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I am a avid voice for toxic chemicals in our foods and our pets foods. I am on disability for PTSD and PANIC DISORDER WITH AGORAPHOBIA. I am fighting that to go back to work. I am in college at POST UNIVERSITY online studying to get my Business Administration Degree. I have a drive in me to get to the truth about the chemicals in the foods we consume and why they are there. I enjoy fishing in my spare time. I love the outdoors just hanging out by the bon fire. I am single no children except 1 pet a golden retriever. I hope to shed light on the FDA and the way hey neglect our foods.


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FOOD ADDITIVES (CHEMICALS) Lets look for a minute at the self absorbed ideas we have about bad foods and great foods. what do you think would be considered bad foods? Maybe candy bars or sugar cold drinks, maybe even hamburgers and hot dogs. Great foods would maybe be, chef salads and granola bars and maybe […]


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  TOXIC (POTATO CHIPS)RED DYE 40 IS A  MIXTURE OF COAL AND PETROLIUM PRODUCTS  The chances we take with the foods we eat. Lets think about that for a moment. Do you think, that anyone in this world would( if we  knew 10 years down the road) we would get deathly sick from eating our […]

Healthy substitute: to toxic processed foods we consume daily that breaks our bodies down

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healthy choices to the toxic foods we consume daily

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2018 wealthy affiliate review (Truth or lie) money making and ethical company

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I will give my most honest and accurate review of the Wealthy Affiliate marketing company. The sign up for the program, is free and for just being a (free) member you get tons of benefits. I will get into the benefits later in this review. After the free membership sign up the (premium) first month […]

Trisodium phosphate food additive (unsafe)

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This website will produce results, I promise. The main ingredients in a lot of our foods we consume daily, are hazardous to our health, our lives on this earth. I truly believe We, as a society rich in the understanding about our health and very existence on this earth. We should pay close attention to […]

about christopher

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                                        My name is christopher baxley, I have been diagnosed with low blood sugar and heart arithmia.  For years now i have been researching the foods we consume, The results are worrying.           […]

Dangers of (everyday) foods we consume


CAN you imagine, if we read all the ingredients of the foods we consumed daily. I believe, if that was to happen we would go back to good old days. We would eat just what came from the garden. Do you ever wonder why the older generation lives to be near 100 years old. Because […]