RC COLA (inside the bottle)

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RC COLA. I know there are tons of you out there, that love the refreshing taste of RC COLA. This 2-liter only costs a $1.00 AS your local Dollar General store, and it tastes better than coke. I know some will say, well I challenge that note. The smooth taste of RC COLA has been around […]

Thanksgiving (My view on the holiday)

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As I sit here in my old house, listening to the wild howl outside. I think back to the memories of Thanksgivings in the past. I think of all the times, my family has struggled to even find food to feed ourselves, or living in a home without heat in the winter months of Thanksgiving. […]

E- Cigarettes (behind the smoke)

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First off, I’d like to say thank you to all the men and women, who have fought and died to make my home in America safe. Also, to all the men and women that serve now. I don’t know the struggles you go through, being away from your families or the pain and heartache of […]

Dr Pepper

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Refreshing glass of your favorite soda. The taste of Dr. Pepper is by far one of the best tasting in the world. The crisp flavor with the fresh taste of this drink is just awesome. Millions and millions of bottles sold world-wide every year. Those hot days in the south and after a hard day […]

Macaroni and Cheese dinner (original) 7.25oz

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The melt in your mouth cheesy flavors of mouth shattering taste of cheesy goodness of macaroni and Cheese. Now doesn’t that sound mouth-watering. I know most of you love Macaroni and Cheese and some of you can’t stand it. I used to slice up a couple chunks of the real American cheese, placing it in […]

Worcestershire sauce (french’s)

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I wasn’t going to write anything about this very tasty sauce. Who doesn’t love the taste of there steaks and sometimes hamburgers with this on it. I was completely shocked at the ingredients in this. It clams on the bottle, the promise is Quoted ( We promise real ingredients, great taste and our community). That’s […]

Stand for freedom

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Stand for freedom. So many people around the world hate Americans and so many people here on both sides of the political agenda, seem to hate each other. I watch the news every day and to me it’s just getting ugly here in America. You have NFL football players kneeling at games, when has that […]

Monster Energy 16oz


So many people across America drink these, yet so many people across America die every year from Caffeine intoxication. I have an irregular heartbeat, so I’ve never consumed these drinks. I think people are always looking for reasons to stay awake at work or crushing it, to study for a big test in school, without […]

Welch’s Grape Jelly 18oz jar

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Before I get into this post, my apologies for not being on here in 2 days. I had homework due last night and I am finished with it now, so I can work on this site and post what I’ve researched lately. I have done a lot of research on Tune and Welch’s Grape Jelly. […]

Healthy Choice For Living

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I was going to post about toxic chemicals in our foods tonight. I was just getting some of my work done for college and we were in discussion about honesty and respecting people and how without me first showing respect how would I ever gain respect from anyone. So in thinking about respect and always […]