Thanksgiving (My view on the holiday)

As I sit here in my old house, listening to the wild howl outside. I think back to the memories of Thanksgivings in the past. I think of all the times, my family has struggled to even find food to feed ourselves, or living in a home without heat in the winter months of Thanksgiving. I can honestly say, My family has come a long way. My mom used fix us all huge helpings of her homemade stuffing. The turkey she fixed seemed (at the time) to be as big as a dog. I just loved the good old times.

Sitting at the dinner table, with my sister and brother: while mom was cooking at the stove. Dad was never there and my aunts and uncles all had their own families to care for. Thanksgiving was/is the time for being thankful. Not for what we want, but what we have. Me and my old dog is all I have now and that’s OK. I have so much to be thankful for. I have my life and So many memories of the times I got to spend with my whole family, being together. Me and my brother and sister rarely speak to each other anymore. We were never close, my sister was married at a young age and my brother, joined the army when he was 17.

I know deep deep down they love me and I love them. Before my (best friend) mom passed last august, she talked to me two days before she died. She said son, if something happens to me, your brother and sister have your back. I told her nothing was going to happen to you, your a strong lady and very kind. God doesn’t need you right now, we do. Two days later, God needed her (i guess) more than I did.

She died on the operating table and that has been the most unrealistic pain I have ever felt in my life. I guess you can say Mom was sent home to be with Jesus and I was left here alone with the world caving in around me. No help from churches here and no family members came to my aid. No prayers were said for me and no one was here anymore to help me fight my panic disorder and PTSD. I was ALONE.

I am thankful for this site and everyone here. This site was made in memory of my mother and this is how I got past her death. I want you to know that what i feel about you all being here is as real as it gets. Thanksgiving doesn’t always have to be about eating a big meal, it can also be things like this site and you all that are here, (my friends). I wanted to blog on here about what thanksgiving means to me and how you and this site has got me to stand again on my own to feet and feel alive again.

I’m getting emotional now thinking about where I was and where we are going with this toxic foods issue with our health. I felt so alone after my mom died and I went to a dark place. I thought all the thoughts someone would after losing their best friend and having know one there to comfort you. I have finally risen from those ashes. Yes I still mourn the loss of my mother every day and I feel her with me everywhere. I am in college now online at Post University and I wrote 5 books about my life on amazon kindle.

Thanksgiving is the better part of ourselves. That when we come together and share a meal and find the time to be with one another we can have that peace that everyone wants and sometimes never finds. The love we share at Thanksgiving can carry on into the new year as the light that shines on other people struggling with fear of the unknown. I have found a peace in my writing and the study on the toxic chemicals going into our bodies. I have found people that want to know more about the struggle we all face in this life. This thanksgiving, I will be at my home with my dog and I will be thankful to god, you and this site.

I am thankful for my life and mom’s memory, that I can carry on throughout my life. After I’m gone from this earth, I hope this site is carried on through the generations to come, to always get our voices out there to the danger of the foods and drinks we consume that’s killing us off slowly as we progress through life. This is a short post. I just wanted to let everyone know, to have a happy thanksgiving, I hope you all get full of food and have blessed memories with your family and friends.



E- Cigarettes (behind the smoke)

First off, I’d like to say thank you to all the men and women, who have fought and died to make my home in America safe. Also, to all the men and women that serve now. I don’t know the struggles you go through, being away from your families or the pain and heartache of losing someone to war. My brother was in Desert shield/storm war in the 90s. I know each night I would be worried sick about his safety. I was only 14 then.

I’m very proud of him for his service. He is one of those forgotten heroes. You know the service men and women that get back and can’t ever seem to find solid       ground over here, from facing the Horrors they faced overseas. He is doing well for himself now. If took a lot of time and effort, he is a fighter. I honor him today as we salute the heroes that made America Who we are. The land of the free, the home of the brave.

We stand united against any enemy that threads our shores and we stand up for the countries that want the freedoms we so cherish over here in America. In closing this section of post out. I want to just say thank you to all who serve, have served and will serve. Because without you, we are not America. You all are in my prayers, each and every night before I sleep and after I awake.








Now let’s get right down to the dangers of E-Cigarettes. Oh wow, you will be in for a shock, to know that even though these don’t have the 7000 chemicals in them. They do pose a more serious threat to your health than leading on. Yes they have nicotine in them, but they have a more dangerous Chemical than that.

They E-Cigarette companies have made it seem like, they are safe and go have a puff. They are so wrong. I have found that this chemical, which I have never heard of until I done my research on these. I have found that they cause cancer in the lungs at a higher rate than regular cigarette and more than double the dangers in other areas of your body.

I will get right to the dramatics of the dangers and what threat to you they cause. How you can very easily get too much nicotine from these E-Cigarettes.


Today we are talking about VIBE E-Cigarettes. You can buy these here for around $20.00, and they come with 2 free refills. On the side of the package when you buy them. It reads:( WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CAN EXPOSE YOU TO CHEMICALS, INCLUDING GLYCIDOL. KNOWN TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO CAUSE CANCER. NICOTINE WHICH IS KNOWN TO CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS OR REPRODUCTIVE HARM. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO. WWW. P65WARNINGS.CA.GOV.)

It’s in so small writing, I had to use a magnifying mirror to see it. I huge letters on the front it reads. ( THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NICOTINE. NICOTINE IS AN ADDICTIVE CHEMICAL).

