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United States Of America (land of immigrants)


The United States and the Land of Immigrants. Not going to go down history lane. Taking note that the history books would explain the facts in more detail than me. This is just from a person that has lived in this country, for many years. Still trying to find my way. This isn’t to condemn anyone views on, anything.

I stand with everyone that wants the freedom we all should want for our families, wherever you are in the world. The world is a scary place, In todays world. With so many nations, pushing the USA to throw down. Then on the other hand. The USA not keeping our rule of law out of everyone country. It’s very surprising that, WW3 hasn’t started yet. I’m sure there are countries overseas that hates all Americans.

For what our country believes. Some countries overseas can’t have their people wanting to believe in liberty. Then their control would go down, with their jobs.

Power trips have started numerous wars, for hundreds of years. Without getting to political about where we are in the world. Our president may be a lot of things. The one thing He will do is, throw down with who ever attacks or condemns Americans. For all the people, that hate America, that are Americans. Just remember this.

If we were to ever get attacked, or condemned by anyone. This president will throw it right back in their face. (100 fold). I’m not choosing sides with the President, I’m just saying he isn’t scared to go that extra mile to show the world who we are. We built this nation on the hard work and dedications to our beliefs.

The land of the free and Home of the Brave is not just a Quote, it’s a belief. Our men and woman, who have paid the price for our freedoms, won’t ever be in vain with him in office.

There’s some people in America that hates, just to hate. It was said to me a long time ago, something about hate. If you see hate in some ones heart, and you fire back with strong hateful words towards them or you talk among your family and friends about them.

Then don’t you also, have hate in your heart. That makes sense to me. So many of us Americans can’t get a long here, how could we even, really care about what other people in the world is going through.

Why does the governments of the world always see, just one side to every story. Countries overseas in communist lands have their own way of life, the only way they have ever known. Let them live how they want. We’ve freedom of liberty here, yet some countries govern how they have for hundreds of years.

Stop trying to condemn countries for governing how they have forever. All I’m saying is why do we have to be the Police of the world. We don’t live their lives, but we want to tell other countries what to do.

We worry more about how good the USA looks to some nations, yet we have starving and homeless people here. We’ve our Veterans living on the streets. Yes there are starving, hungry people all over the world. What is their governments doing to help their countries out.

That is the problem. With people that are living on the streets over here in America. People starving every night, or wondering where their next meal is coming that night. We are sending billions overseas to fight other countries issues. With our own not taken care of is bad.

The news stations in the USA are more one sided than a 2-headed Quarter. Fox news is all about Making trump look like an angel, that can’t do anything wrong. CNN makes trump look like a demon trying to take everyone rights away. Where are the fair and balanced News stations anymore.

BBC News is pretty fair and balanced on their view of the world. Yet here in America you can pretty much tell who is Republican or Democratic, Just based off their TV News stations. I try pretty hard to stay away from Political news, I do watch other new stories on their stations.

I always try to stay tuned, so the world doesn’t end before I can get my prepper items ready to go. You heard the last part, I thought you did. Yes, I prep for emergencies. You never know what could happen at any moment. I have around 60 cases of spring water. also, have Tons of medical and non-perishable food items tucked away.

I have other items as well. It’s always  good to keep things stored up. You don’t want to be the one without something, if you know what -hits the fan. I also have a 4×4 Chevy with an Ac compressor and Generator, with a 3500 watt Power Invertor built into the truck. I always keep the (huge) 34 gallon tanks full of gas. Ready at the top of a hat to go. Here’s a pic of the truck. 1989 Chevy 1500 4×4 with 10 led off-road lights on three switches. The other 4 lights are on the back bumper, same lights though. 305 BF Good wrench Engine- 5spd trans.

In America, we all have the dream of having enough to build our families Into the strong willed future of America, and the world. Our voices will grow together, Only if we stand up for the people that don’t have voices. Always taking care of the people that gave their lives for our freedoms, to even post this blog post.

The countries that live different from us, so what. Let them be free in their own ways. I’m sure people in Russia and China look at us in a way their governments have taught them to portray us. Most people in Russia and China like Americans. For us in America to Russia and China, we respect your way of life. We respect your countries.

We can’t go around condemning some ones way of life, just because we don’t live that way. The Immigration status in America needs help. I know your thinking, what are my views on the issues with the southern border. My answer to that is this. Now before you unsubscribe to this website, hear me out please. What is Immigration.

I know trump and others justify building a wall. You no what that reminds me of That movie about those people were trapped inside a huge wall, having to fight their way out, what was it called. Yes I got it. Maze Runner. It doesn’t make sense to me, why we need the wall now.

