Dr Pepper

Refreshing glass of your favorite soda. The taste of Dr. Pepper is by far one of the best tasting in the world. The crisp flavor with the fresh taste of this drink is just awesome. Millions and millions of bottles sold world-wide every year. Those hot days in the south and after a hard day at work in the north. Everyone seems to love the refreshing taste of Dr. Pepper. I can honestly say this drink has no boundaries.

Have you ever just glanced at the ingredients or maybe looked a few of them up. Do you just drink it, because it tastes great and it doesn’t matter what’s in it? I did some research on this and found a few things I thought you might want to look at. Then you can decide if you still want to include this drink into your daily routine.


Carbonated Water

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Caramel Color

Phosphoric Acid

Natural and Artificial Flavors (doesn’t say what kinds) This is a problem for you and me.

Sodium Benzoate (Preservative)


That’s all the ingredients in this drink. Here’s the problem I have with this. When a drink/food company places unethical standards on their drink labels, then that’s not very good business. What I mean by that is, when they say natural and artificial flavors/yet don’t tell you what they are.

Then how would we ever be aware of what could be causing an allergic reaction or making us sick, if we don’t know what flavors they are placing in this drink. So many are doing this now and I think something need to be said to the companies about misrepresenting you and me about the chemicals they are placing in Dr Pepper without ever saying what they are.

The definition of artificial is: Made by humans rather than ac curing naturally. So with that being said. There are chemicals in this drink and they aren’t saying what they are. That’s unethical in my book. Whoever is running the companies that neglect to tell you and me about all the ingredients in something should be fired. I would never run a business based of being unfair and dishonest to you about what I have in a food/drink product to sell more of it.

I will get on to other ingredients, because I could talk all night about the ways companies neglect to include information in their products. One thing to think about is: If their not worried about the profit of their products, then why hide the additives by placing the slogan (Natural and Artificial flavorings) to their labels. Why also would the FDA allow that? Some serious Questions need to be asked about this issue.


I never much thought about this coloring until I researched it for this site. I bet you didn’t know this causes cancer in tests in California. This is made from acids and salts. Not your everyday Caramel candy like you thought huh? This coloring is Amber or Yellow in color. There have been people singing petitions all over the USA to get the FDA to ban this substance because of the 2 cancer causing agents found in this coloring. Please check on this coloring agent, it’s really that bad.

Phosphoric Acid

This Chemical is man-made. Can cause swelling of your tongue and lips. This Chemical can cause you to have upset stomach and bloating. Flushing of the skin also can a cure. This Chemical has been linked to Kidney Disease and stones. This is used in the dentist office to scar your teeth for fillings. Also, is used in medications. This is used in car waxes and dish soaps as well. Man-made chemicals like this should never be around anything we eat or drink. This is used in Dr Pepper to cause mold to not grow.

As the Chemical clouds loom over your health and the companies continue to harm us with the additives/chemicals in our foods. We will continue to stand strong in the one voice that can make a difference in this world filled with factories that produce the harmful chemicals in our foods. This picture above says it all. The way our lives change in an instant sometimes, can having lasting effects on our minds and bodies.

I feel if we as the consumer speak about the chemicals, that harms us. Also, The way the food companies are hiding the truths on the labels to misinform you and me about the dangers with their own food/drink products. We can one day in the future change the way they go about business and change the way we are taken advantage of. I will continue with my findings about the added chemicals in Dr Pepper.


This is the worst I’ve ever researched. This chemical destroys your DNA. That’s right It destroys your DNA structure. Here’s what this is in besides our food and drink products. Mouthwashes, creams, cosmetics, and toothpastes. This Chemical is a Cancer causing agent. When it passes your liver and before it filters through your urin stream. This chemical gets attached to the walls of your bladder.

Check out the cancer causing side effects of this chemical online in your more in depth research. For all my friends out their across the world, please beware of this additive in your products. Side effects are: Central nervous system disease, infection, Lymphatic disorder, and liver and kidney problems. This is the real deal, when it comes to the very bad chemicals in your products. Irritability, headache, mood disorders and anxiety.

To be completely honest, that’s the worst ever for panic sufferers that love their Dr Peppers every day. Who would’ve ever known that. Antiseptic, wow. This Chemicals other main use, besides a food additive is Antiseptic. This chemical is a type of salt. The problematic issues with this additive out-weighs the good in Dr Pepper.


I chose this picture of a pink rose for this reason. With so many of the chemicals in our foods that cause cancer and the people behind placing them in our foods. That made me think of all the men and women and children that die every year of this terrible disease. Cancer is such a scary/but truthful word. Meaning when you have it, sometimes you lose hope and forget about everyone and everything that exists in this world. It makes you realize you may die and not be able to see your son or daughter or grand-babies grow up. It makes you realize death is real. Some on the other hand fight until the end and never give up hope.

Some beat it with great support and faith in their communities and faith in their god. Cancer is the only word that we don’t wont to hear above all others in the doctors’ office and when we do our minds just go blank. I promise their’s always hope for anyone out their, that may have it or knows someone who does. I’ve seen people beat cancer with 5% chance of living and stage 4.

SO never give up hope, their is always people out their just like you, that will help you through it. This pink rose is the symbol of hope and the everlasting struggle that people with cancer go through daily/yearly. I feel for all those out their young and old with this terrible disease. I feel your pain of losing someone to this effect. I know the struggle of sitting by the hospital bed in the living-room waiting on your loved one to pass on.

