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I was going to post about toxic chemicals in our foods tonight. I was just getting some of my work done for college and we were in discussion about honesty and respecting people and how without me first showing respect how would I ever gain respect from anyone. So in thinking about respect and always getting on here letting you know about the toxic chemicals in our foods and showing you different items that causes your body harm, why not get on here tonight and help you with the healthy options and let you in on my life style and a bit more about me as a person overall and how I went from eating and drinking everything and taking 11 different kinds of subscribed medications- to a whole new me.

Yeah I still get depressed and feel terrible sometimes, but that’s life (in my view). Just the difference now is, it doesn’t stick around very long, like it used to. I can move past the emotions and I want anyone to know that feels the same as I did, that I’m here to help. The whole nature of eating is what? Some people are like I was for a long time, they just eat when they feel good, bad or depressed.

I know food for most part of my life was comfort food. My dad died when I was around 9 and my stepdad died when I was 16 and my other stepdad died when I was 31 and all my aunts and uncles and grandmother and grandfather were all deceased, before I could ever know them too much when I was younger. My mom died last year and as you already know from my past post she was my everything, my world.

For my whole life I’ve taken medicines for PTSD and I developed a panic disorder called Panic attacks with agoraphobia. That’s the bad one were you are confined to your house. For me it was one room in my house. Every time I would even step outside my front door I was scared for my life.

I’ve eaten junk foods my whole life and I made excuses as to why I had to have them. My life hasn’t been the worst I’ve seen and for sure not the best. Through all the despair I’ve seen in my life, with best friends dying in car wrecks to my parents dying throughout my whole life and other emotional things that happened throughout my childhood and adulthood. I choose to find toxic junk food to comfort me.

I thought after my mom died, that was it that I couldn’t do this anymore. I believe in God and regularly sing and worship him at my home with my old karaoke machine. I have never blamed God for anything and I take it up as, this is life that people die and we have to be strong in faith. I am not in any way asking you to go with my belief, I’m just sharing mine with you, my friends.

Toxic foods have been a part of my life for so long and I wanted you to have the knowledge as to why they were, because when everyone around me leaves me or turns their back on me I knew food never would. I know that may sound a bit weird, but that’s how I felt. With my mom dying, that could have gone a dark path or a light path. Everyone around me, I’m sure thought I would just end it all and be done with the struggle.

I wasn’t ever going to do that, I knew my mom would want me to fight and keep going, I just didn’t know at the time it would be here with you, doing this. Another thing I learned after my mom died, that when I owned up to my mistakes in life and blamed Knowone but myself, it got a lot better. I used to blame everyone for everything that ever happened to me. I would say (I’m fat because of being poor or I eat too much because knowone respects me) I used to make up so much stuff, to blame other people for my failures and my past mistakes, that all changed when mom died.

A piece of my soul died on August 1st 2017 and I know I will never get that back, but I can move on and make my mom proud of me through helping other people, only when I help myself get to were I need to be emotionally, So as most of you know I got into college and I’m so far for the last 7 months I’ve been averaging 3.787 GPA in class. I never thought I would ever do that, after I quit school in the 11th grade, I did get my GED in 2003.

Toxic foods has been my life and I will fight for this cause until my breath ends on this earth. I wanted to change my whole outlook on life after my mother died and the first thing was to admit my faults and move past them. Also forgive my ex. girlfriend of leaving me 14 days after my mother passes away. I forgave her and all the other people that have let me down in life. You have to forgive and move past people letting you down, I promise you will feel better. I also forgave my brother and my sister for not taking me to see my mom before she died, my truck is an old 4×4 and I couldn’t make it very far were mom was at and they had nice new cars and I remember them telling me they would take me up their, but couldn’t bring me back home.

Three days after that my mom died. I’m getting emotional now thinking about how I couldn’t get to her, the one person that was always there for me and I couldn’t be there for her on her deathbed. That was a hard one for me to let go, but I did. I will get on with the health side of my post. I wanted to show you the personal side of why I will fight for this and no amount of money in the world will ever buy my silence. This site and you are worth more to me than any dollar sign.


Who here drinks smoothies? I love them. I drink one every morning when I get up, yes I still have coffee but I love smoothies. I mix 2 bananas with 3 strawberries and 1 whole orange. I put almond milk in it and blend it together with crushed ice and that’s so good. That’s helped me so much with my low blood sugar with the natural sugars in the fruits and the vitamins, it’s just great. I’ll make sure on Tuesdays and Saturdays I drink 1 table spoon apple cider vinegar and 1 table spoon of honey in an 8 ounce glass of warm water. If your diabetic, my mom hated drinking water and knew she had to. Walmart sells these drinks called Sam’s choice clear American, with tins of different flavors.

Yes it has artificial flavoring and sweeteners, The sweeteners have chemicals in them that’s not the best choice for you, If you can’t have sugar and want something completely healthy without any harmful additives, drink 1 tbl spoon honey in 8 to 12 oz glass of warm or cold water. Honey is the best natural choice for any additive in water.

