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This website is truly the best thing that has happened for me in a long time and I want to give you, the viewer and friend of fighting for toxic chemicals in our foods a chance at something small, but rewarding. In the future as the site and its members grow I will increase the rewards for loyalty and the passion you have for making this site reach the world. I will give $100 US dollars to the one person, who can invite the most members to this site and the reward will increase, the more we get. It will be either money gram or Money order to your desired location. I am going to step it up at this site. I am by far not rich and one day if I am you all will have the knowledge of how I did it and you to can go from (like me poor as dirt) to rich as gates, well maybe not that rich but you see what I mean. The people joining this site need to email me the person that referred them and I will keep note. This is not a get rich quick Idea and it is really because I need your help in getting the word out there about this site. So here are the rules very simple.

Invite people to this website and they must include your Gmail name in the message or some way to identify you, so I know who to mark as the winner December 10th at 8:00am.

If we get more than a 1000 people joined then the reward goes up to $150 and if we have over 5000 members then I will send either a money gram or money order for $325 us dollars to the winner. I will honor my word, I am truly honored to have you here and I will continue this path with lots of random rewards and as I progress in the website, so will you. Please help us get to the goals or beyond. I really truly care about this site and I am willing to share the wealth as it gets larger.

My promise to you is when we become a huge site and the drive in our hearts gets to the millions of people around the world that needs to be apart of this movement, I will not leave you behind. So many marketers promise so many hopeless dreams and in the end years down the road you are still poor and they are richer. I am just a fellow voice for change in the chemicals in our foods,  I will never be like that, I am just a average everyday person starting from nothing and hoping one day soon to make it in the internet life and my passion for will run so deep that it reaches the world around.  Here is the final scoop on the reward.

  • 1000 people or more =$100
  • 1001-4999=$150
  • 5000=$325

I know a lot will say that’s not worth it and its ok that they say that. I know there are other like me that struggle to make ends meet and would do anything for their cause and to help the world. I know people will move on down the road and think, that’s just a scam. I promise you whoever gets the most amount of people joined here will get what I am promising them. I know people may not even consider it, This is all I can afford at the moment. As promised though I will increase the rewards as we get larger and larger. My word is my bond, without your word you are nothing. That has always been my motto to go bye and even when people lie to me and betray me, its ok because at least you know you did your part and kept your word. So finally please help me get the word out there to the people in the world that needs to know about the chemicals in our foods and maybe we can help them see the light that the foods we are consuming daily just may be killing us off slowly.


Thanks again for being apart of this awesome adventure with me. I will from time to time either give away free health product gift certificates or cash, when this site is huge and generating more then I will give more, even one day large items such as cars and homes. My mother instilled in me honesty and respect and if I make it big then we all make it big, this site will by no means be like any site you have ever been in, because the flow of wealth will be spread out among you=my friends. I will always be honest with you and share the toxic chemicals in our foods and help you make it in this new age world called the internet.


Never let money change the person you are, when we do that we have given in to the old saying (money is the root of all evil) and then our light burns out and we are left out into the cold. Always keep that light burning bright.

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