You know why they place this on the front and the small tiny dangers on the side. Because most people won’t read the side. This stands out on the front of the package and you may think (oh it’s OK, it’s safe.) That’s why they place large letters about nicotine on front and dangers in tiny letters on side.

They sell you a product, based off the image of you just smoking in nicotine and really never know the truths behind the pack, until now. I love blowing the lid off these companies, that claim one thing, yet it’s so different on the inside. So now let us look at the inside of this VIBE E-CIGARETTE.

Through the colorful smoke and the sweet smells of these tubes of delight in the E-Cigarette. I have found that the main chemical above Nicotine, is Glycidol- I found that if you breathe this chemical in, it can cause labored breathing, chest pains and coughing

My research even states you my need the use of a breathing tube, to stay breathing. This chemical is no joke. Every puff you make on those E-Cigarettes. You are breathing this in.

That’s not all I found. My research states when this reaches open air, it can be unstable and there have been no reports by anyone states this is safe. The state of California has proven it was cancer causing. This Chemical has an Epoxy in it and is unstable at room temp. I have a quick question.

If the chemical is unstable at room temp. Then when you smoke it, and it heats up. How can that be (even) remotely safe for you to consume.

E-Cigarette companies are not telling us about the dangers of these fake Cigarettes. They are making it sound like they are safe to consume. They are no better than regular Cigarettes.

When the Electronic Cigarettes, first came out. The companies made it sound like; No more dangers from smoking, this new age of getting Nicotine without the harmful chemicals in regular cigarettes. The world was at your finger-tips. Your freedom to choose a different path, without inhaling 7000 chemicals in regular Cigarettes. You life would be altered for the better.

All of those hopes and dreams of a better way with these fake Cigarettes are over. The chemicals in them are just as bad or worse than the regular Cigarettes. Don’t let the companies of these fool you. Yes I know you can buy the tubes without Nicotine, but I warn you, they still have Glycidol in them.

You still getting cancer causing chemicals in your bloodstream and origins. Please before you buy these. Read up on them a bit and do some research on the dangers they pose. I will list the active ingredients in this type of E-Cigarette and you can see for yourself I am telling the truth. Please beware.




The batteries in these electronic Cigarettes, have been known to catch fire. Let me run this by you for a moment and see what you think. I’m the type of person that goes above and beyond the dangers and health risks with items I either put in my body or use on my skin.

Think for a minute. If E-Cigarettes have batteries in them. How could you not, be getting the coating or heat from the batteries in your lungs when you inhale these. What if the batteries leak and you breath it in,  getting battery acid inhaled into your bloodstream. I just think these are too dangerous to ever try. 

The risks for using these verses chewing some nicorete gum or just quitting all together would be better for your health In the coming months there will be lawsuits and claims against these companies that make these cigarettes for public consumption. I hope through the information on this site, you will choose to be E-Cigarette free.




Stand for freedom

Stand for freedom. So many people around the world hate Americans and so many people here on both sides of the political agenda, seem to hate each other. I watch the news every day and to me it’s just getting ugly here in America. You have NFL football players kneeling at games, when has that ever happened in the history of America. Football used to be my life. I lived to watch those Sunday and sometimes Monday night football games. I think Those guys that kneel at the flag aren’t doing it to hate what we stand for or Hating on all the men and women who has given the price for them to be able to do that.

I think they are doing because they can. They seem to forget if we were like other countries overseas, they would be in prison or worse for disrespecting our values. In my eyes and others eyes around the United States, what they are doing is crippling the NFL and the loyal fans from around the world that have watched their favorite teams each and every week. It’s just rightfully disrespectful to get paid millions of dollars to play one of the best sports in the world and still disrespect the true values of America.

The money that each football player is earned comes from the revenue of sales from tickets and other concessions from the games. In other words from the hard-working Americans that go to the games and buy that bag of popcorn at the game. So in truth when they kneel at the flag in games they are stepping on all our flags, because in part the money in their pockets came from us. This is why we are the land of the free and home of the brave. We as Americans have the right to protest and kneel at the flag, because that’s our freedom, I don’t agree with it.

I believe if they kneel at the flag, then they should give the money back and retire from football and get a 9-5 job, like most of us have. Football will always be that one sport in America that has millions of loyal fans and the ethical stance of some should never reflect what most do in the NFL. I truly stand for freedom because without the blood shed for this flag, we would be living in communists times and freedom would never be an option in our lives.

Why is so hard for everyone in the world, in every nation to get along. Why does everyone have to be top dog, or the most powerful nation. We all live in a world of chaos. I will never know the struggles of what people go through in other countries and I feel for them. I know for the most part the world could live in peace and we all could stand for freedom. Freedom doesn’t have to be just in America, it can be worldwide.

Do you think the world will end one day from all the powerhouses trying to overshadow the other? Would it take some invasion from outer space to get us to come together? World peace and freedom are sung in a lot of songs every year and yet we are in total chaos with every nation fighting or wanting to fight each other and for what? I am guessing you know where I stand on wars and fighting. Just to fight.


Political stances in America has gotten to the point of war within ourselves. I think it will get to the point of all out chaos before it’s over. With a well-known person calling for the military to take our president out or for other congressmen and women calling for impeachment and the ford issue with the supreme court pick. My stance on all this is neutral.

I used to be a Republican before all the fighting back and forth has gotten out of hand. The core values of America is being thrown out the window, when the people in America that have power either from being in (the movies to singing to working in government) to control the voice of every day Americans is crazy, but it has always been that way with America.

