and years of being close to throwing up, is that eating spearmint candies and drinking water and honey mixed soothe the vomiting feeling we all get sometimes. Also, if you eat something that doesn’t sit well with your body. For me what works are, taking apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon in a 12 oz glass of water helps 100 fold for that sick feeling you get right before throwing it all back up.

Back to these beef patties, if you want to call them that. Even my Golden Retriever won’t eat them, cooked. Let us get to the ingredients of these bad boys.



BEEF HEARTS- (found in almost all beef products)

WATER-( I would say this is either spring water or other kind of water, they don’t tell us)

TEXTURED VEGETABLE PROTEIN-( this is soy protein, found in a lot of veggie burgers)

SOY PROTEIN-( found in a lot of veggie burgers)



MALTODETRIN-( spikes your blood sugar)


DISODIUM INSONATE-( food enhancer)

DISODIUM GUANYLATE-( another flavor enhancer) ( same as the above chemical makeup)

NAATURAL FLAVORS–( doesn’t say what flavors, here’s the hidden part of the chemicals that could be going into your food products).

EXTRACT OF TURMERIC- ( added spice for the beef patties)

Before we get into these ingredients. Let us get the total Nutrients values of these beef patties. I mad a mistake. I’m human, like most in the world, unless your AI. I assumed these were regular beef patties, until after I almost got really sick. Then I glanced at the fat and calories. After reading that, these almost made me really throw up. Yes my friends, it’s that bad. Here’s the whole Values of these beef patties.





TOTAL FAT–29G–45% of daily value–wow triple wow

SATURATED FAT–13G–65% of daily value—wow double wow


CHOLESTEROL–65MG–22% of daily value–wow

SODIUM–650MG–27% of daily value–wow wow









I no what you’re thinking, am I crazy. The answer to that are, I do sometimes assume something is OK to eat. Just to find out by sitting on the toilet hours later, not so much. lol. I’ve been maintaining this healthy way of living for a while now. Everything I post to on this site, I don’t eat unless it’s healthy or my sugar is under 50 and I need a quick pick me up.

BEEF HEARTS– Did you no this product can be used in unlimited production in all the hamburger meats you buy in the Supermarkets. I never knew this until now. The red hamburger meat you buy in the Supermarket has tons of beef hearts in the packages. The food companies don’t even have to name it as beef hearts, just beef. We learn something everyday on this site. Not to be alarming. Beef hearts are great in your diets, and no side effects from eating them can be found. Just the thought of buying hamburger meat, now knowing there’s hidden cow hearts in there. It’s kind of weird to think I’m eating a cows’ heart every time I eat a hamburger.

MALTODEXTRIN– If your a diabetic, please stay away from this additive. This shoots your blood sugar through the roof. Very large spikes in blood sugar. Upset stomach, maybe this is why I had upset stomach after eating this product. This product can cause breathing problems, and asthma. Sever Allergic reactions include swelling of your face and throat, along with hot flashes.

TEXTURED VEGETABLE PROTEIN– This additive is found in a lot of Veggie Burgers. This is a meat replacement for Hamburger lovers, that don’t eat meat. This product is non other than Soy Protein. That rings bells in my ears. Meaning now I figured this beef patty out. The beef hearts added in this hamburger patty, means it’s beef in the production value. Yet with this additive in it, makes it Part veggie burger as well. The food company that makes this beef (fake) patty calls it beef, yet places vegetarian burger ingredients in this. Saving on costs, yet as we buy this, we think beef patty because of the beef label. Yet the company knowing 85% of this patty is Vegetable protein. They are smart in their marketing department. By selling veggie burgers with a little meat in them as beef patties to the public. Wow. speechless.

Walmart and hundreds of other Supermarkets worldwide sells these to the public as beef patties. Yet have Veggie burger contents in them. Beware of this fake burger with very high fat content in them. I’ll never make that mistake again, ever.

DISODIUM INSONATE– If you’re eating these hamburgers, then afterwards you skin is on fire or you’re sweating while watching your favorite TV show. Then more than likely these are the reason for your discomfort. The side effects of this Chemical are: Hot flashes, sweating, upset stomach, Allergic reaction such as, Swelling of your hands, face and feet. The food companies use this chemical for added flavor in your meats. In other words, without this added to this meat product it would taste like ruined meat, or that smell from leftover meat at the back of your fridge. You forgot about a month ago. lol.

Before we go ripping into the next burger, we might want to look on the back of the package for the known ingredients. If the fat content of 1 burger is almost half your daily allowance, then maybe that isn’t such a good idea. I learned from this meat product, that I should never assume, just because it looks like a meaty hamburger, doesn’t make it so. If you ever find yourself on the toilet, like I did for hours. Then maybe you ate something that wasn’t good for you either. Toxic chemicals and additives in our foods are always lurking in the shadows. From fake labels on packaging or the underlined ingredients such as: Natural Flavorings or Added spices, but never telling us what those are. That should never be allowed to be anywhere near our products we feed our families or ourselves. I will always stand with you on this journey, and I’ll always have your back.

This is to all the people joining this site from around the world. So far we have people from. America, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Russia, China, Africa, France, Israel, South America, and others joining daily. Thank you to everyone joining every day. This site will be huge soon, It will be because of you all. When this site was first introduced to the world. People around me, said we wouldn’t ever get anywhere with this site. That no one cares about the toxic chemicals in our foods. Someone even told me to sell on EBay or sell on Shopify instead. You all have no idea how proud I am of everyone that’s joining and has been here since the start just 5 months ago.

I come from a rags’ story of living in the worst conditions with my life loosing ground. When the last straw was handed to me, when my world came crashing down in 2017. When my mom was supposed to have surgery on her leg, and ended up having a heart attack. After being air lifted to the heart doctor. 10 days later they went in to put a stint in the back of her heart. She died on the operating table. That broke me for a while. She was my everything in life. I had know one after that. No support No friends. I battled PTSD and Panic disorder so long with moms help, then boom she was gone. The worst part of all this, is I couldn’t get to her.

My panic disorder kept me from being in any building unless I could see the front door. At her funeral. I remember, I was standing next to my truck Crying. There was over 400 people at her funeral, and me with panic attacks. I knew I was going to pass out. I told myself with everyone watching me now. Just bow my head look at the ground and go place my mom in the ground. SO that’s what I did. I walked to the hearse, were my moms casket was. Picked one side up and walked through the crowd of people and laid my best friend to rest. Halfway through the funeral, I was sweating and felt faint. A small little blue and white butterfly landed on my hand and flew in my face. Then on my shoulder. Staying we me through the rest of the service. People around me saw that and were all crying. They knew it was my moms spirit comforting me. She loved to sit and watch butterflies in life.

Her tombstone has two giant butterflies on it. After my moms funeral, I went home. The shorter version of this journey is. I started college online pursuing my Business administration degree at Post University. I’m almost a year in, averaging at 3.42 GPA in class. I wrote 4 books and they are for sale on Amazon. This website was born. This website was in memory of my moms grace and her love for her children and love for god. Also, my love for my mom. Now This website also represents all the families out there, that have lost loved ones in the past. I feel your pain. I feel your struggle in life. I will always stand with you on the journey to a better life. Thanks to everyone on this site and in the world of a toxic free life.

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