Toxic foods don’t have to be a choice for you, we can get through this together and without the chemicals. You will feel so much better and I bet your health will improve drastically. I’m not a doctor and can only let you know what has worked for me, to a lot of people I was a lost cause, until I understood what I needed to do to improve my life and now this site is here to help you (my friends) improve yours.


How many times have we seen this in a market, just to walk past all these fresh fruit and vegetables, just to buy some junk food (that’s high in salts and calories) to take home and prepare for dinner. It’s happened to me so many times, The layout is right in front of me and I walk right past, I may say that’s a great layout. Or those fruits look great, then go get a box of cakes or some processed pack of prepared meat product.

I always said the fruit was too high or why would I buy some fruit, when I could have A nice pre-made chicken patty with some processed mashed potatoes. I know what you are feeling, the thing about this site and you (my friends) I’ve been there, I can help you get past the temptations and the urges to eating the junk and go for great tasting healthy products that will change your life and your families lives. I think it’s just easier to give in and eat something quick or something that tastes great and not think about what’s in the food. I know I’ve been thereand it’s not easy. But very possible to do.

I will always do what I can to help you and show you how I changed and Give examples as to how and what I’ve done to change my life. I was in the dollar store the other day and someone just joined this site yesterday and This person always talks about the chemicals in the foods and when I go to the store. They already know I’m in there buying stuff for this site. I just wanted to mention that about them and I’m thankful they are here and thankful for all the other subscribers here for joining me on this journey to a better lifestyle without toxic foods in our lives.

Talking on the points of eating healthy, I’m sure you all know there are so many people on the internet trying to make a dollar off someone subscribes to their site. I’ve an affiliation with amazon, I also post links to amazon for you to see healthy options to the toxic foods we eat. In know way do you ever have to tap on the link or will my stance with you ever change either way. I love this site and I respect you and your values to help your family live better lives with better options to eat better. I just wanted to add that about the amazon links.

Amazon is a great place to shop, I’m a prime member and I pay monthly instead of yearly and everything I order through amazon, it’s 2 day shipping. You can’t beat 2 day shipping. Amazon accounts are free other than paying for 2 day shipping rates. It’s $119 a year for 2 day shipping or like $18 a month or lower. I wanted to add this paragraph about amazon, because I didn’t want you to think I was talking bad about them, because I wasn’t. I wanted you to know This site will be the same and the values of this site will be the same either way with the amazon links.

Who loves this picture? Hamburgers are great and I love the thick fries with them, sometimes the thin ones. Who would rather go out to eat verses grilling out? For me grilling out is best, the smells of the meats smoking over an open grill or smoking them in a smoker. Talking about it, makes me want to grill out right now and it’s nighttime here. I will let you know how I prepare the meats and what I buy. Let’s face it, yeah I eat healthy now, I’m still gonna have my meats. Just a healthy way to prepare them now. From the preparation to the sauce and bread I used to cook my favorite meals, (cheeseburger and fries).

This is for any hamburger meat you buy in the stores everywhere, try this before you grill. I pat my burger out into patties and then boil them until the formation of the burger holds its shape and then I grill them. When you do that It help to control the formation of bacteria and helps keep the juices in and the salts out. I promise you will love them. The meats, to me taste so much juicier and holds together better on the grill. I also splash fresh lemon ove the burger after it hits the grill. Something about my moms old recipe for burgers I’ve carried on into my adult life. I use natural wheat bread for the buns.

I do something a bit out of the box. I cut the whole wheat bread to round circles to form bread for the hamburger, I use the hamburger cutter to form the bread and then toast it in my oven. Then add all the healthy options you want and your grilled burger will look and taste great. I hope this helps a little in the way you can prepare your burgers for the same grilled taste without all the germs and bacteria with it.


I know I could go on and on about healthier ways to eat and I promise I will get to it in later posts. Tomorrow I will get back to the unhealthy choices in our lives, starting with Toaster pastries. I hope you all have a great night and always remember I’ve got your back and you never have to fear the toxic foods in your lives. We can fight them together and live our lives a little better with the understanding of what we are eating and drinking with toxic chemicals. We have a long way to go, but I’m here to stay and I hope you take this journey with me, to show the world that we stand together in our voice for change in the dangers we face from the everyday. toxic chemicals.

Here’s A great Recipe book for making smoothies.


French onion dip

FRENCH ONION DIP (the good old days)

I know most of you love the idea of grabbing a bag of your favorite chips at the store, then grab the ranch or French onion dip and you have yourself a weekend of chip days. I know I have had so many times I couldn’t decide on my favorite, so I would grab 5 bags.

I had acquired the taste for French onion dip a long time ago, watching the Houston Oilers every Sunday. I think most of us would say if it tastes great then eat it. Well I did until I started looking up the toxic chemicals in our foods, then I stopped.

French onion dip has some really bad additives in it. I think if the many people in todays society would read what’s on the food items containers before they buy them, they would change their minds about the great tasting dinner item they were going to fix their family for supper/dinner.

