French onion dip

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FRENCH ONION DIP (the good old days) I know most of you love the idea of grabbing a bag of your favorite chips at the store, then grab the ranch or French onion dip and you have yourself a weekend of chip days. I know I have had so many times I couldn’t decide on […]

Mountain Dew (behind the can/bottle)

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MOUNTAIN   DEW Who doesn’t love sugar drinks, I mean they are so good to drink when your hot or when your watching your favorite sports team on Sunday. I used to drink them everyday, sometimes to much. They come in these drinkable one liter bottles, plus other sizes. A lot of people don’t realize […]

Ramon Noodles Soups

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DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER This is a paper i wrote on them not to long ago, If you want to be scared to death about what you been eating and feeding your family then get ready for this, MOST TOXIC AND CHEMICAL INDUCED MEAL OUT THERE ANYWHERE. Ramon Noodle Soup