Look at how many people are here illegally, yet that’s OK. The others can’t come in without passports, not buying into that; Now if trump can explain that to me, why is it that some can be here illegally, in the governments view, but now we wall out the rest. Now please let me throw something at you all. Looking at it from the outside-in. Meaning, what if trump looks at it like this. This is like a kingdom and by building walls around the country. Now making him the king of his castle. Building a wall is in his campaign promise to Americans, no matter if he buys all the material his self, he will build it. Not for the safety of all America. The president has pride in his words. Keeping a campaign promise is all he cares about, at this point. To show America he keeps his promises, to be re-elected.

A lot of Americans are so happy that this will stop people coming in with drugs, and stop harming Americans. What about by river, or by tunnel system. Flying drones over the wall or Paying off boarder patrol. If there’s crooked cops and lawyers and other public officials in the USA, then there’s crooked boarder patrol to. It will never stop. There’s so many people in the USA. That does bad things all the time.

Instead of worrying so much about a wall. Why not worry about the problems we have on this side of it, first. Get our people over here help for their drug problems. Help the hungry and homeless look for a brighter future for their families. Help the people struggling to pay bills from the rising cost of living. The extremely high cost of prescription drugs. I have to break away again for a moment.

Talking about the increasing cost of Prescription drugs. My mom, when she was alive, took Insulin shots and pills for here Diabetes. She also took Heart pills and blood thinners. All together her bill every month was $462.56 for the prescriptions to fill. Now taking away from her Social Security check, which was around $1056 a month.

That’s not much left to pay other household bills. My mom worked at the same place for 36 years, at a clothes cleaners. The place she worked at didn’t have air conditioning. In her 36th year, at work one day she had a massive heart attack on her break. For all the years she provided for her family. She ended up struggling to make ends meet with the extremely high cost of prescription drugs.

It’s sad the so many other Americans worse off than my mother was. Are fighting for everything they have, just to struggle when they are retired. Working those hard jobs every day, for a better future for your children. I honor you in this post. Those everyday jobs are what makes America already great.

If by chance the President didn’t think America was already great, then give those billions of dollars back he made off the America he thinks wasn’t great before he took office. What’s fair is fair. The Make America Great Again slogan is not true. Before the President took office, We were a great America. We have our problems, but everyone does.

There’s no president in US history that ever made America Perfect. We own some of our mistakes throughout the years. America is the land of Immigrants. So who am to tell someone they can’t come to a country, where my ancestors were like them long ago, A person hoping for a better future for their families. I was, heck we all are. know one in America, besides the Indians maybe. Are 100% American.

We’ve trails of Irish, French, German, Italian, African, Asian, European and others all in our blood streams. So in ending this post about United States of America, the home of Immigrants. I can honestly say this. I will follow any president that was elected to run our country. I may not agree with some of his/her views. You saw that didn’t you. I said her because maybe we need a woman in the head office.

I believe one day soon, there will be a woman president. Women are just as strong as men are. Where I live, The woman holds the wallet and figures all the finances. The men get Allowances every week from their checks. lol. You know for some of you out there, this is true. Women are awesome, in figuring up what we need to survive till next week. So yes a woman in charge seems like a great fit for our trillions in debt.


Why do we fear what we all are. The United States was built on Immigrants coming to this land, to build a better future for their families. Yes our past is a grim one, if we go back to the founding fathers of this Nation. In order to see what the future holds, we look at and come together on the past. Not Hate and condemn each other.

We all can’t help what our past is. We weren’t here to make a stand for freedom and for one another. We’re here now. We’ll stand for each other, in showing that our past generations doesn’t define who our children and their children will become.

If we linger on about our past, therefore condemning others for what they couldn’t control. Then doesn’t that make us like the dark past of this nation. Doesn’t that make us become Ill willed towards all people that aren’t like us. If we hold on to the Condemnation and Hate for our fellow man, then we are no better than those who we condemn now for their way of life a hundred years ago.

The way of life in America now, is for the most part how you view it. If we stand with those wanting a better future for their children, and we hold on to our values as Americans.

We will welcome Immigrants with open arms. Let them see they have made it to the promise land. Where hopes and dreams are born. Where they never have to worry again for their families futures, with hard work anything is possible. As they sit on their decks drinking their (favorite) American tea, looking out over the (vast) American mountain range.

Thinking back on what their fathers and grandfathers have talked about for years and years. As a lonely teardrop falls from their face, They can finally say they are Americans.