FRENCH ONION DIP (the sad truth)

French onion dip has some of the worst additives in it, I know trisodium phosphate is terrible and EDNA should be banned in our drinks and foods. I think the food companies and FDA should be ashamed to put so many people around the world at risk with the additives in French onion dip. They hide so many hidden dangers in this dip and so many others. You see, the chemicals are mostly tasteless so you won’t ever know unless I post it or some other website posts it.

I realize a lot of people will never read this and even if they did won’t ever stop. I think sometimes we have the mentality (I won’t ever get sick or nothing will ever happen to me) that we forget that our lives are based off up to 70 plus years in a life cycle not just about today. If we live by the mentality we are used to then, we may very well die one day from the hidden chemicals in our foods without even knowing that was the cause.

FRENCH ONION DIP (complete list of additives)

  1. Cultured milk
  2. Cream and non-fat dry milk
  3. salt
  4. Seasonings (dehydrated onions, sugar, hydrolyzed corn protein, dehydrated parsley, monosodium glutamate)
  5. Sodium phosphate
  6. Guar gum
  7. Carrageenan
  8. Calcium sulfate
  9. Carob bean gum

So that’s the additives in French onion dip, I am looking over them now and something caught my eye. Look up at where it has seasonings, I know of onions and parsley.

Sugar and corn protein and glutamate? I think they must be confused because I always thought when I buy sugar it’s not in the seasoning section of the supermarket. I have no idea where you can buy any seasoning (hydrolyzed corn protein or monosodium glutamate. It’s crazy how they can hide sugar and the other weird additives in the seasoning section of the food product.

I am sure without reading the breakdown like this, I would never have caught it either. I know of so many other products with a section with seasonings, then behind it there are unknown additives I have never heard of being hidden in plain site.




Flavor enhancer for canned vegetables, processed meats and soups.

Headache, flushing, sweating, facial pressure, numbness, tingling, rapid fluttering heartbeats, chest pain nausea, weakness. 

Those are the possible side effects you can get from consuming this product and if you have any heart conditions, it states to consult your doctor before using. Research states it’s a neurotransmitter in the brain. It excites the nerve endings in your brain in order to relay a signal. The additive contains a lot of sodium, so be careful when consuming this additive.


Carrageenan is hydrocolloid extracted from some red seaweeds belonging to the iridaea species.

Inflammation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, glucose intolerance, colon cancer, food allergies. 

This Additive is found in: chocolate bars, chocolate milk, coffee beverages, coffee creamers and dairy products. I can’t believe that French onion dip has a additive in it, that one of the side effects of an additive in Colon cancer. Just unbelievable.



Colorless white powder called gypsum. It’s added to foods for a buffer and firming agent. The food additive is used in: building materials, dentistry field for the false teeth impression base, also in medicine.  The FDA states this additive is safe if you use it in moderation with good feeding habits. That statement by the FDA says it all right there. notice the words:(good feeding habits).  Also used in animal drugs and feed.

stomach pain, diarrhea, cramping.

Here’s more of the industrial products this is in: Cement additive, Plaster, making tile, wallboard. Can you believe French onion dip has a additive in it with association of these products that aren’t in foods. You see how the food companies can place anything they want in our foods and as long as the FDA puts some kind of warning out about the hazards of them, then that makes it ok for you and me to consume it.

I am so disgusted that they can do what they want without any issue with our health coming back on them when we are dying of cancer we have never heard of or having the children of the world dying from unknown cancers that shouldn’t exist. You know if it was to get out that all this time the FDA was allowing cancer causing chemicals in our foods that have killed thousands of not millions of people around the world.

The whole world would be in a panic. That’s why without your voice and my voice it will continue to go on and we will slowly die off from things doctors have never heard of. I am with you in this fight against harmful chemicals in our foods.

The more I research these chemical it gets me upset, because I know of so many people out there that have no idea like me and you do of the additives going into our foods that may well be killing us slowly. I wished this site was reaching the millions around the world and it’s has only been around 26 since I have had this site up. So in a years time this site will be where it needs to be; reaching millions around the world and us discussing about the things we can do to help in the fight and take back our lives and our families lives to make this world a better place. Where we can sit at the dinner table with our loved ones and never have to worry about what we are eating. Also  to become a lot healthier and happier with ourselves to know, we finally did it. We made it to Washington and we were finally heard and changes are being made.

In closing, I am truly thankful for the people and friends that have  joined this site and I am grateful for the people that are joining soon. Also I will always stand up with you on this journey and make this world a better place to have the knowledge and understanding about the toxic foods we are consuming daily, that unless we have the information on the chemicals in the foods we eat, we would never know how to stay away from them. The FDA will side with the food companies now because not enough people are standing up and demanding answers, that time is going to draw to a close. One day I will take our voices to Washington and speak with them on the concerns we (as a human race deserves to know) why they are allowing toxins in our foods and why has it gone on for so long.  

Thanks again for being apart of this journey to the truth, have a great night/day.