When the view of a political party gets so degradable or unethical, then I think they should re-examine who they are as a person first, then their political stance. The good old days of just disagreeing without punishment is over. This is the new America, where depending on what Hat you have on or the words that are spoken, you will be condemned to a life of shame, according to both sides of the political agenda.

The way we view ourselves should change and we should go to the table on our issues with each other and stop stepping over everyone’s word in this country. America is supposed to stand for freedom from this type of behavior.

Freedom: Because of the men and women of this great nation that paid that price. I never much thought about joining the military until the twin towers fell and then it was a bit late for me because of my age, I wanted to fight for the people that lost their lives in battle and in the buildings that fell and the people on the planes. I had a fire in me that burned with pride for America. I get super emotional just thinking about 9/11 and that was 17 years ago. I will never know the true pain of losing someone in this terrible attack on our freedom and democracy or losing a loved one in the military, that fought and died to make my home a better place to live.

My big brother was in desert shield/storm war and the effects that has had on his life is overwhelming. I will always honor him as my hero and best friend. He was a tank commander in the army and in special operations for a little while, until becoming a drill sergeant, then retiring. (He is an honorable man and brother). When we stand for freedom, we stand for everyone throughout the hundreds of years that have paved the way for us to be able to live the lives we want and love today.

So many people want to become an American and that’s great. I wish everyone in the world the freedom and Democracy we have, here in America. There are so many around the world that live in poverty-stricken countries that will never have that voice and freedom to do even what I’m doing on this website. Voicing my concern and frustration about the toxic chemicals in our foods.

I am heartbroken because of that and I know some that join here or have already joined here knows what I’m talking about. Standing for freedom means so much, yet over here in America it’s taken for granted. I wish for peace and happiness in everyone’s life, yet so many will never feel that pride I feel in my heart for America.


Just hitting the open road on a Harley or taking a cruise down the interstate in your car/truck taking in all the wonders of the United States. It’s just the most peaceful feeling in the world to be able to just get out and do what we like without being condemned by others. Standing for freedom is the cornerstone of the foundation values we have as Americans. That being said, why are so many in America rejecting that value? We all have to stand strong together, when that happens growth can ac cure in the most extreme ways.

The homeless will be able to get off the streets, people that are addicted to drugs can get better organized help they deserve and the hungry can eat. Just think if everyone in America stood together and helped one another (how strong would we be). America without hunger and poverty and drug addiction is an America worth fighting for.


no one knows this until now, I have been paying it forward in small yet awesome ways. every time I go through the drive-thru somewhere in town to get bags on Ice, (yes almost any burger place sells ice through the drive-thru). I will pay for the persons meals behind me and drive off. I have also payed electric bills and loan payments for others without them ever knowing it. Everyone in America can do their own random act of kindness. I ask you to go do something big or small for the fellow Americans and if your overseas you can do something nice there to. Post your comment on this post and let me know that others are like me out there.

If I was rich, I would never live over my means and I would love to give to the needy. It makes your heart melt away to think of all the people in America that lives their daily lives on the streets and goes to bed hungry at night. Honestly just today I was sitting in my truck wondering where I was going to get my meal today and I finally broke down and sold my X box to get some food.

After I was done buying what I needed for the rest of the month, I gave the rest to a homeless man that walks the streets every day here. My mom has always taught me to give and never stop giving. Doesn’t matter if your like me (poor) or you have tons of money everyone can give something to someone.

Be that ripple in the world that makes a difference. Be that one person that cares for others as you care for yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t love your fellow human. If we as a human race would stand strong in the pride we have for our Country and stand strong in the men and women who have died to make it that way, then we can help when someone needs our help and be proud to be an American.

If your in other countries and your on this site, then show the world you are your own voice and live for that freedom that exists in everyone s soul. Be the rock that someone needs in the world, be the one person everyone can count on to listen to what they have to say and just be a friend to the friendless. Be a shoulder to cry on and that heart that loves and always stand for the freedom. Never let those people in the world make you feel any less human because you care for others. Never let the emotions of some that won’t stand for the flag denote your pride in the united states of America.

Never let the government workers shut your voice down and belittle you because their human kindness is gone. Never let anyone tell you that the world is a chaotic thunderstorm forming around your soul, that will carry you to the grave. We are that voice and we will always stand with the helpless, the hopeless and the needy, because without hope and love for our fellow man what are we as a human being really fighting for.

Healthy Choice For Living

I was going to post about toxic chemicals in our foods tonight. I was just getting some of my work done for college and we were in discussion about honesty and respecting people and how without me first showing respect how would I ever gain respect from anyone. So in thinking about respect and always getting on here letting you know about the toxic chemicals in our foods and showing you different items that causes your body harm, why not get on here tonight and help you with the healthy options and let you in on my life style and a bit more about me as a person overall and how I went from eating and drinking everything and taking 11 different kinds of subscribed medications- to a whole new me.

Yeah I still get depressed and feel terrible sometimes, but that’s life (in my view). Just the difference now is, it doesn’t stick around very long, like it used to. I can move past the emotions and I want anyone to know that feels the same as I did, that I’m here to help. The whole nature of eating is what? Some people are like I was for a long time, they just eat when they feel good, bad or depressed.

I know food for most part of my life was comfort food. My dad died when I was around 9 and my stepdad died when I was 16 and my other stepdad died when I was 31 and all my aunts and uncles and grandmother and grandfather were all deceased, before I could ever know them too much when I was younger. My mom died last year and as you already know from my past post she was my everything, my world.

