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My name is christopher baxley, I have been diagnosed with low blood sugar and heart arithmia.  For years now i have been researching the foods we consume, The results are worrying.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Growing up, being poor was a struggle to eat the healthy way. my mom was a hard worker and great mother, but she gave me whatever i wanted to eat. We never had set times to eat, just whenever we were hungry. Never once. did i ever look at what i was putting into my body. I just liked to eat.

 As i grew up, i started having problems with my heart and my blood sugar. When the tests were done at the doctors office, i was low blood sugar diabetic and i had a heart arithmia. I trully believe, after researching what goes into our foods. My condition could have been, all the unhealthy foods i consumed over my childhood.

Toxic free choice

 For 10 years now, i have been consuming only healthy foods without all the toxic ingredients placed in them. My health has improved and i am mostly never having heart issues. I am living proof, the foods we eat are slowly killing us. I believe i can show people in the world, the true facts behind the great tasting foods we eat. So you (the world) can live a toxic free lifestyle and enjoy feeling better.


  1. Become aware of what we are putting in our bodies
  2. Show you ways to live a toxic free lifestyle
  3. Take name brand foods and break them down to show the hidden dangers in them
  4. From paint thinners to makeup ingredient and the side effects from the foods we consume daily
  5. Show you how to learn what to eat and what to stay away from.
  6. Complete lists of hazardous ingredients in our food

Sometimes when you feel ill or you are just tired all the time. Maybe the foods are doing this to your bodies.


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