Macaroni and Cheese dinner (original) 7.25oz

The melt in your mouth cheesy flavors of mouth shattering taste of cheesy goodness of macaroni and Cheese. Now doesn’t that sound mouth-watering. I know most of you love Macaroni and Cheese and some of you can’t stand it. I used to slice up a couple chunks of the real American cheese, placing it in the Macaroni for a better Cheesy flavor.

Most of the world has or will eat Macaroni and Cheese in their life and I hope you are OK with the chemicals I have found in this food item. I would recommend throwing the cheese in these boxes or packages away and use real cheese in it’s place.

Most of the terrible Chemicals are found in the Cheese sauce in these food items. Most of the Boxes or packages are cheap enough to just add your own Cheese or just buy a bag of noodles and make your own. I will show you what I do at the end of this post. I make the best in the world and There’re no chemicals in my Macaroni and Cheese.


Ii just makes my day getting on here, helping my friends with their information about toxic chemicals in foods and just having a conversation. I promise I will stay on topic with this post and make sure by the end of this. You will know everything there is to know about Mac and cheese. Knowing what your eating is the number one way to live a healthy life. Here’s the additives in the brand (Best Choice) Macaroni and Cheese.
















The ingredients in the Macaroni is:









What are your thoughts? Do you see anything out of the normal with what’s supposed to be in our foods. There’s so much to do in the world of toxic chemicals in our foods. After researching the Cheese package in this box of Macaroni and finding other chemicals once again in our foods. I hope that if you buy Mac and Cheese for your families. You will use real cheese, that will cut back on a lot of sodium that’s in this box of Macaroni and Cheese.

Before I get to the chemicals and ingredients in the food item.

I will show you the full daily values in this box of Macaroni and Cheese:


















Let’s get down to the chemicals and additives in this food product, letting you know either to avoid or just keep chowing down on the cheesy goodness. I will start off with one I think needs some attention to.


The claim on the box is: Quoted: Original (made with real cheese) no synthetic colors. Yet this additive is added for color. This additive in some case studies can cause upset stomach, also stimulating contractions. A lot of people in the world don’t know, this additive causes your blood to thin out. Making you bleed more easily. So all my friends out there, that takes blood thinners (beware) of this product.

Turmeric is great if you have any problems with inflammation. This additive is a true Anti-inflammatory. This additive Also improves your pain tolerances and can help in aiding your liver functioning properly. The yellowing pigments in Turmeric is Made in an Industry setting: Meaning the claim of no synthetic coloring is false.

Definition of synthetic is: Made by Chemical Synthesis to Imitate a natural product. If the yellow pigments are made in the industrial setting and not all Natural, then the claims for no Synthetic coloring is a false claim. Maybe instead of trying to sell their products to unsuspecting consumers, doing a little research before assuming people and websites aren’t out there to make case for their false claims.

The amount of research that went into just this additive was pretty intense. I was trying to find the chemical balance and the natural extracts in this additive, for me to say (yes it’s all natural and no synthetic properties) I will never lie to you and always set it straight with you about these additives/chemicals in our foods.

So in truth I think this isn’t all natural and yes it has great points and some not so great points. If your not having issues with you blood and your not pregnant, then all in all it’s OK to consume.


This additive is Synthetic and cause issues with your health problems you may have already had. Studies state if you already have kidney or liver conditions. This additive may cause you to go into kidney failure or cause your liver to lose it’s properly functioning properties. What people fail to realize is: All these Vitamins that are included in our meals are great, unless they are man-made.

These vitamins that are Synthetic, are sometimes dangerous and can cause extreme health problems. Skin rashes and sweating, also Flushed skin can be the normal side effects from this additive. If you have any issues with your breathing, call a doctor right away. With this additive, you will know now this is (yet) another man-made chemical vitamin.