For my whole life I’ve taken medicines for PTSD and I developed a panic disorder called Panic attacks with agoraphobia. That’s the bad one were you are confined to your house. For me it was one room in my house. Every time I would even step outside my front door I was scared for my life.

I’ve eaten junk foods my whole life and I made excuses as to why I had to have them. My life hasn’t been the worst I’ve seen and for sure not the best. Through all the despair I’ve seen in my life, with best friends dying in car wrecks to my parents dying throughout my whole life and other emotional things that happened throughout my childhood and adulthood. I choose to find toxic junk food to comfort me.

I thought after my mom died, that was it that I couldn’t do this anymore. I believe in God and regularly sing and worship him at my home with my old karaoke machine. I have never blamed God for anything and I take it up as, this is life that people die and we have to be strong in faith. I am not in any way asking you to go with my belief, I’m just sharing mine with you, my friends.

Toxic foods have been a part of my life for so long and I wanted you to have the knowledge as to why they were, because when everyone around me leaves me or turns their back on me I knew food never would. I know that may sound a bit weird, but that’s how I felt. With my mom dying, that could have gone a dark path or a light path. Everyone around me, I’m sure thought I would just end it all and be done with the struggle.

I wasn’t ever going to do that, I knew my mom would want me to fight and keep going, I just didn’t know at the time it would be here with you, doing this. Another thing I learned after my mom died, that when I owned up to my mistakes in life and blamed Knowone but myself, it got a lot better. I used to blame everyone for everything that ever happened to me. I would say (I’m fat because of being poor or I eat too much because knowone respects me) I used to make up so much stuff, to blame other people for my failures and my past mistakes, that all changed when mom died.

A piece of my soul died on August 1st 2017 and I know I will never get that back, but I can move on and make my mom proud of me through helping other people, only when I help myself get to were I need to be emotionally, So as most of you know I got into college and I’m so far for the last 7 months I’ve been averaging 3.787 GPA in class. I never thought I would ever do that, after I quit school in the 11th grade, I did get my GED in 2003.

Toxic foods has been my life and I will fight for this cause until my breath ends on this earth. I wanted to change my whole outlook on life after my mother died and the first thing was to admit my faults and move past them. Also forgive my ex. girlfriend of leaving me 14 days after my mother passes away. I forgave her and all the other people that have let me down in life. You have to forgive and move past people letting you down, I promise you will feel better. I also forgave my brother and my sister for not taking me to see my mom before she died, my truck is an old 4×4 and I couldn’t make it very far were mom was at and they had nice new cars and I remember them telling me they would take me up their, but couldn’t bring me back home.

Three days after that my mom died. I’m getting emotional now thinking about how I couldn’t get to her, the one person that was always there for me and I couldn’t be there for her on her deathbed. That was a hard one for me to let go, but I did. I will get on with the health side of my post. I wanted to show you the personal side of why I will fight for this and no amount of money in the world will ever buy my silence. This site and you are worth more to me than any dollar sign.


Who here drinks smoothies? I love them. I drink one every morning when I get up, yes I still have coffee but I love smoothies. I mix 2 bananas with 3 strawberries and 1 whole orange. I put almond milk in it and blend it together with crushed ice and that’s so good. That’s helped me so much with my low blood sugar with the natural sugars in the fruits and the vitamins, it’s just great. I’ll make sure on Tuesdays and Saturdays I drink 1 table spoon apple cider vinegar and 1 table spoon of honey in an 8 ounce glass of warm water. If your diabetic, my mom hated drinking water and knew she had to. Walmart sells these drinks called Sam’s choice clear American, with tins of different flavors.

Yes it has artificial flavoring and sweeteners, The sweeteners have chemicals in them that’s not the best choice for you, If you can’t have sugar and want something completely healthy without any harmful additives, drink 1 tbl spoon honey in 8 to 12 oz glass of warm or cold water. Honey is the best natural choice for any additive in water.

Toxic foods don’t have to be a choice for you, we can get through this together and without the chemicals. You will feel so much better and I bet your health will improve drastically. I’m not a doctor and can only let you know what has worked for me, to a lot of people I was a lost cause, until I understood what I needed to do to improve my life and now this site is here to help you (my friends) improve yours.


How many times have we seen this in a market, just to walk past all these fresh fruit and vegetables, just to buy some junk food (that’s high in salts and calories) to take home and prepare for dinner. It’s happened to me so many times, The layout is right in front of me and I walk right past, I may say that’s a great layout. Or those fruits look great, then go get a box of cakes or some processed pack of prepared meat product.

I always said the fruit was too high or why would I buy some fruit, when I could have A nice pre-made chicken patty with some processed mashed potatoes. I know what you are feeling, the thing about this site and you (my friends) I’ve been there, I can help you get past the temptations and the urges to eating the junk and go for great tasting healthy products that will change your life and your families lives. I think it’s just easier to give in and eat something quick or something that tastes great and not think about what’s in the food. I know I’ve been thereand it’s not easy. But very possible to do.

I will always do what I can to help you and show you how I changed and Give examples as to how and what I’ve done to change my life. I was in the dollar store the other day and someone just joined this site yesterday and This person always talks about the chemicals in the foods and when I go to the store. They already know I’m in there buying stuff for this site. I just wanted to mention that about them and I’m thankful they are here and thankful for all the other subscribers here for joining me on this journey to a better lifestyle without toxic foods in our lives.

