Rice Krispies Treats (original) single bar serving

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I know everyone loves these tasty treats, All the world knows what they are and I’m pretty sure, has had them in their pantries before. Rice Krispie Treats are known for their melt in your mouth sweetness, But aren’t known for their High value of chemicals and toxic additives. I think the food companies that […]

Armor Classic Hot Dogs (12oz) pack

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Who doesn’t like hot dogs? I know hot dogs have been around forever and tons are sold every year. I used to eat them with cheese in the middle and I used to pull the centers out, stuffing them with onions, sometimes peppers. Flipping through channels on TV, about three months ago and came across […]

CLover Valley Saltine Crackers (topped with sea salt) 4 packs in box

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    Has anyone ever just sat and snacked on just Saltine Crackers. I have and someone one time daring me to go on an all cracker diet, I had to just eat crackers and drink all the tea and water I wanted. Well I made it 4 days and That was it, I lost […]

Bull’s Eye Everyday (Honey) BBQ Sauce 1.5oz

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              Can I guess what you’re thinking, why show these Hamburgers on the grill. It about makes me want to grill out and its nighttime here. Some Items aren’t as bad as most I will post on here and This BBQ sauce Isn’t real bad as far as toxic […]

Coffee Mate Creamer

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NESTLE COFFEE-MATE COFFEE CREAMER I know of so many people that drink coffee every morning and sometimes like I used to all day, depending on your job or lifestyle. Some like coffee black and some like to add a little cream to theirs, hey I love hazzlenut and french vanilla creamer and sometimes I buy […]

Learning To Write Great Content

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You never know when your going to hit it big with your content or just keep going in a snails pace to create great content. I think for the most part, if you like to write like I do and you just keep going with your content, you can do it sooner or later. I […]


0 Comment       If you have wondered through the internet and like me have given in to the scams online, like a lot of other programs promising to make you money and help you gain that independence you need to, either have a little extra money or make millions. I still get in my […]

Never Give UP

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NEVER GIVE INTO THE STRUGGLES CALLED (LIFE) When I was growing up, I never thought to really care about my future. I never thought how it would play out or how I would be thirty years down the road. I think when you grow up the way I did, you don’t have much time to […]

Armor Chili with beans 14 oz can (Inside the can)

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Armor Chili with beans 14 ounce can 2 servings per container I don’t know how many of you have had this chili, it’s pretty cheap as far as the price and serving size. I used to eat a lot of it. I think when you grow up poor like I did, you ate whatever you […]

Tastykake Pumpkin Spice Mini-Donuts

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TASTYKAKE PUMPKIN SPICE MINI-DONUTS I promise you will want to read what I have found out about these tasty treats everyone loves. I have, for the past 6 hours researched everything there is to know about these donuts. This is how these came about in my research. I was walking through the store today and […]