I don’t think anyone likes to picture this image when they are eating their favorite meal or snack. The false reality we are given when we eat the meals we fix for our families is, the places like you see above are where most of the synthetic chemicals in our foods are produced. The buildings may be newer and may look pretty and neat. The reality is Synthetic-means fake. So Anything that says Vitamin A, B, C,D,E and so on and also states Synthetic in the description, you will know that means.

They were produced from Chemical reaction to man-made Partials. Being produced in a building or Industry, like the one above: Makes my stomach churn if I think about the meals I used to eat containing these chemicals. The food companies will tell you It’s safe and there’s nothing wrong with eating chemicals in your foods. I just hope from this message and this website you will be truly informed at the hazards we truly face in our fight to a safer meal for our families.

Getting back to the additives now:


This is truly one of the nasty chemicals in our foods. This chemical has been linked to sever kidney disease and cancer in lab rats. This chemical has some of the worst side effects Out there. I’ll get to those in just a second. According to the CDC, this chemical can Cough and Sore throat and also skin rashes. Heart Palpitations, Chest pain, Seizures, swelling of the tongue, Nausea, fainting, Breathing difficulties. Those are a few of the worst side effects of this chemical.

The issue I’m having with everyone in the FDA and the Food Companies saying:(with the low amount in our foods this is harmless). SO my question to the people stating that is. How much is too much and what if I eat 5 packs of Mac and cheese and I drink 15 cokes a day. What then? (See) they tell you per serving that it’s OK to eat or drink. They don’t take into consideration you will eat more than that serving per day.

That’s when the problems start happening. (Just to let you know I don’t eat that much) Some do though and their health problems could be caused from to many of these chemicals in our foods at once with the large portion we are consuming at a time.

I learned from my research, this additive is added to food items to make them edible. Do you know what that tells me from a consumer standpoint? That lets me know, if they didn’t add this to the food or drink item. The food product wouldn’t be edible. Meaning you couldn’t eat it without something going wrong with your health.

I hope this information helps you with your choices in life as my friends and fellow toxic food members.

This picture sums it all up in a nutshell. The simple truth to all this chaos with our health, is the toxic chemicals in our foods are in part. Making us sick, Making us spend more time at the doctors’ office, Causing cancers and failures in our health to the point of no return. Toxic chemicals should never be anywhere near food items. When you see a smoke stack in the distance, now you can wonder what food is that chemical going into.

That’s the facts of life as a human being on this blue planet. The chemicals in our foods are causing more and more people to die at earlier ages and causing our bodies to give out sooner, causing our organs to shut down or start failing.

Life used to be basic meals for the family: White beans and fresh cornbread, or Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. Now it’s where you can’t even buy much of anything without some form of chemical or additive in your food. Where has the good old days gone. The new age is not just in the tech world. New age in the health world is Toxic Mashed Potatoes and Toxic White Beans and Corn Bread. Toxic foods are the new era of the world.

I could go into the foundations of the USA and the power the FDA and food companies have over the so-called studies they perform every year to show you the consumer, the foods are safe to eat. Yet all these warning and with Europe banning most of them in their foods. That makes you us think if they are telling us the truth or just covering up their own agenda. Till next time, my fellow toxic food friends. Have a great day/night.


When you click on the link, you will see there are around 100 servings per bulk case of these. Eden Valley makes some of the best tasting mac and cheese on the planet. Their other products are great to. No chemicals added. 





5 cups of Whole Grain Macaroni (not enriched)

1 teaspoon spoon of salt

1 tablespoon of fresh lemon

1 teaspoon of pepper

100% real American Cheddar Cheese (5) slices

Cook down the macaroni till it’s almost done. you can tell the texture of it,right before the Macaroni is done. Mix the Lemon, Pepper, Salt, and Cheese together in a bowl. I always used a shredder to shred the cheese, then it melts more evenly with the ingredients. After the Macaroni is done drain the water and add The melted yummy goodness of the cheese with your macaroni for the best tasting Mac and Cheese on the planet. By posting this and talking about it, now I have a craving for it (myself). lol.

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