Talking on the points of eating healthy, I’m sure you all know there are so many people on the internet trying to make a dollar off someone subscribes to their site. I’ve an affiliation with amazon, I also post links to amazon for you to see healthy options to the toxic foods we eat. In know way do you ever have to tap on the link or will my stance with you ever change either way. I love this site and I respect you and your values to help your family live better lives with better options to eat better. I just wanted to add that about the amazon links.

Amazon is a great place to shop, I’m a prime member and I pay monthly instead of yearly and everything I order through amazon, it’s 2 day shipping. You can’t beat 2 day shipping. Amazon accounts are free other than paying for 2 day shipping rates. It’s $119 a year for 2 day shipping or like $18 a month or lower. I wanted to add this paragraph about amazon, because I didn’t want you to think I was talking bad about them, because I wasn’t. I wanted you to know This site will be the same and the values of this site will be the same either way with the amazon links.

Who loves this picture? Hamburgers are great and I love the thick fries with them, sometimes the thin ones. Who would rather go out to eat verses grilling out? For me grilling out is best, the smells of the meats smoking over an open grill or smoking them in a smoker. Talking about it, makes me want to grill out right now and it’s nighttime here. I will let you know how I prepare the meats and what I buy. Let’s face it, yeah I eat healthy now, I’m still gonna have my meats. Just a healthy way to prepare them now. From the preparation to the sauce and bread I used to cook my favorite meals, (cheeseburger and fries).

This is for any hamburger meat you buy in the stores everywhere, try this before you grill. I pat my burger out into patties and then boil them until the formation of the burger holds its shape and then I grill them. When you do that It help to control the formation of bacteria and helps keep the juices in and the salts out. I promise you will love them. The meats, to me taste so much juicier and holds together better on the grill. I also splash fresh lemon ove the burger after it hits the grill. Something about my moms old recipe for burgers I’ve carried on into my adult life. I use natural wheat bread for the buns.

I do something a bit out of the box. I cut the whole wheat bread to round circles to form bread for the hamburger, I use the hamburger cutter to form the bread and then toast it in my oven. Then add all the healthy options you want and your grilled burger will look and taste great. I hope this helps a little in the way you can prepare your burgers for the same grilled taste without all the germs and bacteria with it.


I know I could go on and on about healthier ways to eat and I promise I will get to it in later posts. Tomorrow I will get back to the unhealthy choices in our lives, starting with Toaster pastries. I hope you all have a great night and always remember I’ve got your back and you never have to fear the toxic foods in your lives. We can fight them together and live our lives a little better with the understanding of what we are eating and drinking with toxic chemicals. We have a long way to go, but I’m here to stay and I hope you take this journey with me, to show the world that we stand together in our voice for change in the dangers we face from the everyday. toxic chemicals.

Here’s A great Recipe book for making smoothies.


Never Give UP


When I was growing up, I never thought to really care about my future. I never thought how it would play out or how I would be thirty years down the road. I think when you grow up the way I did, you don’t have much time to give it much thought. As I’ve said before in my other blog posts, I was very poor growing up and my real father was a drunk and never was around until he passed when I was a child.

The only thing I can remember of my childhood before 8 years old was when it was raining really hard one night and the windows blew out of my house. Me and my sister was siting in the living room and oh we were scared and mom was snoozing in her bedroom. Mom got up from the windows blowing out and came into the kitchen and we made a place in the floor on some blankets and just prayed. Everything seemed to work out that night and for the next two weeks we didn’t have any windows in two of the windows in our house.

It was late November, so it was kind of cool, when your poor what can you do, huh. I think the things that happened after my real dad died and we moved across town with my new dad, and his son. That guy really did care and was my baseball coach and football coach in grade school up until I was 15 years old. Me and mom and my step-dad was almost to myrtle beach south Carolina, my step-dad started coughing up blood and we went to the hospital. After being there for about 6 hours, the news was in and it was heartbreaking. My best bud and ball coach and also my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and had 6 months to live, without any hope of recovering.

It’s crazy how life can get you, from one day to the next. We were just on vacation and he had no signs of being sick or any health issues. The cancer was spread to his spine and liver and both lungs on its way to his brain. I didn’t quite understand it, so we went back home and mom and my step-dad got on the old rotary phone and began calling family members and telling them the bad news. I just went outside and threw the baseball against the tree. 6 months came and went and he was still working and 9 months came he started feeling sick all the time and we put a hospital bed in the living room and on the 13th month.

I will never forget this day the rest of my life. It was on a Monday and mom got me up screaming and yelling come to Charlies bed he is dying, I got up and went over to his bed and he looked into the blank Tv screen and said 4 words. Momma I am ready. Then he was gone and mom called the police and then I went outside to the porch and the police came and my stepbrother then the hearse. I was just siting there staring off into to space and I remember the police lady asking me if I was ok and I told her yes mam. 

I had quit school when I was in the 11th grade, after taking in over for the third time. The truth I hated school, I was picked on when I was younger and in high school I took up for the ones being bullied. As we age in life and are bullied through grade school, you tend to get tired of it and stand up for yourself and start standing up for others that were in the same boat as you. To tell you the truth the only thing I really remember about high school was terrible. My girlfriend at the time was going to her prom and I bought the tickets and rented a limo.

The night of the prom right when I was going to leave to go get her, she came to my house with her new boyfriend. ohhhhhh…That was heart breaking. I was going to end my life and I cried and hated her for so long. Then It got better and better over time. I had developed PTSD early on in my life and I suffered from that to the point of isolating myself.

