The United States of America is the greatest country in the world and still after all these visions for every president, we have ever had in office. The country stills lets the people of this great nation starve, live on the streets, die of illnesses that we have no cure for, allow the control of pesticides in our foods that end up killing us in the end of the life cycle or before. I am very disturbed at the findings on this (most Insane) chemical I have come across in our foods today. The truth about it, is its been around for many years without any of us even knowing it exists.

GLYPHOSATE: is the main ingredients in ROUND-UP weed killer. 

From my research, farmers use is to spray the crops every year, from corn to wheat products in their fields to control the grass and to produce better yields. What the FDA isn’t telling you is, extreme high levels are found in everything that has corn by products and wheat by products in them. When the fields are sprayed with this pesticide, it attaches itself to the crop and after production and cleaning it is still there in traces which goes into our foods. The FDA has known about this for years and there have been many people around the country every year that dies from cancers and illnesses than come out of know where. 

Does anyone not see the connections I see. The government passes bills to allow the FDA to control what goes into our foods, then The FDA and drug Companies set up shop to get money based off years of Exposure to the chemicals in our foods and the you, the American citizen goes to the doctor and gets the meds you need for the illnesses that originated from chemicals in foods. For the longest time I have wondered, if the chemicals are so bad for our health and so bad for the environment why do this to the great people of this great nation. Some people will say to control the population or to make more money for the already rich drug companies. I think if a nation built on the American dream and the freedom of speech, lets the citizens suffer at the hands of the chemicals in our foods then that is a sad day to be an American. 


I only go back that far because I grew up in those days, you see when I was growing up. There wasn’t near as many disorders or talk about chemicals in foods or the way our doctor bills keep going up and how when we went to the doctor, most of the time it was for the flu or a cold. Now days it seems like there have been way more cases of disassociated disorders and Autism in America. More children with cancers and more and more Americans dying from unknown illnesses that doctors cant explain. Please this needs to reach millions around the world, so they can know what is happening to our foods and start to really ask Questions about why there are so many chemicals in our foods. WHY in the world would a pesticide like GLYPHOSATE  be anywhere near our foods. Why would TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE be in all of our cereals we eat. Why is known one speaking up against this by the millions.

The crossroads


I know your gonna think I am just talking about issues that have gone on for a long time and nothing will ever be done about it. You maybe right and nothing ever gets done, do you know why because the people of this great nation doesn’t think about what they are eating. There are way more worries in their lives at the moment to worry about anything in the foods we eat. Then fast track 30 years later and they are laying in a hospital bed with 6 months to live from a cancer, you couldn’t begin to know what it was. I am not saying everyone will die of cancer from eating food, I am saying your health and living the best life you can on this earth should be important to you and your family. Teach the future generation to not just lay down and continue down this path, but to make a stand and then one day when they are grown and in a public office they would be that one person that’s start to ask Questions and get answers. The future is at stake in this great nation, we call AMERICA.


What do you believe is going on, do you think that the illnesses and the cancers with words to long to even pronounce are just nothing or do you  think there could be a connection to the foods we consume with the chemicals in them. Do you think there should be something done about it or just leave it alone and whatever happens to you and your family down the road just happens. I really need others that believe and also others that doesn’t believe the chemical in our foods are killing us. Do you think if the food taste great then its ok, do you think the FDA is there to help us or just don’t care. leave your comments below and lets get the communication started about this issue that’s harming millions around the world. What are some chemicals you have found to be bad. What studies have you heard of that may shed some light on this issue. 


What type of person are you in general, do you just go with the flow or are you the type of person that has a drive in you to find out through research and mailing our congressmen and women about these issues and the connections the cancers and illnesses in our foods. Would you sign a petition to get answers, or just leave it alone and keep eating those great tasting (chemical induced) meals. I will lead this journey to the truth to find out why the FDA and the food companies withhold information from the public about what we consume that effects our health and maybe our life later down the road. I will lead and always share everything I know about the chemicals and let this website hold the truth about the dangers in our foods and always keep you the person that just wants a good meal and not have to worry about if its going to harm you afterwards.