I know the struggle of laying next to your loved one, knowing they don’t remember you because of this terrible disease. When we buried my step-dad in 1999, I remember siting at the grave-side waiting for him to get up and come home with us. I will never forget him as my dad and I will always honor his memory as someone cares and thoughtful. Someone that got Cancer from stomach, liver and lungs. (while we were on vacation)- stage four- 6 months to live and he lived 13 months. He didn’t smoke. Cancer is real and chemicals in our foods that cause them are real.

I promise this site will change the way you view the chemicals in our foods and the terrible diseases we get from them. I am the type of person, that says what’s on my mind. I get so emotional sometimes sharing these chemicals and what they do. I try to include on here the personal struggles I have gone through and to let you know I am with you in your journey to the truth.

The more I think about the chemicals and how the food and drink companies lie to us about what’s in our food and drinks. It makes me want to research more and more, to post in on here for you to see what to stay away from. After researching Dr Pepper, I can say to you today, I will never again eat or drink anything with these chemicals in them.

Have a great night/day to all my friends around the world that have joined here and thanks to the ones that recently joined. I am proud to have you join us in the one voice for toxic foods in our pantries.


Mountain Dew (behind the can/bottle)


Who doesn’t love sugar drinks, I mean they are so good to drink when your hot or when your watching your favorite sports team on Sunday. I used to drink them everyday, sometimes to much. They come in these drinkable one liter bottles, plus other sizes.

A lot of people don’t realize is, the one liters have tons of sugar and caffeine in them. A serving size in the one liters are 3 servings per bottle and 510 total calories and 180 mg of salt. Plus 138mg of carbs and 138mg of sugar.     Yes 138mg of sugar (WOW).

It is very surprising I am not a diabetic, from how many I used to drink. Then a the bottom in little tiny letters, the caffeine is 162mg. 


Carbonated water, High fructose corn syrup, concentrated orange juice, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate, caffeine, sodium citrate, Erythorbic acid, gum Arabic, calcium disodium edta, brominated vegetable oil, yellow 5.

Does any of these look off to you? I can let you know right now from my research, I have found that anything that starts with(sodium) may not be good for you or may have some crazy side effects or ingredients in it. I need to let you know, that even my spell correct on my computer has a red line under two of the additives names because it state they aren’t words, that’s how bad they are.

I will make a list of my top 3 in this drink, all of America enjoys. I hope by showing you the chemicals found, even in our drinks that you may reconsider drinking them and drinking a more natural drink for your health. Here are my top three:

(First off before I tell you these, I in know way am saying any of this will happen to you, I am just stating the side effects that have happened to people in case studies over time and just warning you about the dangers in our drinks/foods.)


  • CALCIUM DISODIUM EDTA: This is safe when using as a medication, such as eye drops or by IV. To much of this chemical can cause kidney damage, kidney failure, dangerously low levels of calcium levels or even death. Common side effects are: Anemia, chills, blood clot, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, insulin shock, irregular heart beat, thirst, aching joints. This chemical interacts with water pills. Consult your doctor before eating or taking this chemical if you have: Asthma, diabetes, heart problems, kidney disease, liver disease, seizure disorder. 

I don’t know where to start with comments to that one, I was in shock to find out that the FDA said this chemical was safe to use in foods, yet it can cause so many side effects that harms you. Can you believe what I just typed, all those side effects and interactions with illnesses and know one knows about this found in mountain dew.

This chemical is also found in most salad dressings and mayo, sweeteners and other drinks and food items. Please be on the lookout for this chemical in your food/drinks. 

  • ERYTHORBIC ACID: This chemical is wide known for its compound to be in baby products, bath, eye makeup, fragrance, hair care, person hygiene, skin care, sun screen products. Also The short term side effects are: headaches, dizziness, fatigue, body flushing, hemolysis. The long term side effects are: kidney stones and it triggers gout symptoms. This chemical compound is also in other foods such as: Creams, cheeses, seasonings, cereals, wines, beer. and cured meats. 

That one isn’t as bad as the first one, still has some side effects and is found in a lot of other person care products. It is really weird to me, that a lot of chemicals that I have found in foods and drinks are also in things we put on our bodies or use for other reasons that we would never even think they would be anywhere near our foods or drinks we consume.

I have been read in the past about how bad people would talk about people overreacting about the dangers in our foods. I promise to you I am saying now they are wrong for making fun of people that care about what the FDA is doing behind close doors to make the food and drug companies more money and harming our lives.

I know I am just a regular everyday human, that will one day have this website reach millions of people and with the support of my friends that have already connected to with this site. We will stand up to the harmful chemicals and dangers in the products we consume.

Don’t we all want to live the best way we can on earth and have healthy happy families that one day when we are dead and gone will make that difference that changes the way we eat our foods?


  • GUM ARABIC: The main side effects are not real bad: bloating and mild diarrhea. The chemical works as a hardener and thickener in foods and other products such as: Glue, paint, watercolors, printing, and also found in incense. 

This additive wasn’t to bad, still once again found in other products other than drinks or foods. Mountain Dew is a great drink and is consumed by billions every year and I promise most of the people consuming this drink has no idea what is inside: Until now.


I believe if we live on this earth and aren’t careful with our bodies and when just agree with what the FDA says is ok to eat or drink. Then we will continue to die earlier and earlier every year and get cancers and illnesses from things we have never heard of and never have the  understanding of what is going into our foods/drinks.

Without the knowledge on this website and the people standing with me to bring one voice of change to a world of chaos. I am truly thankful for the people that are here and I hope to have millions more soon. I will always know you were the first to take this journey with me. I hope all is well in your lives and I will keep changing the worlds view on the chemicals/additives found in the foods we consume on a daily basis. Thanks again and have a great night/day. 





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