I have spent a life time of struggling to find myself through eating and keeping to myself. What changed in my life to start fighting back. In 2003 I started going to GED classes and in 5 months I took the GED test and passed with top 5% of the class. In 2005 I took my exam to receive my degree in electricity and in 2007 I received my degree in Masonry. After that I thought I would work for a living and then My Panic set in. from being alone for so long and feeling so bad from PTSD and not having many friends I thought going to vocational school was what I needed.

It wasn’t. Fast forward to 2015 My step-dad died of a slow death from COPD at home in a hospice bed in my moms living room. I was there when he took his last breath to. Here’s where my whole world ended and begin. In 2017 My mom went in to have operation on her legs from being diabetic and ended up, two days later had a massive heart attack from a mistake the doctors made before surgery.

They missed the stress test up and ended up my mom and best friend was air lifted to heart doctor and had emergency open heart surgery and ended up dying on the operation table and I couldn’t get her before she died. MY WHOLE WORLD DIED

I went to her funeral and a butterfly landed on my arm during the funeral and I knew then my mom was ok. That’s what mom did when she was alive we sat out on the deck every afternoon and watched the butterflies and hummingbirds. I thought how will I live without the only rock I ever had in my life that I would call at three in the morning and would calm me down from my panic disorder, I had know one so I thought.

I cried so much after my mom and best friend died and I had a brother and sister but to be honest they got on with their lives pretty quickly. I went through some deep dark moments after that and I was outside one night laying on the hood of my truck (my old Chevy 4×4). I was staring off into space and I was crying like a baby and I said ok god, you have me now. Please give me a sign I will be ok alone and before I even got that out of my mouth a bright shooting star went across my field of vision and then I knew I had to start my whole way of living over.

It took a while to get used to not going out on my deck in the mornings waiting on mom to get here or going to her house on Fridays getting ready for yard sales and Flea-markets. I got online and started looking for colleges to go to and I was on amazon and went to kindle and started writing and long story short.

I got into POST UNIVERSITY online getting my Business Administration Degree (BSD). I am currently into my 6th month in and averaging 3.75 GPA. I have written (5) books on amazon and I started my path online in trying to figure out what online place would help me further my journey into an organization/website that I could share my research and a place that would teach me to develop a website.

I know I am supposed to send my link to where I am a member at. WEALTHY AFFILIATE has been that rock I have needed to succeed in the online life. 

In ending, it doesn’t matter what you have been through in your life and it doesn’t matter where you have been NEVER GIVE UP because you life means something.

You may not see it now, but I promise no matter what you are struggling with or what you think you are or who you think you are. Your life matters and you can achieve success through hard work and determination. I promise If I can do this you can to. 


Weight loss diet


I will let you in on my weight before my healthy lifestyle, I weighed in at 328lbs, yes I was huge and felt like crap all the time. I never had the energy to do anything and I lost the will to even do anything, but eat and watch tv and sleep. I started reading the additives in the foods I was eating and began my journey, so far almost a year in I have slowly lost down to 241. I know that isn’t a massive amount of weight loss, but I am starting to feel better and my life seems to have a purpose now, you see I was eating everything that wasn’t right for my body.

You have to get it in your mind that you want to change and there’s no miracle pill or even surgery that’s going to let you to keep eating all the bad things for you and lose the weight to become healthy. Losing 88lbs in about a year is slowly taking my life back and by the start of the next year I will be down to 199lb and then lower to my goal weight of 178lbs.


I think everyone that lives without looking at the foods you are consuming, will see what I’m talking about if they would just start slowly and introduce healthy options daily into their routine of non-healthy foods. If you quit cold-turkey from eating the bad foods that tastes great to the healthy foods that tastes bland, then you will more than likely keep the bad foods in your diet and never completely stop eating unhealthy.

I went from eating snack cakes to natural peanut butter. Also from eating canned chili to eating homemade chili with beans fresh from the garden and the meat, I used the leanest I could find. I will post my recipe for the healthiest chili I have ever ate on hear later this week. I feel a lot better and I know if I continue on the path that I’m on, I will get to my goals and then some.

I know you love the flavors of all the seasonings you put in your meals you prepare and I don’t blame you for wanting your meals to taste good. Let me know what meals your preparing and I can help you place natural flavorings in your meals that will substitute for the chemical induced seasonings you buy in the stores. The way we look at our lives will reflect back on our friends and our families for generations to come.

If you control what you put in your meals then later in life when your children or grandchildren prepare meals they will talk over the dinner table about how mom/dad/grandpa/grandma. Prepared this when I was younger. I think if we change our mindset as to how we live our lives and eat healthy we can place that forward in future generation to live healthy stable lives on their own.


I know your thinking why is he talking about weight gain. Well with weight loss comes weight gain. I think so many people, when they lose weight and at the first sign of weight gain they give up and stop their diets. I have seen so many fluctuations with my diet and weight gain and weight loss. I just keep pushing forward. If your car runs out of gas, you don’t junk it do you? Same with your body, if you see weight gain one week it’s ok just keep pushing forward with your goals.

People all over the world wants to be healthy and wants to eat right. Weight gain is so depressing and I know from my own experiences it can be degrading to your mind. I promise if you will keep pushing forward you will reach your goals. A lot of people will obsess to the point of nervous breakdowns if they gain a pound during a diet.

I know of some people around here that just won’t eat if they don’t lose a certain amount of weight each week, that’s bad on your body and also your mind. You need food for energy and your health. Weight gain to me is a fact of life. You can overcome it.


