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Learning To Write Great Content

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You never know when your going to hit it big with your content or just keep going in a snails pace to create great content. I think for the most part, if you like to write like I do and you just keep going with your content, you can do it sooner or later. I […]

Top way to make $100 (Thank you)

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This website is truly the best thing that has happened for me in a long time and I want to give you, the viewer and friend of fighting for toxic chemicals in our foods a chance at something small, but rewarding. In the future as the site and its members grow I will increase the […]


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LEMON PEPPER SEASONING When we think about seasoning and the ingredients in the small container of great tasting spices. We sure don’t think about, just maybe its not all it is cut out to be. If your like me I never thought about it, even up until about a month ago when I was looking […]


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FOOD ADDITIVES (CHEMICALS) Lets look for a minute at the self absorbed ideas we have about bad foods and great foods. what do you think would be considered bad foods? Maybe candy bars or sugar cold drinks, maybe even hamburgers and hot dogs. Great foods would maybe be, chef salads and granola bars and maybe […]

Healthy substitute: to toxic processed foods we consume daily that breaks our bodies down

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healthy choices to the toxic foods we consume daily

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Trisodium phosphate food additive (unsafe)

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This website will produce results, I promise. The main ingredients in a lot of our foods we consume daily, are hazardous to our health, our lives on this earth. I truly believe We, as a society rich in the understanding about our health and very existence on this earth. We should pay close attention to […]

Dangers of (everyday) foods we consume


CAN you imagine, if we read all the ingredients of the foods we consumed daily. I believe, if that was to happen we would go back to good old days. We would eat just what came from the garden. Do you ever wonder why the older generation lives to be near 100 years old. Because […]