What is your path to weight loss, maybe there’s someone out there, that thinks there’s just no hope, you won’t ever be healthy. You may think, like I did for a long time that what’s the point of losing weight when I am around people that eat all the time and I can’t look weird and not eat what they eat. Maybe you have lost weight and now you have gained back all that weight, plus some. Maybe you are depressed and you feel like nothing you do will make a difference how people look at you. I promise from personal struggles I have had with all of the things I listed above, you can change your life, You have to look in the mirror and know you are worth something and you are going to lose the weight for you and know one else.


In my case their were no doctors showing me how to change, they would tell me how to eat and what to do, not showing me though. I woke up one morning and I was standing in front of the bathroom sink brushing my teeth and I said I am ashamed of myself and I am going to change. I will start researching all the chemicals and additives in my foods I am eating and the bad ones I just won’t eat any longer and I will start drinking lots of water and I will love myself even when know one else loves me.

It all started there and I knew I was in for a challenge because almost everything in my home was bad for me: from canned tomato soup to the processed chicken patties in my freezer. I was in for a wakeup call, I had nothing to lose. I am not married and I’m single and It’s just me and the dog. So here we go, I started by adding fresh lemon juice to my water and every morning I wake up I drink a small glass of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey. When I eat breakfast that controls how much I eat, by making me feel fuller and it help with digestion and the overall way I feel daily.


I have been drinking the apple cider vinegar drink for way longer than I have been dieting though. My neighbors that lived next to me for couple years before they passed on. They were in their 90’s and every morning I would go over and see if they needed anything when I went to town or I would help them around the house and I noticed they would always mix that up in a glass and drink it every morning. I asked them one morning why they drank the mixture and they told me for their health, that they haven’t been sick with any cold or the flu in 25 years. I  thought no way that can’t be right, so I went into to town later that day and I bought apple sider vinegar and some honey.

I had never drank Apple cider vinegar before, so I thought it may taste like apples, it can’t be that bad. lol. I was in for a shock of my life. I brought it home poured me a tall glass and mixed a table spoon of honey in there, and bottoms up. I almost puked and I gaged and spit it out. I thought I must have had a bad bottle or it was out of date. I couldn’t believe how nasty it tasted. So I went next door and the nice neighbors were laughing at me and said you have to mix it 2 parts water and just about 8ozs not 12 like I fixed.

I said ok and drove back to my house and I forced myself to drink that and still today 5 years later am still drinking it. Guess what they were right, I haven’t been sick in over 5 years with any cold or flu or any real health issue. Apple cider vinegar is the real deal and it tastes like the worst thing you could ever put near your mouth. It’s healthy for you and will help you not get so sickly every year and if your sick or have a toothache or even indigestion, the drink mixture will do wonders for you.


In the journey of weight loss, you have to tell yourself that you can do it and stay positive, even when there are people around you that don’t care or want you to fail. Don’t lose weight for anyone but you and the happiness you can bring back to your family.

Just know that you are not alone and anything on hear I can ever help you with I will do my best to inform you how I am doing it. You can find your way back to the circle of life. The chemical foods doesn’t have to be the only way, there are tons of other options out there that will help you in your journey to find happiness within yourselves and the foods you consume.

Thank you to the people that have joined and read these posts and messages about changing our lives for the better. Thanks for joining this voice for change in the toxic foods that are in our grocery and supermarkets stores nationwide. One day soon that change will come and we can all say we had a hand in that change. Have a safe and happy weekend.

Lets talk about food

Tonight I was  going to write about the ingredients that are in peanut butter, then I thought why do that when I could just talk for a minute about food in general. What do you like to eat, do you like certain meals every week?

I like to eat something on the BBQ every Friday and Saturday. I usually bake chicken, then throw it on the grill to get the skin just right. I like to think of it as the best of both world. You have the healthy way, by baking it and then the not so healthy way grilling it.

You may be thinking this person is crazy I have never heard of that. My mom when she was alive, used to cook chicken and even hamburgers that way for years. Food in general is the life support we need to get through to the next day.

Food gives use energy and does justice to the cravings we get. I know the other night I was craving ice cream so bad, I don’t know why: I haven’t had ice cream in years. You know when your sitting there and just out of the blue you have to have that kind of food or else. lol.

Sometimes when I am watching a good tv show and a commercial comes on about pizza or some stacked cheeseburger, the cravings start and sometimes I give in and sometimes turn the tv off and force myself to go to bed. I guess Your wondering maybe where do I plan on taking this website or will I ever make great content for reading. like in book form: I will and I enjoy writing about anything really. My passion is toxic chemicals in our foods.

Before I started this website, I researched a lot of other sites and YOU-TUBE videos about what my website contrasts to. I knew I was in for a challenge in getting my word out when there are so many other websites out there that have great content. This is a personal journey for me and I hope you all feel the same way. I welcome comments and suggestions in what you want me to write about and what kinds of foods you eat to stay healthy.

I learned and am still learning in college, that the conversation that people share online is the beginning of something big and could grow to something massive. I believe in todays society we tend to have so many other things to do that we don’t have time for conversation.

I will let you know something, I researched a lot about peanut butter and in the processing part in peanut butter the simple ingredients are corn syrup, salt, sugar and of course peanuts. That’s it: peanut butter has a lot of fat in it  and a lot of good fat also. the bad fat comes from the corn syrup.

You can buy all natural. keep checking it though because the oil will settle at the top and it looks gross, that’s because they make it without the corn syrup  and the oil separates. So if your not allergic to peanuts and other tree nuts, then that’s a great snack, if you are working out and just need something to get you through the night, until the next day.

Lets talk about coffee for a minute. I know most of you out there has to have your coffee to get you through the day. I know as soon as I wake up, coffee is a must. One time I went to work without coffee in my system and I almost didn’t make it through the day. Something about coffee brewing in the morning that lets you know it’s going to be a great day.

What kinds of coffee do you drink in the mornings? Do you drink all through the day or just in the morning before work? I think for me, it just depends on the day of the week. Mondays for sure all day, something about Monday everyone dreads. lol.

After I post this post  I will post a great recipe I made up for French toast, I just made some this morning and they were great. You don’t even need syrup with them. They almost taste like it has syrup on them. I have so many different ways to prepare food that tastes great without the added chemicals in the foods.

I will share my recipes on here to help you love life again and maybe share them with other people wanting to live a better life without chemicals in their foods.

I am going to close this so I can post the recipe for French toast, I know you will love it. also I have some crazy additives I have researched from FRENCH ONION DIP. Wait till you see these side effects and the harmful things the FDA allows in your foods. I have tons more information to share with you and I cant wait to share with you.

On a personal note I see more and more people are joining this site and I am truly thankful. All are welcome to comment on anything and I will respond. Thank you to the new people that just joined today and I am thankful for the ones that have been here a while. I hope this site reaches millions around the world. This site is just over a month old and will be here a very long time. I will never close this site down and I will always be active in the voice for change in the harmful ingredients in our foods. We as a human race worry about so much: war, illnesses, disease, famine, poverty and so many more issues. We shouldn’t ever have to worry about what we eat on a daily basis. I am here to let you know and to always help in any way I can in sharing the information about toxic foods. Also throw in some awesome recipes and other daily things I eat and drink that gives me natural energy and a healthy start to my day.












Meow Mix Hairball control Additives (danger)

I think this toxic food website needs to include our fur babies into the mix, about the dangers in our/their foods. I know everyone, well almost everyone in the world has owned or does own a pet of some kind. I think we should include them also. Don’t we care about the safety and health of our fur babies. I know I do, I only have one baby at the moment and he is a retriever type of dog and very smart.

Today we are going to talk about cats. The food your feeding your babies in the cat world may get better if you stop feeding them harmful foods that makes them sick. Better yet, their hair could improve or teeth well everything about our fur babies are at risk with the wrong kinds of foods.

Don’t worry I have fed my boy the wrong food before just to find out he couldn’t have grains in his diet. That was the other fur baby I used to have, he passed away couple months ago. He was a full blooded German Shepard.

Now to the meow mix (hairball control)

I will lay out the top (5) additives I have found to be the most insane in the cat food bag. One of them I had to read twice to see what I was looking at. Yes that bad, No wonder why our pets get so sick and die early, just like humans do with the foods they consume on a daily basis.

Their owners completely unaware about the dangers going into their systems. We, as owners think, if its on the shelf for sale then its safe. I am very sorry to inform you, we aren’t right. Just because the people in charge say its ok to sell to the American or world population, doesn’t mean they are correct.

I am guessing you want me to get to the additives. You want them here they are, first let me tell you our of the 39 plus additives I have picked to me the top 5 worse ones.

Brace yourselves, hope you are sitting down for this. 


Ok that’s the list and here are the side effects and warnings in the additives found in meow mix hairball control

FERROUS SULFATE can cause constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps, upset stomach. May cause the cats stools to turn black. The chemical compound is used to treat anemia. To much iron in your cats body can do serious and sometimes fatal side effects such as: The intestines and stomach lining of your cat. It can also lead to liver disease in your cat. 

SODIUM PANTOTHENATE: the primary use for this chemical is in hair care products and cosmetics. Most common side effects in your cat are, chest pain and increased thirst, dry mouth. I know some of you may think this isn’t as bad as some, I think having a additive in cat food that’s primary goal of even being made is for hair care products is insane.

PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE main side effects of this chemical are, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sensitivity to the sunlight. Having to much of this chemical can cause nerve damage in cats. The compound is also used to treat seizures in humans. 

ANIMAL DIGEST. I know what your thinking? What in the world is that, I know me to, I thought the same thing, well I did research on the substance and I was in shock and still am a little. This is quoted from the AMERICAN FEEDING CONTROL OFFICALS: digest is produced by the chemical hydrolysis of animal tissue right before decomposition. I didn’t even bother putting down any more info than that, can you believe it. Right before the animal rots they use the chemical part of the dead animal to put in your meow mix.

I am beside myself to think cat food has dead animal parts that right before they rot is made into a chemical compound to put in your cat food. I am moving on to the next one I am speechless

SODIUM SELENITE is toxic to the blood, liver, kidneys, and central nervous system in your cat or dog and shouldn’t even be in the pet food supplies. people have campaigned all across America to protest the additives, because it has been killing animals since the 70″s. In stark reality your pets organs can shut down. 

I think if pet owners all across the world would stand up for the animals and the foods we are having to feed them, then they would have a voice. It will take us, the (fur babies) moms and dads and uncle and sisters and brothers to finally say enough is enough.




My little piebald black and white weenie dog was my best little bud and she was originally my moms dog until mom died and she was then mine to care for. I was her bubba and I loved her more than most humans. She helped me through panic disorder and PTSD disorder and I was there for her when she took her last breath on this earth, she died in my arms with her bubba holding her till the end. I am  honoring her memory and her life, in this post because she was the light that made me see there was things of this earth worth fighting for. I want to let you (the world) know I care and I am with you in the struggle to find common ground with all the toxic chemicals in our pet foods.